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06/29/2020 01:34 PM 

Comfort ft. Madamn Bones

Part of acting as Head Girl, especially during exam time, was making sure everyone was where they needed to be, when they needed to be. There was a list of students for each house given to the Head Boy and Girl, and, periodically, they were meant to do a headcount to make sure that all pupils were (as stated above) in their respective areas at the respective times.

This particular evening, Amelia Bones was missing.

She was not your usual student and was constantly causing some sort of trouble. There wasn’t a week that went by, the young, fiery red-haired Gryffindor wasn’t sent to Professor McGonagall’s office by none other than Molly Prewett. The seventh year had a very low tolerance for fighting and misbehaving - especially when one seemed to get more kicks out of being rebellious than they did actually learning and taking school seriously.

Molly often wondered what in Merlin’s name happened to this child to cause her to be so angry.

“Bones, Amelia is the only pupil unaccounted for. She’s meant to be in Potions lessons.” Arthur Weasley, who was Head Boy, looked up from his clipboard. “Slughorn promises he’ll let her make up the exam, but if she’s more than half an hour late, twenty points will be taken for extreme tardiness. She’ll fail entirely if she doesn’t show.”

“Damn child.” Molly rolled her eyes and shoved her quill behind her ear. Her clipboard was placed on one of the many tables in the Prefect lounge. “Doesn’t she care at all? She’s only in her first year. I don’t see how she’s going to make it through six more.”

“I suppose that’s up to her to decide.” Arthur wrapped his arms around Molly. “It’s quite hilarious though.”

Molly quirked a brow, but she didn’t fight the hold he now had her in. “What’s hilarious?”

You.” Arthur grinned. “I love it when you get all fired up, especially over a first year you don‘t even know.”

Molly’s eyes narrowed, and she smacked Arthur’s chest playfully. “I’ll show you fired up, Arthur Weasley.”

“I know you will.”

“I just don’t understand. I tried to help her. I tried to care, but it’s those who just have no care for. . . even themselves, or so it seems, that I have a really hard time giving a damn about.”

Molly let out a little grumble and Arthur pecked her lips.

“Well. What are you going to do about it now? It’s our responsibility to make sure she gets to class. She’s got-” He paused and looked at his watch. “-fifteen minutes before she loses twenty points on her exam. You know the First Year Exams are just as important as all of the others.”

Molly pulled away and nodded. “I know. I know. I suppose I could fetch McGonagall and let her handle it, but I don’t think there would be enough time to do that and get her to the exam. " Molly paused and rolled her eyes. "I'll just go and find her. Have any suggestions of where I should look?”

“The loo. I’ve noticed you ladies always go to the lavatory when you want some alone time.”

“So observant, you are,” Molly teased through a smile. “I’ll catch you later, Weasley.”

It wasn’t long after leaving the Prefect Lounge, Molly found herself entering the Girls Lavatory. Her attention was drawn to the center stall when she heard sniffles and insults being spewed toward Moaning Myrtle by none other than the girl she was looking for, Amelia Bones.

Molly smiled when she thought about Arthur and how he’d been right.

“Myrtle, if you don’t go away, I’ll hex you!” the voice of Amelia boomed from the toilet where she was currently hiding.

Hehehehe! You’ll definitely fail those exams for sure. Everyone knows you can’t hex what’s already dead.”

There was another loud grunt and what sounded like an attack against the wall.

“I said get lost!” There was more kicking and punching noises against the stall. It sounded like there was a wild animal on the other side.

Molly shook her head. “Oh, Amelia.”

Moaning Myrtle let out one of her ear-piercing cries.

Molly cringed. She hated that bloody sound!

“No one ever wants to play with me - even when they are crying and need comfort! I understand more than anyone else about pain.”

“I said go away Myrtle!” More booming kicks and punches came from behind the stall. “Just leave me alone!”

Molly rushed forward with her wand drawn - not that she could do anything because Myrtle was correct: there was no harming what was already dead.

“Bones? Bones? Is that you?” Molly banged on the stall with her fist not holding her wand. “Amelia, are you alright?”

The kicking and punching and screaming from Amelia continued on the other side.

She didn’t answer Molly’s inquiry.

Moaning Myrtle was now hovering just beside where Molly stood.

“Oh hello.” Myrtle smiled and tilted her head to the side. It was not the usual friendly smile, but more of a devious one. “If the cry baby won’t allow me to comfort her, maybe you’ll have more luck.”

Amelia’s screams continued from the other side.

“Get lost, Myrtle.” Molly glared toward the ghost. She'd never been a fan of the girl. She was all for understanding pain, but Myrtle was whiny, and there was a difference between actual pain and the constant need to bitch and moan. “- - Because believe me, I will find a way to hex you, if you don't.”

Fine! I know when I’m not wanted!” Myrtle shouted out in obvious anger. She charged and went right through Molly’s body, sending a shivering sensation down her spine.

Molly shook her head and brushed off the cold, bone-chilling feeling and returned her attention to Amelia. She pointed her wand toward the stall where the girl was currently (and very loudly) ‘hiding’.

