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06/28/2020 10:58 PM 

[Gym Day: Drabble]

attention: | mentions: Gym
'Stop trashing the bags. B isn't giving you any more for a few days. He said something about respect for property and learning better coping mechanisms.'

That was f***ing rich, coming from the man that practically invented dressing up like a bat and punching things to deal with his issues, but f***ing go off, I guess.
Deciding instead to not respond to Wendy's message, Steph took herself to the campus gym to try to work out her frustrations instead. Patrols had been too slow, or other people *coughBrucecough* had been beating her to the scene of things, keeping Stephanie sans faces to beat.
She did however get the heavy bags at the Firewall. Because Stephanie didn't get fancy training robots like the Batcave, or simulations to run through like Cass's little cave. Which was fine. She was glad to even have the Firewall at all. Even if it was technically Barbara's. Like the Ricochet. And the mantle. You know how it is when you're a mantle thief. You take what you're given.
Letting out a low, aggravated growl as she looked around the not too active gym, flexing her jaw a few times before letting out a long measured breath, Steph made for one of the free weighted bags, dropping her bag by the wall and sized it up.
It had seen better days, but it wasn't in the worst shape she had ever seen. Some tape around the middle, where it had been more heavily beaten. She could work with this.
Rolling her shoulders and shaking her hands out, not bothering with any of her gear, in an attempt to limit herself, or possibly to not have to pay for damages on top of her already bullsh*t tuition with her library assistant wages, Steph sunk a quick hip level left uppercut in, twisting from the hips and shoulders, feeling the bag out.
Pulling a face at the amount of creaking and groaning it was already doing on its hook and chains, she steadied it against her body, and let out another annoyed growl.

"You aren't doing it right."

Blinking twice, Steph whipped her head towards the voice.

"Excuse me?"

The owner of the voice, a resident frat bro, stepped towards the bag, grinning in a way he thought was charming, and surprisingly not dead from the amount of venom in her response, that Steph immediately wanted to kick off his head. Stephanie vaguely recognised him from the keg rager that caused her to swear off college parties for life. Was he a douche then? Probably. They all sort of were...
"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
"You aren't throwing the punch right. You gotta do it like this."

Somehow managing to keep her mouth shut, she stepped back from the bag and folded her arms across her chest. The blonde watched as he wound back and punched with his arm, no hip torque, no rotation, no technique at all.
Unable to hold back the reflexive, derisive snort, shaking her head, it looked like Steph had a target for her bad mood, warranted or not.

"That's cute. Did your teddy bear teach you that one? I know an eleven year old that can hit harder than you."

Looking openly offended, Stephanie stepped up and drew back, giving the bag something a lot of the rogues, and the majority of the masks of Gotham had been on the receiving end of, her right hook, at full I wish this was Roman, my Dad, the Joker or Bruce's face force, sending the hundred pound bag into the unsuspecting frat douche she never bothered to learn the name of, knocking him off balance.
Letting out another long breath, not as measured, an attempt to try to reign herself in, Stephanie stopped the bag on the backswing as she moved to pick up her bag. Maybe there was trouble. Maybe she could go start a fight with the Gremlin or something. Someone who could fight back, or deserved it. Or both.
Where was Jason…?
Walking back towards the speed bag, towards the weights and the exits she heard it. She probably wasn't meant to. It was meant for his slowly gathering bros. Did they always travel in packs?

"Yeah, that's right bitch, you better run."

Stopping mid stride and dropping her bag to the floor –Did it land on her phone? Can't check now. Check later– Steph turned around and smiled sweetly, the smile not reaching her eyes.

"What was that?"

The rapid blink confirmed her theory that she wasn't meant to hear it. As the bros began to jostle him, she took the initiative.

"What's wrong? Afraid you'll get made a fool of in front of your boys? You and me, here and now. Spar. Whatever style you want. I doubt you have any at al–"


Groaning, she didn't need to turn to know the owner of the voice. On campus, she would be Assistant Professor Gordon. But f*** that sh*t. She was Babs.
Shoulders slumping slightly, she turned enough to look down at her, kicking her bag out of her way.

"What did I do now?"

"I know what you're doing. Stop it."

Letting out another growl, loudest of the three so far, shoulders slumping, Steph scooped up her bag.

"Fiiiiiine. But when I'm annoying later, I want you to know it's your fault."

"Annoying later? As if it's not just your constant state of being?"

As they both turned to leave, the frat bro seemingly saved from a terrible fate, he didn't seem to know the gift he was just given.

"You're lucky Wheels was here to save you, stupid slut."

A look shared between the Batgirls was a conversation all of its own.

"I'm killing him now."
"We don't kill."
"I'm maiming him now."
"I'll allow it.

Both turning back around, Steph setting her bag in Barbara's lap this time, she stretched her arms over her head, purposely cracking joints as loudly as she could.
"Looks like we're back on, boys. I think I'm required by law to tell you I've had martial arts lessons even though I don't hold any belts."

Technically, not a lie. Her training was far beyond 'lessons', but she didn't hold any belts…
Frat douche got shoved by one of his friends. He was a man, standing over 6'. She was 5'5". Obviously he had the advantage here, right?

"Don't let your boys down, they believe in you. I'm just a little bitch after all. What, did I hurt your feelings or something? Here, you can even get the first shot in if you want. Free go."

Folding her hands behind her, Steph stood still, 3' from him, chin out.
After standing still for what felt like an eternity as she just stared from her, to Babs, to his friends in confusion, she flapped her arms in frustration.

"Oh COME ON! That teddy bear punch of yours isn't gonna do anything to me anyway, just do it!"

A frown grew across his face, but Steph's patience had worn thin. Turning to leave, shaking her head, she started towards Babs.

"This is pointless. God damn spineless limpd*ck cowards can't do anything when actually confon-"


Babs began to lean forward in alarm, as the fist made contact with the back of her head. Staggering forward, more from her own momentum being thrown off then the force of the hit she frowned slowly. Stopping to blink a few times she looked at Babs, a grin slowly spreading across her face.

"We can make this our secret, right?"

Before whipping around, and driving her fist home. Again. And again.
"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie


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