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Devious Bloodmage

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July 13th, 2020

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January 30, 2013


06/30/2020 12:46 PM 

Sweetest Perfection of Home NSFW
Category: Stories
Current mood:  accomplished

Sweetest Perfection of Home

It was a surprise to see how her home would have been: a quaint little cottage off to the middle of nowhere. It was nothing to how Tempest would have pictured it. For some reason, he did not expect the cottage to have appeared so… rustic…for a daughter of the High Archon with the expensive taste of Orlesian’s fashion sense. Then again, that could have just been the numerous speeches he had from other people – reprimanding him from every time someone had seen Tempest stare at Leliana for a little too long, or that he has followed her around a little too closely. Even when he and Leliana had tried to keep their affairs private, there was always a sense that other people knew—and they knew that he was the lowest scum of the earth. Queen Leliana – No. --- Empress Leliana could so much better than him. Everyone knew it.

The forest was thick with trees and the sounds of a bubbling stream had been nearby somewhere. It was quiet here. There was no one to bother the Queen of Kirkwall with mundane complaints or some noble seeking a potential peace treaty in the hopes that the Icon’s army wouldn’t trample over his-or-her lands. The inner peace sunk deep into the soul and reached into the ground so firmly that Tempest almost started to believe that he was growing roots as well. He wondered just how long had Leliana had such a place to escape to – and how often did she flee to it…

Before the sun would claim him and burn his skin past the shade of the heavy pine trees, Tempest moved forward and stepped up to the porch. He took a quick notice of the hardwood that was packed together with mortar and nails. It appeared to have been carved by hand and it was noted as much because of how some of the logs were split uneven and a few were loose from not being secured flush against the support beams underneath. Repairs needed to have been made here but they were minor. Surely, Tempest had seen worse craftsmanship in his day: shacks that were put together with clay and driftwood, even. However, this was by far not bad at all. The support beams were about as evenly placed as possible to the judgement of the naked eye, and it was only a few weak spots that needed tending to.

Tempest had started to think about that and of what steps that were usually taken in order for that to be been fixed, whenever the front door had opened. Leliana stood in the doorway to greet him. He noticed right from the start that Leliana was dressed in a different style of clothing. Gone, had went the royal outfits that her advisors and handmaidens donned her with. The ‘Leliana’ that he was use to seeing began to show her true self through her own more comfortable attire and he smiled to see her reflection shine through her personality. She was always bright and charismatic – it was hard to believe that this had been the same woman who lost herself in a fit of grief at one point and tried to take her own life. Tempest didn’t understand it then, just as much as he didn’t understand it now; but none of it mattered just so long as she could still keep that bright and beautiful smile.

“Well? Don’t just stand there. Come in! Come in!” Leliana cheered and reached out to guide Tempest inside by the metal hook of his hand.

Now, Tempest had no real excuse to have just disappeared. He was dragged inside and he looked at the walls of the cottage that were built around them. The feeling was suddenly confining to him, but only because in the back of his mind there had lurked the certainty of him staying here – in this place, with Leliana. Yes. They talked about it in between the time that Thalia had been born and since her suffering from post traumatic stress which caused an end result of Tempest having to make her his Thrall. Then, they talked about it again some time afterwards – after her anger of his actions had calmed down. He only did it to save her but –no. Actually, that was incorrect. Tempest made her his Thrall because he was being just as selfish as she was, and the bloodmage refused her to give her life up to the Maker – or Limbo – or whatever/whoever religious entity that would claim her soul. She was his and he made it so.

However… There was a difference in between making the declaration – and even taking the first few steps – than to follow through with commitment to the previous actions…

“Well?” She finally asked him when the silence had continued to settle between them. “What do you think?”

Tempest wasn’t certain of his own opinion past the encroaching claustrophobic feeling that churned inside of him. He felt guilty for even feeling this way, but it was hardly something that he could brush off. His jaw remained a bit slacked when he looked towards the silk Orlesian curtains that decorated the windows, the space of the livingroom that opened up and outward to the stone campfire that was used for a makeshift stove as well as a heating unit for the cottage itself, and the fire place that remained almost as a centerpiece to connect both rooms. To him, it felt smaller than it actually was but this could have been just because he was realizing just how very serious that Leliana was about him moving in with her. Here.

