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06/12/2020 06:28 PM 

Love Is Love.

Today was going to be one of the best days for Emma and her family. Emma had always preached to her kids that they should love people the way that they want to be loved. Now that Gracelynn was going into first grade and Landon was going into preschool she wanted her kids to treat others the way that they would want to be treated. So, she had talks with them every night about what they did in school and who they met. She had made them promise to meet at least one new person and say something nice to them. She was trying something different than what her parents did with her.

By the time school had ended and all of the coronavirus stuff had started it was really important for her to let her kids know how they could
empower a kid and make them feel good just by saying a couple of nice words to someone. When they finally came home they had told her about all these new friends that they had made. They were all kids so it was easy to make friends but also it was easy to follow the in-crowd. "So, how does it feel to know that you made so many friends while you were at school?" Emma asked her kids with a smile. The only thing she wanted was to see her kids smile.

"We got to
celebrate in class today. The teacher said it was a surprise celebration. I met two new friends and we had a great time together. We got to eat lots of cake and ice cream which was my favorite part." Gracelynn told her mom with a smile. "We gwt tw gw wutside twday. It was my favwrite part wf preschwwl mwmmy. I alsw made a new friend. His name is Adam and he is a very gwwd perswn." Landon told Emma with a smile. "I'm very happy to hear that you guys had a great time and met new people while at school. It sounds like you had fun." Emma told them with a smile.

Emma was very happy with how well her kid's day had gone at school. Even more so she was now excited that when school started back in the fall they would have more friends to go to. The only thing she ever wanted for her kids was to have a great time at school and to make friends. It was something that Emma herself never got to do because she spent most of her time in a bad place. With it being pride month she wanted her kids to have friends of all different types to love and care for. That was all she could ever ask for when it came to her kids.

"Well, I have to say that I am quite happy with how your class time turned out. You guys seemed to have had a really fun time while you were in school and hopefully, during your time off you can still make friends at a distance. I'm sorry that your school year got cut short but that just means more time you get to spend with me." Emma told her kids with a smile as she hugged them both and kissed both of them on the top of their heads. She was really happy that she had such great kids who really cared about making others happy and seeing the best in everyone.


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