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October 21st, 2020

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May 28, 2020


06/01/2020 06:46 PM 

DARK HALO | Hiring Process.

Hello there we are hiring yes! Please make sure to review this blog in it's whole and that you are following every step of it before sending in your application. Make aware that if you not picked to join the site that no harm feelings are meant to be caused Dark Halo just has a distinct look that I the owner like to maintain, and if i feel that your editing style doesn't fit with the site I have the right to deny. However that doesn't mean you're not a good editor and a different site won't want you instead please don't blacklash the site if this seems to be the case for you, we are not saying that you are bad at what you do by any means! 

We are looking for people who can code layouts and do graphics. If you can't do layouts and only graphics that is okay, as I know not everyone can code but if you do happen to make it here on the site and want to learn coding I will be more than thrilled to teach you if that is something you want to offer later on. Anyways, please take when sending in an application that you answer all the questions asked and that you filled it out well. Make sure that you have signed our main rules of the site and that you understand what is expected of you if you decide to work here. 

When you get approved to work on the site I accept you to update your content with whatever that it is you offer at least twice a month. For example if you offer layouts, I want you to updating your content with at least 2-3 layouts a month rather that be two columns or blogs whatever fits your fancy. Now if you offer more than just layouts or premades it is your choice to update whatever you want to update for that said month. If you fail to update your content I will give you a warning to when you should be updating, and fail to respond to the warning might result in you being cut from the site. I will remove editors for not updating like they should, because this is a site that should have content ready for people to use. I hate to have editors here that will not update their content or have anything to offer to the people. 

If this is something that sounds like you want to be apart of please send the site a message with the following form and attach your samples with your questions, as well. Thank you for your interest and I can't wait to see what you might bring to Dark Halo! 


Your Name you want to use for the site: 
Your Character's Name: 
How many years have you been roleplaying? 
Are you part of any groups right now? ( this won't affect you I just want to measure your activity ) 
Are you able to update once or twice a month with content of your choice? 
How old are you in real life: 
Why do you make edits or code layouts: 
How long have you been coding or making graphics: 
What's something that you might change about the way you edit or code: 
Why do you want to be apart of Dark Halo? 
Are you trusthworthy would you do anything to possibly harm the site? 
Are you involved with drama or been known to cause it? 
Have you worked with a site before? 
If you have, are you still with them or if you left why did you leave: 
What is somethign that you look forward about working at Dark Halo? 

( please skip this if you are not offering graphics ) 

What Program do you use to make your graphcis: ( photoshop is not required as long as you can edit ) 
How do you make your premades: ( extra, simple or both? ) 
Do Prefer extra or simple premades: 
What is your weakness as an editor: 
What are your strengths as an editor: 
Do you know how to make doorknockers and headliners: 
Describe your Editing Style: 
What makes you different from other editors? 
Do you know how to make coloring psds and actions: 
What kind of graphics are you hoping to offer: ( premades, banners etc.. ) 

Please send in 15 premades of your best simple and extra edited, must send both in, if you make banners send 4 samples 
of your best ones in, and if you make any other kind of resources feel free to send them in too, and please send in 6 samples of your types of doorknockers and headliners. Of course please send in anything else you might think of that would impress me. 

( please skip this if you are not offering layouts ) 

What kind of layouts do you know how to make: 
How long have you been coding for: 
How would you rate your style of coding: ( 1-10 rating ) 
What is something different that you do with your coding: 
Do you know how to make blog layouts? 
Do you know how to do writing snippets, if so will you offer them: 
Do you know how to make tumblr layouts: 
What's something that you don't like about coding:
Do you use any kind of special software to do your coding with: 

Please send in about 4-7 different type of layouts that you can do this can include, blog layouts, two columns, one columns, etc.. and please send in about 3 different types of writing snippets that you can.


TAKE NOTE: if you are going to offer both layouts and graphics you must fill out both sections of the

form. Please send this in a message and title it co-owner application and you will get a response back as

soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in Dark Halo Resources xo! -Dani 



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