“You like it!” Leliana beamed at his continued silence while he slowly looked around the cottage. Then as quickly as her proud smile and shown, it suddenly dropped with a strong frown. “—You don’t like it. Tempest--?”

“This… You built all of this yourself?” He questioned her and looked towards one of the counters in the kitchen.

On the wooden surface of the counter, there was a small photo frame that had a painted picture of Leliana happy with Anders and her son Baelfire, from when he was an infant. It was supposed to have been a family portrait of sorts, but it was smaller than most grand paintings that Tempest would have normally expected in a home. Still, he found himself gravitating towards the picture and his right hand stretched outward to reach for it. Meanwhile, Leliana still watched him with bright eyes full of hope but her frown had shown worry even still. There was not much she could do or decide upon until he had given his opinion to her little hide-away-from-home, anyway.

“Uh—yeah. Well, yes and no.” She explained with watchful eyes to follow him. “I found this place abandoned and tried to fix it up a little. Of course, it could still use some work—”

Picking up the smaller picture frame, Tempest had turned slightly and looked down at the family. A loving mother, an honest husband and an innocent child. It was the sort of family bond that Tempest never had – in any sense – in his own childhood; and the sight was foreign to him. Curiosity and envy centered in his gaze then and he drew quiet again.

“And tomorrow? You are going to start living here.” Leliana proclaimed with pride and marched towards him.

The statement caused Tempest to even jolt a little and his eyes snapped back at her in surprise. It was as if he had been hearing of this declaration for the first time; as if they had never had those long talks and agreements about him possibly moving in with her from the beginning to before even coming to this place.

“What?” He questioned and his grip on the picture frame loosened when Leliana tugged it out of his hands.

She turned momentarily to place the picture frame face down on the counter and moved back to standing before him. “So long as you like it… You do like it here, don’t you?”

“I…” Tempest frowned as his eyes looked back towards the picture frame – knowing why she had turned it face down, but the ‘cause’ had not produced her desired effect because Tempest had still the image imprinting his memory. So, he looked down in defeat. “…I mean…. What are we doing here, lass? What about Anders?”

Leliana looked at him confused then and in a wonder from where this uncertainty had suddenly been coming. “—Anders? The Cabinet are convinced that I betrayed him; I can’t go back—”

“So, you still have feelings for him.” Tempest concluded and his blue eyes stared her down for the moment.

It was a reaction that still had caught Leliana a bit off guard. This spoken unnerving was the first hint that Tempest might have ever been bothered by her relationship with Anders. He had never left any hints of jealousy before but this had just seemed easier for such a blame. But there were so many other reasons to why Tempest’s second doubts were returning, and her being the Icon’s supposed ‘wife’ was hardly the normal excuse that he would have used. For now, it was just the easiest, and Tempest’s eyes had dropped slightly more to the floor.

“I don’t care about what he – or anyone else – thinks. You know that.” He said, while feeling his right hand slowly turn into a fist.

“But let’s stop fooling ourselves for a moment, lass…. I never was comfortable in making promises I couldn’t keep – and even if I somehow had become one of the strongest Magisters in all of Tevinter, I still can’t give you all things you deserve. By the Blight’s Blood, I desperately wish that I could…! But I’m a pirate, lass…and a smuggler of unsavory trade, and a bloodmage-abomination. I am possessed and a terror. Everywhere I go, I am walking target to somebody for one reason or another--and that will only be more trouble to you.”

“Everyone in Kirkwall all want my head already. I don’t think Anders can protect me forever from that.” Leliana blinked for a moment, staring at him and then forced somewhat of a smile. “—So, you see, I’m no stranger to danger—”

“Don’t you get it--?” He demanded as his left arm flew practically off from his control and landed straight down into the picture frame. Tempest was stuck there; surprising her –scaring her a little and the action cursed his future quickly. “I mean, look at me! I am a threat even to you!”

