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The Hunt is On

The Hunt is On
1x1 with Ardent
Tyler returned to the Armory with a scowl on his face and covered in blood. His eyes flashed golden when he passed through the security checkpoints to get into the Armory. No one dared talk to him. He looked as though he was minutes away from going full on werewolf and tear apart the next person who said anything to him. No one bothered to tell him that his right arm was so saturated in blood it was leaving a trail as he walked.

He made his way to Alex’s office still looking like hell and smelling like it too. Tyler didn’t bother to knock. He pulled the medallion out of his pocket and tossed it on her desk. “You’re welcome.” The words came out of his mouth in a snarl. He was still on edge because of what the rogue Armory Agent had told him.

Alex quirked a brow upward noticing that the resident werewolf was in a foul mood. She was thankful for the wolfsbane that she kept in the locket around her neck. “Tyler, I have another job for you.” She spoke to him carefully and with a level voice. “We’ve got a new recruit thanks to your friend Matt.”

Tyler could smell the fear from the woman who was his boss for all intents and purposes. “Oh yeah? Who did Matt manage to drag into this sorry a.ss place anyway?” He was snippy and for good reason. He kept thinking about Alex keeping secrets from him. He could tell when someone was afraid of him. Being a werewolf did have it’s advantages after all.

“Tyler, really? We’re here to be the keepers of the supernatural balance. You know that. We can’t let things like this medallion get into the wrong hands.” She pulled out a handkerchief an held the medallion that Tyler had brought her. It was covered in the blood of the man that the young werewolf had killed only hours before. “You have to believe that.”

Lockwood started bouncing around on the balls of his feet. His hands moved back and forth. He looked like a wolf deciding if and when he wanted to attack some poor helpless rabbit. “I don’t have to believe anything Alex. There’s just not a helluva lot out there that I can do other than being your pet werewolf. You may have Donovan believe in your righteous and glorious mission, but I don’t really buy it or anything you have to sell me anymore.”

Her heart rate did quicken because of Tyler’s anxiety. She did however have confidence in her backup plans should Tyler get a little out of hand. “Not even if I told you that Lorenzo St. John is our newest recruit.” She was hoping to pique his curiosity.

Tyler’s brows darkened. “Enzo. Damon’s drinking buddy Enzo. The one who tried to kill Sarah Nelson, Enzo…” Tyler didn’t quite believe what he was hearing. He knew that Matt had no love for Enzo and the two were like oil and water. Hell Tyler and Matt were like oil and water most of the time. The last human of Mystic Falls was the pal of a werewolf who used to bang his vampire girlfriend. Now neither one of them had that vampire girlfriend any longer.

“Yes, one in the same. Why do you find that so hard to believe?” Alex asked not really expecting too much of an answer. She had other things on her mind that was keeping her occupied for the most part. She also needed to find out what the rogue Armory Agent could have possibly told Tyler to get him so riled up like this. Tyler didn’t need to know just yet that he was a direct descendant of the original hound of hell Cerberus. That was why she needed to keep him as close as possible.

“Somehow I just don’t think Matt had the purest intentions behind it. He hates the guy.” Tyler’s nostrils flared as he drank in a calming breath. He still paid no attention to the fact he was covered in blood. “What do you want me to do with him?”

That’s the spirit. She thought to herself. “First off, you need a shower. Then you can meet up with him in the library. I have a job that requires a werewolf and a vampire to work together. It’s not going to be easy, but I have a feeling the two of you could handle it.”

Tyler shrugged his shoulders. He reached behind his own head and scratched the back in thought. “Yeah, I guess so.” He took a moment to lower his hand, knowing that he’d just gotten some pieces of human internal organs in the back of his head. He turned from her and faced the door. He took one step toward it, but then turned back around. “Why was it so easy for Klaus Mikaelson to turn me into a hybrid?” He asked point blank.

She leaned forward in her chair touching her fingertips. “It was the Lockwood bloodline Tyler. Your ancestors have been wolves for a very long time. Your bloodline predates the Originals.”

Tyler’s eyebrows raised. “Well then.” He turned back toward the door and headed out of it temporarily sated in his quest for knowledge. If Enzo was in the library, maybe there was something there that he could take advantage of while he was there.

After Tyler left, Alex pulled out her computer console. She stuffed all reference to the Apisi bloodline into Secret Files that only she could access.


Thirty minutes later, a freshly showered Tyler Lockwood made his way into the library that Alex told her Enzo was waiting. He wound his way into the various rows of books that bored him by just being there. “You done yet with all this nerd stuff? I heard that you Brits were boring as s/hit but come on.” Tyler’s sly smirk crossed his lips. His dark brown eyes were completely normal as he scanned the vampire. “So Donovan drug your a/ss here too? Sorry man.” He could make some stupid comment about humans, but why bother? It was going to already be interesting to see what sort of task was best suited to a vampire and a werewolf on behalf of the Armory. He extended his hand to Enzo waiting to see if the Brit would take it.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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