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Locations within Fantasia


This is a list of every known location/aplace of interest that exists within the realm of Fantasia.
Disclaimers: Some of these ideas were drawn from Ever After High, some are mixed in from Descendants and the others are places I have created from my own mind.
Fantasia University
This is an elite university that was opened up by Headmaster Yen Sid, after the two realms were merged into one. Both inhabitants from the realm of Fairytale and the Multiverse attend school at this University. The students attend the academy for six years before they are able to graduate and move onto the next adventure that awaits them.
Fantasy Black Market
A lowkey place, run by the Sorceress Amara, for all the magical and non magical inhabitants of Fantasia to visit for all of their magical needs. From low end items such as hexes, curses, spells, potions and charms to high in demand illegal items like controlled substances such as Magical Herbs, illegal weapons, banned books, vampire fangs, werewolf claws, fairfolk wings, unicorn horns, mermaid tales and everything in between. Anything one could possibly need, if it's magical, it can be obtained through the Black Market.
House of Mouse Club
This is a nightclub run by the Multiverse's Gangster Mickey Mouse and his gang, anyone from a hero to villain is welcomed with open arms. It's a place for a princess, or an evil queen to come, have some drinks, and dance the night away. Just so long as they are able to pick up their tab, because Mickey doesn't enjoy giving away his business for free however he does find joy in striking deals with his customers. When Mickey isn't running his nightclub, his deals in prehistoric magical antiquities.


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