Alohomora!” The lock of the stall unlatched and the door flew open and out fell Amelia directly toward Molly. It was obvious Amelia was just about to punch the door of the stall when it opened before she could.

Molly caught Amelia in her arms, and she bent to her knees in order to hold her steady.

Amelia began to hit and kick the air now. Her fists and shoes attacked Molly every now and then.

Molly took the beating.

There was kicking, screaming, crying and lots of incoherent words which left the lips of Amelia.

Molly didn’t know what in Merlin’s name was going on, but there was definitely something very wrong with this child. . . she just hadn’t yet figured out what. It was obvious Amelia needed someone to lash out on, so Molly decided to allow her to treat her as her temporary punching bag.

Believe it or not, Molly, too, understood anger and pain and fear. . . and there was something this child needed that she didn’t have at that very moment. Molly chose to comfort and treat Amelia like she would if she had a child of her own.

What would she do if Amelia was her daughter?

Molly would hug her little girl. She knew when she, herself, was upset, just feeling the pressure of another body against her own worked wonders . . .so maybe. . . just maybe, it would work with Amelia.

Molly wrapped her arms around Amelia, embracing her tight - but not too tight to where she might feel she couldn’t breathe - and shushed her softly.

Amelia fought the hold at first. She tried to break away whilst more grumbles and growls left her lungs. . . but Molly didn’t stop. There was something inside of her that told her she was doing the right thing by embracing her peer.

Molly was right. It was only a few moments later when Amelia began to calm down and give into the embrace.

Amelia’s arms wrapped around Molly now, which prompted her to tighten her grip a little more. Her hand came up to rest against Amelia’s back, and she ran it up and down in what she hoped was a soothing manner.

Amelia’s breathing began to slow down and Molly felt the girl’s body growing heavier against her own. It was as if she was giving into the comfort of the hug and allowing herself to be free of the tension she was holding moments ago.

“Would you like to tell me what’s the matter?” Molly asked as she slowly pulled away. Her hands came up to rest against Amelia’s face.

She wiped the leftover tears away.

It was at this very moment, Molly completely forgot all of the trouble Amelia had put her through for the entirety of the year, and, instead, what she saw was a very broken girl who needed some guidance.

Molly could see the wave of uncertainty dancing in Amelia’s eyes. It was clear she was trying to decide if Molly could be trusted or not.

“I’m a good listener. I assure you.” Molly stood to her feet. “. . . but whilst you decide, let’s also get you cleaned up and ready for Potions. Professor Slughorn is waiting.”

“I’m not going, Prewett.” Amelia crossed her arms over her chest.

Oh? Why not?” Molly looked to Amelia through the mirror of one of the bathroom sinks she now stood over.

She was wetting a paper towel to wipe Amelia’s face of the remaining tears and to hopefully bring down the red in her cheeks. Molly more than anyone else understood what it was like to bear red hair and deal with her skin turning the same shade - if not brighter - when even the slightest hint of emotion decided to rise from within.

“I don’t want to.” Amelia’s tone sounded rather indignant.

“Don’t you want to return as a Second Year rather than repeat your first?” Molly bent down on her knees once more and began wiping Amelia’s face.

Amelia fought Molly’s touch again at first, but it wasn’t long until she settled and allowed her to dab her face with the towel.

“Yes, but it’s no use. I always fail exams.” Amelia’s eyes watered, and one single tear fell from her cheeks. “I always go completely mad beforehand.” Another tear fell. Molly pulled back from the dabbing by now. “My chest tightens. I get hot. I can’t think. I see red.”

Molly watched as Amelia began shaking. Her heart ached for the girl. In hopes Amelia would cease her shaking, Molly grabbed and held her tightly once more. Amelia didn’t fight the hold this time. Instead, Molly felt as she gave into the embrace.

“Those are called Panic Attacks.” Molly said when she drew back. She continued dabbing Amelia’s face with the towel once again. “There’s got to be some accommodations given to you. Maybe you can test in a different room. We could propose you being given as much time as you need, and one single monitor who checks on you periodically.” Molly found herself feeling the need to advocate for Amelia. ‘This is what you're good at,’ something told her deep inside. “I’m sure there are certain medicinal herbs which can be taken via tea to help calm your nerves beforehand. Maybe even Pomfrey has something you could be prescribed to take during exams.” Molly was becoming rather enthusiastic about the entire endeavor. “Have you told anyone?”

This was when Amelia pulled away. “No. I’m not telling anyone. Everyone will think I’m a freak! They’ll laugh - possibly send me home, even!”

“No they won’t. They can help you succeed.” Molly watched Amelia shake her head just before she began to pace back and forth.

Next thing Molly knew, Amelia was hitting herself in the forehead with her palm and calling herself profanities which would cause points to be taken from Gryffindor if reported.

The sight was gut wrenching. Amelia was only a child, and she was expecting perfection and hiding from the reality of what was going on, on the inside. This moment reminded Molly of herself when she couldn’t please her mother.

Molly stood to her feet and rushed over to Amelia. She stopped her and pulled her hand away from her face.

Amelia.” Molly attempted to lock eyes with her. She was trying to show her she was safe! “Stop!”