Even in that moment –to some degree—he had tried to hint at what truth about himself had been. After all—it was obvious. Tempest was a one-handed abomination that had a tendency to become unpredictable and ultimately a doomed and dangerous individual – no one that she should have ever been close to. It wasn’t just enough that he did not have his left hand to even wear the symbol of matrimony with her, but was also enlightened from knowing his destiny. He didn’t have the heart to tell her of the visions he had known of himself. He could not tell her that he was rot away right in front of her very eyes; and Tempest had only been more convinced of that than anything else. Vince was still a problem for him – and the demon could also still turn against Leliana and attack her even before he became the walking corpse he had seen of himself in visions. She at least was aware of Vince—always had been—and the demon was an easier thing to place blame on than his true worry. But he had done more than simply presented to Leliana a harsh reality to swallow, because this action was a clear sign to have pushed her away.

“You’re not happy—” Leliana had guessed as much out loud and her eyes started to fill with tears. “—You don’t like it here.”

Tempest winced at his own flaw and saw what pain that he had caused. He frowned, pinched the bridge of his nose at first and then attempted to reach her. “F***… I didn’t say that, lass.”

“I just thought that…” Leliana started to turn away and started to leave behind some distance between them. “…I don’t know what I thought—It was stupid to think of this; I’m sorry—”

“Damn it--! Woman—!” Tempest cursed and jerked at his left arm that continued to hold him back, due to the hook-for-a-hand piercing into the wooden cabinet after his outburst. His frantic stretch towards her gave his efforts hope, and he managed to grasp her arm. Quickly, the cursed bloodmage tugged her back against himself. His expression remained stern from the frustration of how he had been stuck there, to his struggle in order to have kept the woman from running from him. He heard her gasp as he snaked his right arm around her waist to prepare in case she might have tried to struggle against him still.

“Tempest--?” She questioned in a slightly frozen state; but she could feel how warm his body was against her and that heat radiated off from him like a beacon to hone in on her and pierce its way through.

“…just stop talking…” Tempest muttered and stared down from over her shoulder towards the quick rising and fall of her chest.

After a moment, he turned her and braced her against the cabinet. She squeaked a little and sniffled in between her tears then – tears that she quickly had reached up to rub away; had he not stopped her for the moment. As if studying them for the first time as well, Tempest had collected those few tears on the fingers of his right hand and then curved his palm more against her cheek. Their eyes had met and as intimidating as Tempest might have appeared in that moment to her, he still had only seemed to relax a little with more tenderness than moments before this. The ‘monster’ was ‘meek’ and gentle. Their eyes soon had both fluttered to a close to some understanding as Tempest kissed her, and when their lips had met his actions remained slow and sensual.

Leliana felt a sob bubble up from her throat and she started to slightly push him away. Muttering his name again, she attempted to seek explanations. “Mm-m-Tempest—”

“I said stop talking.” He warned between baited breath, reached to hold her close while his waist pressed more against the cabinet behind her. He grinded against her slightly and trailed his mouth down along her neck. The marking that he left on her skin between lightly nibbling and kissing should have been enough to remind her of his ownership of her but also his apology for making her cry.

“Tempest, if you don’t like it here, just—ah!” Leliana gasped and her head was tugged slightly back by Tempest pulling her hair.

She could hear his muffled growl of annoyance—and even feel the punishment of his bite into her neck, which proved to have been a lot more firm and forceful than the previous nips of his teeth. It wasn’t really that much of a punishment though—because it felt good – and because there was reassurance in having Tempest this close to her. He was rarely ever one to be difficult to with words. Tempest was usually suave and calm-collected in expressing himself. So when it proved that this time, his actions spoke far louder than his ability to speak, Leliana knew then that something was wrong. She just didn’t know how to confront him of it and eventually when times such as these occurred, she would get swept up in his passion and lust that continued overwhelm her in the constant turmoil of a ‘storm’ that was essentially Him.

They made love on the against the kitchen counter—as well as upon it—several times. It was not only because of the spur of the moment spiraling out of control for the both of them; but also because Tempest was a bit embarrassed to truly admit that his hooked hand was stuck in the cracked wood of the cabinet’s surface. After the day’s hours melted away into the night sky, Leliana remained naked underneath Tempest—who had eventually lost his pants to the floor and climbed onto the kitchen cabinet with her. Still stuck he remained embedded deep within her, tugged at his left arm and kept his right hand propped up for balance. Leliana moaned against him from each movement then but her eyes eventually opened up to look up at him.

“Are you…” She started to speak between the pleasure she was given. “…intending to keep this up all night too?”

“Depends… Maybe…” He grinned down at her in between each powerful dip into the wet warmth that awaited him. “I figured…if I jostle my left arm enough,…my hook would be free….Might have to…be a bit faster.”

