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February 29, 2020


06/30/2020 12:27 PM 

Reply to Tora//Balthuman's org-Following

Karen was savvy and wasn’t foolish at all. She recognized the organization would vet her and likewise being tailing her; it was par for the course. It was for that best that she had bolstered security around herself? Karen had chosen it upon herself to set up cameras in her accommodation and had won the move forwards to set up an alarm system in her place as well but she was on a waiting list at this juncture. The spycam on her neck also acquired pieces that her eyes couldn’t and each night when she inspected the footage; she would write down detailed notations.

So, over the weeks that Tora had watched her; she had plucked up on that evidence solely by inspecting the Intel she had on her hands. The Bentley was not an auto you could mistake easily; the cam picked it up often parked in territories that Karen would be at all around where she had been during her normal daily routines'; like her job, her Krav Maga classes, Josie’s bar and so on. Karen could hit up a solid, everyday system of their operations just as thoroughly as they had completed with hers with the right examination of the media she had on hand.

Karen would comb the footage each night as a default action and as a result; she had picked up on the automobile on many occasions and indeed made out the plate numbers. Something that she researched and kept that knowledge close to her breast. There was solely one guy she confessed it too, and that was, of course, Foggy. Once she reported to him about the plight; she gave Foggy an extensive envelope of Intel and declared for him to bring it to Mahoney ASAP if she went dark at all.

Now, here she was leaving the gun range and walking to her car with her sunglasses in place to cover her line of sight. Karen’s muscles became coiled like a cobra; just watching for anybody to attack. As she fled the place, she semi looked around the lot like any typical person would, but she had captured the sight of a familiar car and a few letters of their plate numbers that let her recognize that they were viewing her here also. Though she noticed it, Karen acted as if nothing was wrong or that she was indeed suspicious as she climbed into her automobile, started the engine, and pulled out of her spot.

The next place they thought she would head toward was her home, but Karen needed to determine if this car might follow her anywhere? So, it was time to run a few errands. The first break, the espresso shop for some caffeine and foodstuff. 

So, Karen started her way to the coffeehouse she cherished to go to pluck up a drink of cappuccino before work every day. The place had some excellent sandwiches that she appreciated and the cappuccino was constantly awesome and sweet. It was a likable place to lie low and watch her surroundings.

Cautiously, she made her way to the shop in her car, now and again, she would search her rearview mirror to see if that car followed her movements. Whoever it was, they were smart in their actions. Never, once, following too close, not changing lanes when she did and kept a respectable distance, but she always knew the car by the plate number. Karen kept her car ride and movements from being erratic by making sure to never be going to fast or acting in any way that could show that she had caught on to them. Karen did the speed limit but went a few miles over it as everyone else did, she changed lanes when she wanted to get to her turn and then pulled into a lot nearby the shop and parked her car with the front of it facing out. 

Strolling steadily into the establishment. As she did so, she pretended she was looking at her phone like most people did these days. Now, while she had been both driving and walking, Karen had set up the record function on her phone and was giving a detailed description of what she found at the gun range, her ride to the coffeehouse, and the car’s plate number and description. Now, she just left the recording on, if anything would happen and purposefully took off the key lock so that someone could find easy access to what she had put on her phone if someone tried to take her from there.

Now, as she walked inside and found a table; Karen ordered herself a drink and some food while she waited to get served. Karen’s next move was to pretend that she was reading a book she had with her as she kept her peripheral vision on the door to see if anyone would come inside searching for her?


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