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05/29/2020 04:59 PM 

What’s In A Name?

Name: Emma
Meaning: Whole or Universal
Origin: German

"Mommy, how did you get your name?" A little Gracelynn asked her mother as Emma smiled and picked her daughter up placing her on her lap. As much as she loathed her mother for letting her father do the things that he did to her and her brother she still thanked her for the name that she had given her. She didn't feel like she really fit the bill for the name Emma but at the same time, she liked to think that it was because she was dealt a bad hand. Maybe if she had had a better life when she was younger she would've been a better person but she was definitely a better mother.

"Well, that's a good question sweetheart. You see, your grandmother gave me that name. It means wholesome or universal. Your grandmother liked to think that your mom was going to grow up a wholesome woman. She didn't have the best life growing up but she still turned out to be okay. At least I think so." Emma told her daughter with a smile as she bent down slowly and placed a soft kiss upon her daughter's forehead. She loved how her daughter always wanted to learn and she was a little curious why she had asked about her name.

"Mommy's just a little curious though, why do you want to know what my name means? Are you guys learning about names in kindergarten and their meanings?" Emma asked her daughter with a smile as Gracelynn smiled back and nodded her head. Emma loved how they were already learning the meanings of names especially since she never got to learn about that in kindergarten. It was usually just about naptime, playing on the playground, and getting snacks. Nowadays kids were learning a lot about stuff before they even got to kindergarten let alone grade school.

"What does my name mean mommy?" Gracelynn asked with a smile. "Well, your name means favor or blessing. I gave you that name because you were a blessing to me and your father. Both you and your brother were before he passed away. We didn't think we were going to get to have kids but then we got pregnant with you. You were our miracle and we liked to think of you as a blessing." Emma told her daughter with a smile as she felt her daughter wrap her arms around her neck and kiss her cheek. These were the moments that Emma loved.

"I really like our names mommy and the meaning of them. I'm so glad that I got to learn what they mean and I really think that you are wholesome like your name says." Gracelynn told her mother with a smile. Emma knew that her daughter was only five but she still seemed so smart for her age. "Well I love our names to sweetheart and I'm glad that you like them. I love you very much and I can't wait to see what else you learn in kindergarten." Emma told her daughter with a smile as she held her in her arms and hugged her one last time.


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