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05/29/2020 04:21 PM 


Seeing a lot of misconceptions about what is happening. Wanted to say too much. Here it is.
  • Riots bring out different kinds of people. Protesters, protesters who are willing to loot/arson, and people who don't care about the protests but just want to loot/arson. Don't group everyone together.
  • Peaceful protests are happening ALL THE TIME. Where have they gotten us? These riots happen when there is nothing else that works.
  • "But 7 people were shot!" - yes, 7 people WERE shot ... by counter-protesters who literally went to the protests for an excuse to shoot.
  • PROPERTY DAMAGE IS N O T H I N G. Stop putting so much worth into businesses that make people rich - those same rich people don't care about you.
  • The police officer was only taken into custody TODAY. After protests and riots. And he is only charged with 3rd degree murder.
  • Said police officer has also murdered THREE OTHER TIMES.
  • There is a government drone above Minneanapolis right now, at 20k feet - once intended for Iraq. They are bringing in the military (including tanks) because cops cosplaying as the military isn't enough for them. It doesn't matter if you're white : a government with white supremacy systems has no problem killing you.
  • Trump says, "If you loot, we shoot." Again, why are we putting so much value in property that is replaceable, mass-produced, and inanimate?
  • 20% of Minneanapolis is black. And yet 60% of killings by police there are black people.
  • No, of course small businesses should not be burned. MOST people feel that way. MOST people understand that property damage is bad optics. BUT STAY ON TOPIC: POLICE TARGET BLACK PEOPLE. GEORGE FLOYD DIED DESPERATE.
  • There are literal agents of police who are sent to start damaging property, so that the retaliation can be "justified". And according to protesters, there are reporters who have given children spray paint and encouraged them to write things like "kill all pigs". A lot of what you are seeing is MANUFACTURED.
  • The police arrested a black reporter, on CNN.
  • The supreme court ruled that police DO NOT HAVE TO PROTECT YOU. They are not legally required to protect people. And yet you pay for them.
  • The 3rd Precinct was built with money that was once intended for public schools.
  • Wealth redistribution after the Target raid:
  • Community coming together to clean up in South Minneapolis. Of course the media won’t show you this part though.:
(To be "fair", here are things that those in power have handled well:
  • evacuted 3rd precinct instead of holding onto it
  • tanks are claimed to be for fire department escort
  • 3 police officers fired (though should be arrested)
There you go, there's your Centrist Second.)

The government is racist. Police are racist.

They are also fascist, and they do not care about you.




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