“No!” Amelia fought Molly’s grip and went to hit her forehead again. “You’re not my mum, Prewett! You don’t get to tell me what to do!”

Amelia fought Molly’s hold on her arm. “You’re a student just like me!” She finally broke her limb free and began hitting herself in the forehead again.

Molly’s heart broke even more as she watched. It was at this point, she figured she should’ve already gone to fetch McGonagall, but she wanted Amelia to think about her future and her exams and not get herself into trouble before having a chance to explain what was really going on.

“Amelia!” Molly grabbed the girl's hands once more. She prayed to Merlin to forgive her for possibly holding on too tight, but she wanted Amelia to stop harming herself!

What else was she to do?!

“I’m your friend. I’m going to help you, if you’ll just allow me to!”

“No you’re not!" Amelia shouted. "You hate me. I know you do.” The obvious raging tears returned to her eyes. “YOU’RE NO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE!”

Amelia’s fists came up and pounded against Molly’s chest.

Molly took it.

She took every punch Amelia threw her way.

It felt like hours she stood there and allowed herself to be the little girl’s punching bag.

She wasn’t worried about injuries. She would heal herself of any bumps and bruises later.

If it weren’t for everyone in their respective exam rooms taking their finals, someone would have heard the shouting.

The punching began to die down after awhile - it happened when the obvious exhaustion began to take over Amelia’s body, and it was clear to Molly she was reaching the point where there was no more fight in her.

Amelia pulled back from Molly. The look in her eyes went from exhausted to horror in a matter of seconds.

She gasped. “I’m sorry.” Tears pooled in her eyes once more. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Molly watched. Amelia couldn't stand still. It was as if all of the shame and fear and emotion was rising up inside of the tiny eleven year old girl. Molly felt that Amelia would break, if someone didn't stop her from snapping in two.

Amelia cried. It was honestly horrible to watch her come to the realization of what her anger could prompt her to do.

She looked so afraid.

Molly shook her head in dismissal of the apologies and wrapped her arms around the girl (this time there was a grumble when she moved. Bloody hell that little twerp could throw a punch).

“It’s alright.” Molly shushed Amelia after hopefully reassuring her she didn’t blame her for what she did.

Amelia pulled away and wiped her eyes. “I just get so scared, and I don’t want anyone to know it. I’m not a coward! I'm not! . . . so I get angry because it usually makes people go away. . . makes them afraid of me."

Molly drew her wand from the pocket of her robes where she’d replaced it earlier after opening the lock of the bathroom stall. She flicked her wrist toward the sink and turned it on. There was another flick of her wrist and a paper towel was lifted from the pile and placed under the water to soak.

“. . . but not you.” Amelia tilted her head to the side. There was a curious expression spread across her features. “You’re still here.”

“‘Accio!’ Towel.” Molly whispered under her breath, followed by a flick of her wand. “Let’s try this one more time. Shall we?” The paper towel zoomed through the air and landed in her hand. “I’m quite the stubborn witch-” Molly returned her wand to the pocket of her robes and dabbed Amelia’s tear stained face once more. “-and though I try and follow the rules as best I can, I tend to be quite rebellious myself. . . so yes. I’m still here. I don’t like to be known as someone who does what others simply expect me to do. I like to make up my own mind.”

Amelia smiled. “I like that. I like thinking for myself.”

“As you should.” Molly dabbed the last of the tears from Amelia’s face and smiled. “There. Now. I won’t force you to tell McGonagall. If you’d rather keep your little secret to yourself, it’s safe with me.”

Molly slowly stood. Damn, she was in pain.

“However, we’re long since past Slughorn's offer for you to show up and receive full marks for your exam, and I urge you to consider talking to someone about what you're going through so you can be given a fair chance at passing and moving on into your second year.”

Amelia didn’t respond right away, and Molly took it as the perfect opportunity to draw her wand from her robes once more and heal herself of the wounds she’d obscured whilst taking a beating from the eleven year old. She was subtle about it - as to not make Amelia feel worse than she already did. Molly had been practicing her Healing Spells. She was set to go to school to become a professional Healer in the up and coming Fall. She was becoming quite good with her Healing abilities.

When Molly finished, the wand was replaced once again inside the pocket of her robes. She turned to Amelia who remained quiet, standing there.

Molly held out her hand. “What’s it going to be, Bones? Are you going to remain here and hide away, or are you going to give yourself the fair chance you deserve?”

Amelia looked from Molly to her hand and back again. She didn’t answer, but she did smile and finally took Molly’s hand.

Molly smiled. “You’re making the right decision.”

“I know.” Amelia squeezed Molly's hand, and the pair of them left the lavatories in order to go and inform McGonagall of what happened. “I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t believe it was.”

“Stubborn rebellious child.” Molly shook her head in amusement.

“I could say the same about you.” Amelia looked to her with a big grin.

Molly smirked, and the pair made their way down the many corridors leading to McGonagall’s office. Amelia was given a second chance to take all of her exams with accommodations.

The pair didn’t speak a whole ton after that moment shared in the girls bathroom, and it would be many years before they ever really spoke again. . .but it was because of this moment spent with Amelia Bones, Molly realized, she wanted very much to become a mother one day.


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