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05/29/2020 01:18 AM 

The Prince and the Hybrid

feat Fierce Heart and Imperfect.
The Prince and the Hybrid
Rembrandt/ 1593610
Back home again in Mystic Falls, Klaus couldn’t sleep. Caroline was sound asleep in their king sized bed. Klaus attributed part of this to jetlag. After all, he and his new wife just arrived back from Easter Island late last night. It was absolutely glorious to spend two weeks in Paradise with the most beautiful woman in the world. Caroline Mikaelson was her name now. He grinned as he thought of how she got this distinct gleam in her eye and even started to squeal when she heard the name. This amused him to no end.

As she lay sleeping, he had held her in his arms until she fell asleep. She’d been having headaches. Truth be told, he was also having them. It was odd since he was The Original Hybrid and she was still a vampire. This was something that he didn’t have and he shouldn’t either. He looked down at the bracelet he wore. It had been given to him before his nuptials more than two weeks ago. Caroline had one that was its equal. Ever since they started wearing these things, strange things were happening to them. Caroline had had a vision of him holding a baby but wearing clothes that were not his own. He had a vision of her in the finest silks from the Orient holding that same baby. It was their baby. He couldn’t understand it. He didn’t know why this was happening. He just knew that Madeleana knew damned well what was happening to them. He was going to have to have a word with her. This was starting to overwhelm both him and Caroline. Answers needed to come and soon.

Klaus turned his gaze to the view of the countryside of Mystic Falls that he and his wife had from the window of the master bedroom of their home. The landscape had changed from the ten centuries since he was first born. The Viking settlement was not too far from his present location. He looked toward the tree line. So much of this area had been drastically changed in all these years. He also knew that much of this had not changed in the slightest. He exhaled slowly. Curled fingers and a bent elbow rested against the door frame. Messy blonde curls fell into his clear azure hues. Klaus knew he wasn’t going to get any sleep any time soon. He turned from his gaze into Mystic Falls to his sleeping bride. He had promised her a 500 year honeymoon. He intended to keep that promise. They were going to have to have a sit down moment with Madeleana soon so they could make sense of this madness that seemed to have assaulted them. He leaned in and pressed a sweet kiss to her sleeping brow. Klaus needed something to help him sleep.

Making his way down the stairs, Klaus was only wearing a pair of pajama bottoms. His bare feet struck the soft carpeting padding silently down into the study where he kept his liquor. He found the brandy that he kept around for Elijah since it was his favorite. He uncorked the decanter and began pouring some into a snifter. He swirled around the liquid as he walked toward the chairs in the study. He sat in the one he’d claimed as his own with brandy in hand. A million thoughts raced through his mind. Many of them had to do with his new blended family with Hope and the Saltzman twins. So many witches under one roof started to gnaw at Klaus. He’d get through this. He was Klaus Mikaelson. He’d been through worse… but not by much.

Klaus brought the snifter to his lips. What actually worried him more were these resurfacing memories. He sipped the fragrant liquid. It was warm and soothing down his gullet. In these brief snippets it was almost like the world was new. Madeleana had appeared in one of these memories. She looked far younger than he remembered her even from when he was a child over 1000 years ago. Something just was so wrong about it, but yet so familiar. He finished off the brandy in the snifter. Glancing at the empty glass, he could feel his eyelids drooping. His head leaned back against the chair in which he was sitting. He didn’t realize his eyes had shut when they did.


The steady breeze wafted into the tent bringing with it the fragrant aroma of the latest dung piles left over by the camels on the other end of the family encampment. He jerked awake reaching out wildly to push himself up from the pile of pillows that he’d decided to nap on just so he could get away from all the nonsense that he’d had to endure for the past week. “Good, you’re awake.” Walking into his tent was an obviously female figure with her head covered in a traditional covering. He could see the hints of red hair showing from the outside. When she lowered her covering, he immediately knew who she was. He stood staring for just a moment. “Lamech, you’re drunk again aren’t you?”

He reached for his clothing patting it. He glanced down at the blue and gold fabric that covered his form. He was dressed as a prince should be. “Madeleana?” He asked with a curious lilt to his voice. He had no idea what was going on right now. His insanely blue eyes looked at the bottle laying empty beside him.

She laughed gently at him. “You really have completely lost consciousness this time, didn’t you Little Brother?” She handed him a bowl with water and a towel. “You might want to make yourself presentable. Father expects you to take a bride soon. Jehoash is bringing his daughter to present to you. This is the final chief for miles that has a daughter of marriageable age. You’ve rejected every tribe within a 100 mile radius.”

He took the towel and bowl. His hands dipped into the water with the towel. “They were all ignorant sows, Sister.” He muttered washing his face as he was instructed. They were all women that didn’t appeal to him. He hoped that Jehoash and his daughter were more acceptable.

“Oh I am certain that Jehoah’s daughter is no sow Lamech.” She started carried the other fabric in her hands to an area behind a silk screen. “You should dress appropriately for this meeting. Uncle Abel brought you some silk from the Orient. You should wear it. He’s going to be present when Jehoash arrives since Father is out in the desert.”

The young man stood to his feet staggering a bit going to the area behind the screen. “Do we know a name of this latest offering that will be brought before me?” He started to disrobe behind the screen.

A knowing smile covered Madeleana’s features. “Her name is Adah.” She began to clean the mess that he’d left behind. An extra gleam came from her eyes. “I have a feeling you’ll like her.” She actually practically giggled as she was folding the linens.

He was standing behind the screen bare as the day he was born. Something caught his eye. “Adah? Hm…” He pondered aloud. He saw a brilliant blue bracelet on his wrist. His head canted to the right studying it more carefully.


Klaus sat bolt upright in the chair in the study sending the snifter in his hand to the ground in a fit of shattering glass. His blonde curls were matted to his head. That dream was so vivid. He rubbed his temple. “What the devil…?” He muttered. A swatch of gold and blue cloth lay in his lap. He wrapped his elegant digits around the fabric. This was not here a moment ago. It was what he was wearing in his dream. He clutched it to his hand as he stood to his feet. Klaus practically ran up the stairs again to the master bedroom.

Caroline was still asleep thankfully. He breathed a sigh of relief from deep within his body. Klaus found his mobile device on the charger. Still clutching the linen swatch in his hand, he took a photo and sent it to Madeleana with a simple message.

Who are Lamech and Adah? Why don’t you stop by for tea and tell Caroline and I all about it.

He hit send on the message. He dropped into the chair behind him. Klaus was mentally and physically exhausted. He was still clutching that fabric in his hands as he drifted off to sleep in the chair in the master bedroom.
credit: james kriet


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