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06/29/2020 09:46 PM 

A Pride FIlled Drabble - Muesday Tuesday

A shiver went up his spine as Harlow painted his tanned skin. The small giggle slipped from her lips at his reaction and he rolled his eyes before tucking a piece of hair behind her ears. “Stop distracting me Cam or This painting will come out really bad and then you will look like a mess.” Cameron could not help but laugh before he leaned in and kissed her softly “I mean that just means you will have to spend more time with me while fixing it.” He turned and looked over in the mirror watching as she painted on his chest and arms. This was his first year being out about being bisexual especially with Harlow. She was more accepting of the fact after all they had been through. He wanted to be honest and open with her. She seemed excited and genuinely happy about it. She even set up this whole parade float for her club to join the PRIDE parade and Cameron was her Mascot.

He smiled softly as flash backs blew through his mind of his first encounter with the same sex. It was a few years after his mom had died. It was sort of a rebellion stage Cameron was going through but this one stuck. He had finally settled in his new home, not a forever home but a temp home because that is how the system worked. He decided to wander the streets until he came across the school he would be attending, I mean yeah he was 17 but high school needed to be finished and college classes were starting the next day so his plate would be full. His fingers ran along the cold silver railing as he walked through the school. He came across the football field and decided to climb the bleachers and take a seat to watch what seemed like the school team practicing.

Cameron pulled a joint from his pocket and lit up keeping an eye on the men that ran around. Part of him missed sports, especially football but he had no time. Fight club and training schoolwork and working kept his schedule tight. Things were so different now for him, he missed his mom. The practice seemed to have ended and a few of the guys from the teams spotted Cameron in the bleachers. Considering he was openly smoking pot they decided to introduce themselves. But one of the males seemed to have caught his attention. Cameron seemed to have caught his too. They exchanged numbers and the team exchanged hits and they all dispersed before the coach caught them all.

Seems like this place was looking up after all, hopefully he finished school before he turned 18 and kicked him out and he became an adult according to the system. His phone vibrated and a number he did not recognize lit up the screen. Damn that was fast. Matthew Cronwell, the boy that his brain melt. The boy who made Cameron realize that he enjoyed both sexes. They spent a few days talking until Matt wanted to buy some weed and hang out. Cameron lived with a nicer family now, so he opted to meet up with him at a park. They smoked and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company until Matt made a move on Cameron. His lip meeting Cam’s, Cameron froze for a second in confusion because obviously he had never been in this situation before. “what? Have you never been with a guy before?” Matt spoke before sliding his hand up Cameron’s shirt. He shook his head and watched his hand meet his skin. He became less tense as the warm of Matts hand radiated through his body.

Without hesitation Cameron’s lips met his once again finally letting his guard down. Things became different for him. They spent the better part of the night making out until things started to go a little further. Matt had climbed on top of Cameron and moved to position himself between his legs. The make out session came to a halt and Matt moved to better things. Cameron just watched in awe as this became his first sexual encounter with another male. It felt natural, like he had been missing this piece in his life for quite some time. Cameron finished and Matt patted his chest in laughter “trust me we will work on that timing.” Cameron laughed and laid back “yeah, definitely.”

School started; College classes overtook his time along with work. Matt had football but they managed to make time for each other. Their relationship escalated further then oral and things heated up. They never made it official but there were feelings that had been caught. Like everything else in Cameron’s life all good things come to a horrible end. Matts parents had caught him smoking pot and shipped him off to Military School. It sucked but it was not really a heartbreak. It took a few days for Cameron to get over, but he worked it out. Literally he picked up extra shifts to occupy his time. “Cam..” a small female voice pulled him from his trance “I’m done!” Cameron rubbed his eyes and looked down to see the masterpiece Harlow had created on his body and he laughed shaking his head “well that, that is a lot of glitter.” She clapped her hand in excitement and pulled him towards the mirror to better examine himself.

The outfits were done, and the parade was beginning soon. Cameron wore a pair of snug black shorts and some black vans. His body was painted in many multicolored lips and glitter all over. Harlow walked around in her underwear, yet it made sense because that is how many dressed. He grabbed her hand and headed out the door. The parade was full of love, happiness, and laughter. Cameron had one of the best days of his life during that parade and to be able to experience that with Harlow truly was a bonding experience. Because unlike Matt, His connection with Harlow was one for the history books.


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