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July 13th, 2020

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February 29, 2020


06/30/2020 04:23 PM 

Rp Prompt, A kiss as a Warning Whiskey Lullaby

"A kiss as a warning."

Now, Karen could perceive an addict from a mile away.  Like was enticed to like as if they were two magnets.  It didn’t have to be a sexual connection, but characters of the same ilk always seemed to drift toward one another in some scope.

Said game was purported to be entertaining, but then this cocky a**hole joined who continued traveling around the circle by all the foreign girls and would fail at the game so that he could jab his tongue down whoever’s throat he was currently hitting on.   It made her skittish, and she acknowledged that she was consuming more alcohol. And as she peered over to Harleen?  She caught that his drinking had ramped up, as did his temper.  He was getting out of control and Karen noticed because his drinking was echoed in the amount of booze she too was consuming at that time.

As the weird guy moved over to Karen and sat down to play the game, he, as per routine, let the card fall so he could shove his tongue down her throat.  Karen, however, twisted to Harleen and snagged him by the shirt.  Then she leaned in and kissed him intensely.  Putting on a show to make the creepy guy get either resentful or disturbed enough to move.  When he did move, making as big a scene as he could where he had to be yanked out of there by his allies....Karen turned toward Harleen and studied him right in the eye.

 Patting his breast, she smirked at him somberly and looked him in the eye.  “I was...hell, am, you.  I drink a lot.  Hell, I used to peddle narcotics and drink so much in my 20s that I was the reason that my younger brother is now departed.  It was justly my fault.  Don’t let this stuff cloud what is significant to you, and don’t let it harm the things you love.  You can’t take it back, and it changes you in ways you can never imagine,”  with that, she looked to her drink and sighed.  Fresh tears stung her eyes, and her cheeks turned a hot red; now, she was biting her lip as she went to stand.

Before she left, she leaned down to whisper in his ear, “I think I am going to take my advice...If you ever need anything and I am taking a giant leap here.  My name is Karen Page.  I work at Nelson, Murdock, and Page.  You can contact me there if you ever want to talk about anything.  I know what it feels like to like to drink for all the wrong reasons.  Watching myself and you put that in my mind tonight.  Also, thanks for helping me get rid of that creep.”

Then she backed up, grabbed her giant purse, wiped her eyes, wondering if she should go to the bathroom to put cold water on her face before she decided to leave the bar


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