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05/31/2020 06:33 PM 

↳ raincheck. · drabble.
Category: Stories


"Hi, everybody! Welcome back to my YouTube channel! Today, I have a makeup look done for you in collaboration with Fenty Beau—"

Vrrrrm… Vrrrrm.

The drilling from the construction work being done outside Monica Meron’s apartment complex was an undeniable distraction that had been bothering the her for the past week. Running on a deadline that was slowly inching closer, she could not afford to rain-check the filming of her current video. It would surely prove her to be unprofessional and that was not a good look for her reputation with other beauty brands.

“Let’s try this again.” Monica mumbled, pressing the RECORD button on the small remote control that would automatically start the Canon G7X Mark II camera. “What’s up, guys! Welcome back to my YouTube channel! Today, I have put together this makeup look in collaboration with Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint lipstick in the nude color. If you want to know how to—“




That was enough to tick the young woman off. “You know what? That’s it. F*** this.” Rising from her seat, Monica stormed from her recording area to the window pane, busting the door wide open. 

Her building was located in the middle of a semi-busy street in Atlanta. Every two years or so, the state thought that it would be necessary to send over a crew of handymen to repair a road that was free of potholes up until a couple of miles off. Of all the other issues occurring within their city such as violence and crime, this so-called ‘fixture’ was a total waste of taxpayer money.

Sticking her head out of the window, Monica roared out to the group of five men driving a mechanical drill into the concrete. “Yo’, f***tards! Mind keepin’ it quiet out there? I’m trying to work!” Her silver chain that was decorated with an M-lettered pendant dangled around her neck as she heaved in anger. Her outburst managed to catch the attention of the group who silently looked at one another for a minute then let out a synchronized jumble of laughter.

One man, who looked to be the youngest of the pack, shook his head. “So are we, Sweet Cheeks! Learn how to deal with it just like everybody else has on this block!” He retorted with a chortle following. His friends high-fived him.

Sweet Cheeks? Disgusting. 

Without further response, Monica flashed her middle finger at him, then slammed her window shut. That gesture was solely meant the smart alec who decided to talk back, but she hoped that his friends received the harsh message too.

To make matters worse, they resumed with the drilling, but at a more intentional and louder volume.

“Stupid construction workers. Stupid men. Stupid noise. Mi na’ know why mi put up with these tings, ‘uno?” Her Jamaican accent subconsciously seeped through her voice to reveal her heated emotion. While returning back to her recording set-up, her iPhone vibrated on the dresser where it sat, indicating that she had received a text message.


Tasha: sisssss! what are you doing tonight? 

Monica: uhhh, recording this video for Fenty? what’s up, boo? 

Tasha: still? you told me you was going to record that sh*t last week and you’re just getting to it?! 

Tasha: anyways, I got a date tonight. pick up your phone. i’m finna’ call you. 


Monica rolled her eyes at how abrupt her closest friend of fifteen years was. Natasha did not care to know what situation you might have been in. If she needed to talk, she was going to do just that. By any means necessary.

On cue, the mobile phone vibrated in Monica’s hands. 

“Spill. Which fine man ya’ done pick up now?” The YouTuber greeted once answering the call.

“First of all, can’t I get a hello? How are you doing? Forget it. It’s too late for formalities,” The friend joked. “But I met this dude named Mario while waiting in line at that Indian restaurant down the avenue. Girl, he asked me out on a date and said he would be bringing his friend, so please say that you will come with me tonight. Please?” Natasha’s request was stated in one breath. 

Monica did not know how to feel about the proposition presented. She had been single for months, but she also was not sure on how she felt about dating at the moment. After two humiliating experiences with relationships at the young age of twenty-four, she realized that it was time to prioritize herself by putting her career and happiness first.

Besides, this was a blind date. His friend could be ugly for all she knew. 

“No, he’s not ugly. I’ve seen a photo of him,” Natasha commented, reading her exact thoughts like a book. Did she say that out loud? “His name is Kaliq and he works in architecture or somethin’. Those men got money!”

Monica laughed. “Listen, I’m not a gold digger or nothin’, aight? However, I’ll tag along because you’re my homegirl and I don’t want you to feel lonely.” 

Her friend squealed in excitement. 

“Text me where we’re going and what time I should be ready… And his photo. You know that I don’t do blind dates.” 

“You know that I don’t do blind dates. Blah, blah, blah…”
Natasha mimicked, a bright smile evident in her voice. “Dress casual. I’ll send everything over to you in a few. Thank you, Kitten! Now, finish filming before it’s too late! Rihanna finna’ beat ‘cho ass if you don’t give her what she wants.” 

“I know, I know. Bye, girl. I’ll see you tonight.”
Monica closed out, ending the call immediately.

A sigh escaped her lips as she was hit with the reality of things. The construction workers were still drilling their way down to Hell and she was under more of a time constraint with the double date she agreed to.

“Who are you kidding, Mon? You’re definitely rain-checking this.”


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