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06/29/2020 08:11 PM 

( bithiah’s awakening / drabble )

Everything crystallized & broke - because I touched you and felt you here - you stole my breath. Right out from my lungs and filled them with  f i r e  instead. And in doing so -
You touched me too.

You're so beautiful.

I can barely breathe.
Help me.
Help ME.


She collapses to the ground.

The light - the LIGHT. His KISS.

She’s crying out in P A I N - writhing - as the sprouts of ligaments break open from her back. She’s screaming with agony. Hands clawing at her hair as she struggles, tugging desperately.

One hand soon drops to brace herself against the cracking, - bones splitting & rearranging in her back making her cry out  even harder. Fingers begin scraping at the hardwood - splinters digging underneath her nails and into her nail beds. It’s nothing but a slight tickle compared to the dire crushing and splicing of bone protruding itself from the mortal skin she’s made of.

Her tender cheek is pressed against the wooden surface when her fist slams down / cracks the floor open with the magnitude of its force - body quaking with the weight of her power. Cement is upturned from the bashing, debris flying, cement dust pluming out into the air before her, fissures within the wood as her human clothing dissolves away, soft & pure naked form overtaking as ensemble.

Light surges around her as she’s flipped on her back forcefully by the powers that be, floating soon enough, urged by the molten gold of Grace, whimpering as she feels her body being h e a l e d.

It’s a wash of molten honey and Exaltation, humming in her ears as the membranes protruding from her shoulderblades elongate & stretch. They’re not large by any means. Just enough to cover her shoulders - that is... until the gestures of feathers begin to pollute her figure. Not quite fully there - soft fluffy feathers beginning to form as she g i g g l e s when her nose is tickled with an errant fluff ball.

But soon enough, mature long-stemmed white glimmering feathers unite themselves over the expanse of the new membrane form - she doesn’t have the will to utter what they truly are out loud just yet. It stings as each feather pops out but not like before. They cover her arms, the f e a t h e r s erecting and smoothing over her satin skin, & it’s as if sunlight is EMINATING off each one.

Droplets of honey hue shine slip along her collar to wash the blood away, the aches & pains, all well worth it in the long run. She blushes as she feels the radiating PURITY flowing off her in w a v e s, not quite sure what to make of any of it. But she’s righted soon enough, floating straight up so her delicate bare feet can take a step down.

She’s seeing everything for the first real time. A flap of the... WINGS.. that have just sprouted from herself brights her soul to light. She paces forward and then leaps, allowing them to f l u t t e r and take her weight just for a moment. A loud squealed laugh sounds and she lands again, twirling with them before falling into step - beautiful ballet signature leaps, bends, twirls, and held moments to signify how elegant she feels.

How real it’s always been.

Once the excitement fades, she steps forwards toward the window.

A dire sense of protection washes over her - this is her duty. It’s always been her duty. To keep people loved. To keep people safe. To get them to understand ; that the Light  they seek is within them & that it's been promised to them, for all eternity, should they decide to look.

To see the 
Love that’s waiting right here for you. With mistakes and disagreements. But with the full encompassing knowing truth of it all - beyond the years of pain & mistrust.

The sweet, desperately shy but willing cadence that is just yours. And no one else’s. And connecting that with someone. It’s not lost. That’s what is right. That’s where nothing will go wrong.
At long last, she lives.

She holds onto the sill, willing the window to open itself by its own accord. Bursting outwards, air swarms in as it flurries up towards her in gentle waves, another sweet laugh sounding as she says h e l l o to the wind and Earth surrounding her.

She looks out towards the
S U N.
Towards you.

And somehow, beyond force of will or compassion, she knows that you’re the one she will  forever have her sights set on.

Whoever you may be.
I'm sure you know who you are.
I don't think you know how to handle the weight of it. But at least now I remember who I am.


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