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Naomi Grace

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August 1st, 2020

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Gender: Female
Status: In a relationship
Age: 27
Country: United Kingdom

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December 14, 2019



07/04/2020 01:35 PM 

Drabbles Cont.

  It was a cold raining morning in England, shooting started in about an hour so Naomi decided to be nice and order everyone their favorite coffee. She took her car to the nearby Mom and Pop shop and got some coffee for herself, Kayley, Ella and Elizabeth. She also got some bagels and doughnuts for the whole cast and crew. Once Naomi was back at the set she handed out the food and coffee. "Thanks Nay." Ella smiled taking her coffee and heading to the make up trailer. Elizabeth and Kayley both thanked her as well and the three of them followed Ella to get ready for the day's shoot. Naomi sat down in her chair and closed her eyes letting out a sigh. "You okay?""I'm fine." She sounded convincing so Kayley let it slide; for now anyway.  After the girls were done with their make up they headed to the sound stage for the first shoot of the day.

After a couple of takes, Naomi was getting a little frustrated. They were shooting the scene where she was fighting the guy off in the office but he had been getting a bit too rough with her. "Can we take a break please?" Naomi asked looking over at Elizabeth. Elizabeth nodded looking at the brunette. "Yeah let's take an hour for lunch." She nodded watching the play back. Naomi slightly rolled her eyes and went to her trailer, Kayley following quickly. "Are you sure your alright Naomi?" Her tone was worried as she watched the woman she had a crush on stop at her trailer door. "Come in, I'll explain inside. I really don't need prying eyes watching." She chuckled softly entering her trailer.  Kayley followed and shut the door behind herself and looked at Naomi waiting for her to speak.

Naomi looked over at Kayley with a small smile. "I was just getting frustrated. I get we have to take after take sometimes but... I just need a break." Naomi was hiding something but would soon be called out on it. The younger actress looked down at the floor as she sat down.  "Yeah I saw him getting rough with you. I wanted to go kick his ass, but that is not what is bothering you..." Kayley's voice sounded even more concerned now. Naomi looked up slowly at Kayley and there was emotional pain in her eyes.  "Remember the day we met? I was going through a divorce? It was finalized last night." She gave a small shrug forcing a smile and looked back down as the smile faded.

"Nay... I'm so sorry." Kayley sat down next to her and pulled her into a hug. Naomi leaned against her and smiled genuinely. "It's okay."  She smiled a bit more before looking at Kayley. "Besides, now we can go on that date you were suggesting when we first met, you know, the bar?" She teased Kayley with a laugh.  "Oh, right the bar date. Maybe we could make it a little less....of a trashy date." Kayley smiled kissing the side of Naomi's head right on her temple.  Naomi smiled softly and then sighed a bit. "I guess we should head back to the sound stage." She pouted a little bit, she enjoyed having time to just relax with Kayley. They had clicked so well so quickly. "I guess we should if that jerk hurts you though... I swear I will kick his ass." Kayley spoke protectively as Naomi chuckled. "I shouldn't have let my anger toward Jordan let me get worked up about that." Naomi admitted but Kayley didn't care. Naomi had some bruises on her arm because of him and despite them being just friends Kayley felt extremely protective.

A Few Months Later

Feel my face go red, hope it don't show

Oh, so

Your eyes on me and I think you know

Filming had wrapped and everyone was saying their goodbyes to eachother. Naomi was a mess, she always was when wrapping movies or shows. She usually was the 'mama bear' of the cast, even when she was a teenager. She just sort of had that role of protecting everyone and keeping everyone happy.  Everyone started clearing out and Naomi finished getting her car packed up. "Hey, Nay?" She heard Kayley's voice behind her and she turned to face her now girl friend.  "Hey Kayley." The brunette forced a small smile. "Hey, don't be sad babe." Kayley frowned pulling her into a tight hug.  "We don't live that far apart from each other, we will still see each other."  Kayley promised and smiled softly as she held her close. "You smell good." Kayley whispered causing Naomi to get really shy and blush. "Thank you." She could feel the heat in her cheeks and knew they were red.

Kayley pushed hair from Naomi's eyes and smiled sweetly at her. "Come on, Let's go to my place for the weekend and talk about our future together now that filming is over and we are dating." The older actress chuckled. Naomi felt a little nervous that this might be a break up talk but she hid it well. "Okay." Naomi took her hand as they headed to her car.  Driving them back to Kayley's place Naomi hummed softly to the radio and blushed when Kayley asked her to sing along.  Everyone knew she was a sing especially since she had just done Aladdin. "Okay..." She giggled softly and started to sing along to the radio.

Kayley opened the door to her apartment and allowed Naomi to walk in first.  "Thank you" Naomi spoke softly and stepped inside looking around. "Your house is beautiful." She spoke softly and smiled as a heard of dogs ran toward them. Naomi loved dogs but was highly allergic. She never really told anyone that though because she loved working with dogs in movies and shows. Naomi bent down and almost instantly her eyes started to water and she sneezed a few times. Though it didn't stop her she let them lick her all over and she gave them hugs and pet them as well. "Are you allergic to dogs?" Kayley asked worriedly seeing the reaction Naomi was having it was pretty obvious of the answer. "Little bit." The brunette lied with a smile. Kayley was not convinced as she stared at her beautiful girlfriend. "Okay so i'm highly allergic to dogs. I love them so much though." She chuckled and kept cuddling the dogs. Kayley looked unsure and called the dogs into another room and shut the door. "I don't want you to get sick." She spoke with a concerned tone seeing the pout on Naomi's face.

"But Kayley! I love dogs!" She frowned and looked up at her. Kayley shook her head simply and then sat down next to Naomi. "So, I wanted to talk to you about something now that the movie is done." She spoke softly, Naomi had an uneasy feeling that Kayley might be breaking up with her. She braced herself for heartbreak as she looked at her girl friend. "We wont be able to see eachother every day you want to move in?" Kayley's smile was nervous as she waited for Naomi to answer. With her divorce Naomi really didn't have anywhere to go anyway. Unless she moved back in with her parents. When she and Jordan married, she moved in with him. Naomi's face lit up hearing Kayley's question. "Really? HYou want me to move in?" She felt her heart racing with excitement. "Yes." She nodded smiling as the two shared a kiss. Perhaps Naomi would get her happy ending after all. 


.I pray you'll give me a sign, Cause I'm hiding something desired!





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