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Everything from an owes list, connections, plot bunnies, and drabbles will be found here.


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October 26th, 2020

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February 23, 2019


06/11/2020 01:13 PM 

Plotting points

Basic Connections

  • Roommate - depending on storyline. Male or female
  • Best friend - One male; one female (closed)
  • Therapist - One; male or female
  • Therapy partner - MAX two; male or female
  • Regular customer - One male; one female
Simple Musings
Send help
  • A date gone totally wrong. MUSE A is struggling to get through a terrible date. They reach out to MUSE B to get them out of it. It is up to MUSE B to come up with a diversion to get MUSE A out of the nightmare.
Return to sender
  • Starlee and MUSE B were always close. When she was sent to Bryce, she made the choice to send a letter to MUSE B, but after weeks of waiting, she received no response. Starlee could only assume the person she once thought was a friend, had turned against her like everyone else. After her release, she sees the person and confronts them, accusing them of being a terrible friend. Later, she was digging through old boxes from her parents' house when she found a crumpled envelope. It was the letter she had mailed the letters RETURN TO SENDER printed on it in red ink. The letter never made it to the recipient. 
Summer checklist
-just some simple little ideas to maybe get a storyline going
  1. Visit a pumpkin patch
  2. Go on a hayride
  3. Go apple picking
  4. Tour a haunted house
  5. Get lost in a corn maze
  6. Bake goodies
  7. Carve a jack-o-lantern
  8. Watch all the classic horror movies
  9. Have a bonfire
  10. Walkthrough the fallen leaves


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