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Damiano Luca Rossi (Aaron Johnson) // Dom, Luca Brasi // 29 // brother //

Their relationship took a hit after their father was murdered. Dom would constantly nag Giovanni about joining the family business and finishing what their father started. This is something that Giovanni has never been interested in. As they got older, they went their separate ways. Dom decided he would take on the business himself and although it started off rocky, he is now worth millions from the trafficking of illegal narcotics. With his interest in growing the business more and establishing it globally, he finds himself at a crossroads. The man that Giovanni put a hit on and had murdered for killing his father, has a son that no one knew about until recently. When he threatens Damiano's life, this leads him to reach out to Giovanni and rekindle some form of a relationship. Little does Damiano know, Giovanni has struck a deal with Owney Madden's son, Padraic. In exchange for him sparing Damiano's life, Giovanni is getting back into the business with his brother, but is now a mole for Padraic without Damiano's knowledge.
[still haven't worked Giovanni's character up to that point yet but, eventually... hopefully soon]
Additional Details:
Baby momma drama // has a 2-year-old daughter that he’s never told Giovanni about // Permanent residence is in Los Angeles, CA but he travels frequently for business between Colorado, New Mexico, and Florida // Colorado is a new territory for him – he recently put down roots for the business there with a desire to delve deeper into the production of Marijuana.

Monserrat Ali (Lupita Nyong’o) // Monse // 32 // just complicated af – no LI inclusion //

Monse and Giovanni have a complicated relationship with one another. They are the best of friends, and have not established their relationship as anything past that. Since they spend a lot of time together, they’re often caught by paparrazi so it is assumed by the public that they are together when in reality they are not. They have not taken the time to correct anyone though and think it’s entertaining that people will believe anything just because the outlets tell them it’s true. So, they joke about this with one another often. As much as they joke around with one another is as much as they argue. Monse does not like that there’s no label on their relationship and is hell bent on setting boundaries, but Giovanni still isn’t interested in either of the two. He genuinely loves her, but feels if they put a label on it, he’ll just mess things up. This is pent up trauma from his previous relationship which he is now spending a lot of time in court attempting to settle. Also, they both get a lot of backlash for “being with each other” because of it being interracial. Even though as mentioned before, they’re technically not together.

Shefali Dhawan (Priyanka Chopra) // 37 // business partner at Rossi & Friends Mentorship Program //

Shefali assists Giovanni run a new mentorship program that he’s created called Rossi & Friends. She spends a lot of time assisting with business acumen but has also found joy in providing mentorship too. Her background is a little bit complicated and she has some trauma from her past. She refuses to go to therapy and that’s the reason she likes to spend time with Giovanni. He also has some issues but he doesn’t press her to seek the necessary help so he’s a bad influence, but that's what makes the friendship and partnership work. Shefali was born and raised in India, where she was sold to the highest bidder by her family at the tender age of 12 years old. It was her mother’s decision and it was made out of desperation due to how poor they were. She was forced to marry around the same time and ended up pregnant with her first child at 16. Unfortunately, she had to give the child away. It wasn’t until she was 17 years old that the light at the end of the tunnel was beginning not to seem so dull for her. The moment an opportunity arose for her to escape, she took it and never looked back.
Additional Details / Present:
Shefali uses her story to help mentor those within the program who have experienced mental and physical abuse. In her spare time, she runs her own personal organization that helps get women and men who have been trafficked back on track in society. Many of them have lost out on a lot of time so she prepares them for what to expect as they return to somewhat of a normal life. They most likely have expressed interest in the performing arts or utilize drawings/paintings as an outlet that is impactful for them in a positive way. Even if they are not interested in those exact programs, she still takes them under her wing.

Geneviève Marian Byrne (Anne Hathaway) // Gen, Marie, Birdie // 30 // ex-wife //

Gen is Giovanni’s ex-wife. The two were married for five years before they decided to split. It wasn’t mutual, and Giovanni was the one to call it quits. They do not communicate well with one another and are currently in court attempting to settle their divorce. She is making it more difficult than it needs to be, by creating false claims against Giovanni. Due to these false claims, he has been under a lot of scrutiny by public outlets and an investigation. This is another issue that has caused problems for him and Monse.

Vincent Lombardi (George Clooney) // Vinny // 59 // family friend [Gio calls him Uncle due to how close he is to the family] //

This is the man he calls Uncle and runs to when he needs advice. Vinny was the one who carried out the hit on Owney Madden for Giovanni. Gio has felt his entire life that he owed him and there was no way he could pay him back for what he did. Vinny doesn’t make a big deal out of it often, but he does continuously express his disappointment in Giovanni and Damiano’s relationship falling through. He will become a big part of Giovanni’s life again, when he discovers Padraic has a hold on Gio and has no intentions of letting go.

Padraic Madden (Robert Pattinson) // 31 years old // Owney Madden’s son //

Padraic is Owney Madden’s son. This one is pretty easy as he has a hatred for Giovanni’s family that is indescribable. Even though it was seen as revenge for Owney murdering Giovanni’s father, Padraic doesn’t believe that’s something his father would do. He’s going to make an appearance soon in Giovanni’s life and threaten Damiano. Which will force Giovanni to get back into the business; the reason he’ll have Giovanni secretly working for him behind Damiano’s back.

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