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Lothiriel of Dol Amroth~ {FOS}

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August 1st, 2020

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June 18, 2018



07/04/2020 12:28 PM 

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Opening the iron gate, and lifting her skirts; Lothiriel, stepped forward purposefully, along the worn path, which led to the beach. So often she had walked here, gazing into the far expanse that was the Bay of Belfalas and musing times past. She moved closer to the rugged rock that lifted, Dol Amroth, and breathed in the peace that stirred her here. This was her haven…a place where the sad words of war and hate could not touch her…. place where she was free to hope for better times.

The healing house was where she soon would be needed, but until then she would pray to the gods for a miracle. One week prior, she had been on a lovely visit with the Lady of Light in Lothlorien. Her home was truly’ the valley of gold’, now with the silver leaves trees whispering in the autumn wind and subtle scents of earthen incense permeating the air. Galadriel was the highest of elves and was possessed with beauty and protection against darkness and evil. Lothiriel loved her.

Yet, because of her role was steward of her father’s stronghold, Dol Amroth, she couldn’t allow herself to be drawn into the elven world. She frowned. Always she thought of how legend had it, that many generations afore, her grandfather, was known as, The Numenorean. She smiled at the thought, as all knew that this race of men was faithful to the will of the Valor. They were friends to the elves, and for that she was proud. Yet, it was even better than this. A smile came to Lottie’s eyes as she recalled what Lady Galadriel had told her.

This one Prince of Belfalas, had journeyed into the Lorien forests and found his love, Mithrellas. She was Sindarin! Which meant surely the bloodlines of the elven race were in her vein a well! Lottie sat, leaning against the stone wall and closed her eyes. She willed the forces of hate to leave Gondor. She called out to the spirits of music to protect her father, her brothers and her friends. She prayed for all the souls who would lose their lives to rest in Valinor.

Just as she was praying the image of a beautiful soul came into Lottie’s mind. She was an elf, with lovely dark hair and deep blue eyes. At first, Lottie thought her to be the lovely forest dancer,Luthien, the elven girl who sang with the flowers and the birds! But then no, this apparition was of one lady upon her stallion, a warrior, a leader against evil.

Lottie shook off the daydream and turned to make her way up to the Cashel. She too, felt destined to do her part to rid middle earth of the vermin that kept rearing its head. She would love to join up with this vision of courage that surely existed somewhere in the realm. But, for today she would visit the soldiers who had already stood up to the darkness. She would go to the healing rooms straight away.


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