“What?” Leliana blinked but soon her eyes closed and her head tilted back as Tempest continued. Her mind could barely register what he meant. He was ravishing her like a demon hungry over his continued feast of desire and again her thoughts could hardly even think of a response. “That’s… not…”

After a short while of pounding into her and pulling at his arm to get free, Tempest could feel the wedge around his trapped hook becoming loose while in contrast, Leliana’s thighs around his waist were inescapable. Her moans were getting louder and shameless to fill the cottage—because there was no worry of being discovered here. No guilt to be accused with or judged. Here had been a sense of safety and freedom – where no one and nothing else had mattered but the two of them.

“Almost, lass…” His breath was a raspy chuckle, drowned in a pleasured groan until finally the hook had been plucked away.

Leliana’s ecstasy had coursed down her spine and she pulled up at Tempest simultaneously to jerk him down on top of here – where he remained like a cover and a promise that he would not bolt away from her. Tempest responded as naturally as anyone would when carried in the joined climatic moment. He kissed her with passion and had no ability to stall his own pleasure from her anymore. Moaning soft and low with the shown approval, his release flowed through her and fill until she had been stuffed full of that remaining piece he intentionally left behind. From there, the two rested and cuddled because both partner had been too exhausted to move.

“You’re not going to leave me.” Leliana made the statement as a matter of fact, while she twirled her fingers into the bloodmage’s hair.

Tempest was soothed from the gentle petting and he sighed against her collarbone from his hunched position—like an imp incubus that momentarily had his satisfaction. “Well... its certainly difficult to move about at the moment…”

The silence settled between them bliss until at last, Leliana spoke in trying again. “…Move in with me.”

Tempest’s eyes blinked open and his relaxed state had practically tensed above her again. It was clear she would not let this topic go – a stubborn woman. Too stubborn! Slowly, he turned his head to look up at her then as he tried to think of an appropriate response to give.

“We’ll bring Thalia here and you can move in with me.” Leliana restated as though the decision had been made and it was made final.

“You would leave your son behind?” Tempest questioned her with a dismay shown for her. He shook his head then to the suggestion, because he knew that such a choice would have been difficult for her. She was not like any Tevinter Mothers he knew, after all.

“Baelfire is Anders’ pride and joy –as much as he is mine—which is why I can’t take him from Anders too. That would crush him.” Leliana spoke with a forced display of confidence; even when it faltered slightly. She reached up and caressed Tempest’s cheek then smiled up at him. “But Thalia is yours and mine. We know it, and Anders knows it. I can’t keep Baelfire from Anders just as I can’t keep Thalia from you. So, we’ll get Thalia and live here. Maybe when things calm down in Kirkwall, I’ll be able to see Baelfire again too.”

Tempest grew silent from watching over her again. He studied that show of hope and tenacity in the woman that he fell in love with. He didn’t know how he could keep her when he was plagued with premonitions, but Tempest was certain to try and discover a way. After all, she was the only happiness he had found to cling to when the shadows grew too dark. His childhood had been a disaster and his life that followed it was a chaotic madness. It left Tempest desiring for a sense of peace in something – somehow. Everyone else had that chance to find levity at some point in their lives. Why couldn’t he? Why couldn’t he be truly happy—even if it may be for a short while? Had he not deserved it by now?

“Tempest?” Leliana blinked at him when she found that he was staring at her – no – staring actually through her for the moment. He was lost in his own head again, and she sensed it this time. Reaching to tighten her old around him again, her arms wrapped around his shoulders tugged him downward.

“Hey!” The bloodmage suddenly laughed from quick disturbance of gravity pulling him downward. He reached for balance again and propped himself back up quickly to hover over her.

“I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer… You promise me that you’re not going to leave me, damn it.” Leliana demanded him as her expression had turned slightly more into a pout.

Tempest smiled to her and gave a boastful wink. “I’ll do one better. I promise to do everything possible so that we will always be together.”

This seemed to have pleased her and Leliana smiled brightly to guide Tempest back down into her arms more gently. Tempest welcomed the love and acceptance that Leliana had always given him unconditionally. Home. It was an odd thing to accept for one filled with as much wanderlust such as him…but for now…

For now, he was home.


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