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06/30/2020 08:27 PM 

Read BEFORE you add please.

How to Improve your Writing:
1.Read More and 2. Write More.
1. About the admin and character:
  • I am over the age of eighteen, thus I write with those over the age of eighteen.
  • Character is over the age of eighteen.
  • Online only do I ever go by the pronouns of they/them as I write both male and female characters(It gets tiring trying to explain this to people as a majority of you are closed minded but unless I know you it's they/them. If I know you personally then it's the complete opposite.)
  • Character goes by she/her unless in an AU where the character is male the it is he/him.
  • I am Demisexual, character is Demisexual.
  • Don't add me unless you're interested in actually roleplaying as this is just for those who try to start petty online drama with me.
2. Writing Prefrences:
  • One liners for stream comments.
  • Semi para for Greetings
  • Multi para and Novella specifically for roleplay starters/replies I do not expect you to keep up with me, I do expect you to reply when you can.
  • These are personal preferences and do not need to be obeyed and I normally keep up with those I write with and attempt to match the length.

3. Just treat me like an equal, don't treat me as less of an equal to you:
  • Equality is something that the roleplay community on ani seems to really lack because there's so many edgy little punks on there and less empathetic and honest to god good people because the majority act like entitled brats who throw fits if they don't get their way. (while feeling the need to also look less intelligent than they are on certain issues and trying to get under others skin and be incesitive at the same time.)
  • Here on roleplayer it feels like a different issue, some people just don't read or understand when others are busy outside of rp and feel the need to tell me that they are no longer interested and remove me when I happen to state that I do have a life outside of roleplay. (Please stop doing this because I personally find it incensitive and rude when you lack understanding of your fellow writers.)
  • Tumblr and Twitter are a bit different but you have your fandoms full of drama and people telling you what you can and cannot do with your own damn page and if you do your own thing then they try to cancel you. (Have seen it happen on more than one occassion to people I am friends with who are amazing writers, just a s s h o l e s in reality.)

4. I don't reply to people asking me if I want to rp because that is literally why I am here- to rp with you:
  • Seriously, stop asking me if I want to roleplay, that's why I am here and I put effort into even saying that.

5. I have a life outside of roleplay and so I am not always talkative:
  • Patience is very much a virtue for me so please take your time.
  • I enjoy a good chit chat, thus I use discord and facebook (I will only give my rp facebook to serious writing partners.

6. I am a multiship/Polyamourous roleplayer, thus this account is for that:
  • Multishipping I consider Polyamourous roleplaying because it's multiple partners however they don't interact with one another unless they are cool with eachother.

7. I prefer to write 1x1 but my characters often coexist with one another:
  • It's a fun little fact that I prefer my one on one roleplays while I usemy stream for roleplay with multiple people; I feel that it is a great way to interact with other characters/writers as we establish ideas.

8. I am a picky writer:
  • I read what others go through on here and I do it myself to see which people aren't the ones I personally want around on to interact with.

9. Following rule number eight:
  • I deny more than I add as I will only add people who I happen to know and only roleplay with those who happen to gain my trust.

10. My starters are between Multiple paragraph to novella in length:
  • I put detail and NPC interactions into my stories so, if you cannot respond to it, that's not my problem- it's more of a you problem, I make sure to give a story to my friends and a good start; If you have never bothered sitting and watching Thrilling Intent which is full of story and character background stories, I really reccomend watching them soleley for the character backgrounds.


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