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A Character Study.

1. Describe your characters first love. I would say Arthur truly is and always has been Molly’s love. They were never the pair who hated one another. They never played the back and forth game. There was never any doubt in either of their minds. Arthur was the one she loved.

They started off as friends in their first year at Hogwarts, and their friendship only developed and grew into more over the years.

Their friendship began on the train to Hogwarts when the shoes Molly wore kept causing her to stumble over herself because they were too big – hence the ‘Mollywobbles’ nickname Arthur often calls her. (Her mother had insisted she buy a size too big because she was at the age where her feet were growing nonstop.) Arthur, being one of many older siblings, was able to ‘show off’ a bit of magic he’d learned for Molly and shrink her shoes to the right size, and not long after when her feet did indeed grow out of that pair of shoes, Molly had learned the Engorgement Charm and was able to return them to their original size.

For those into the angsty, hopeless romantic love story. . . Molly and Arthur would not be the pair for you. The couple had a friendship which turned into love. Their love was simple yet beautiful. I believe their bond will last beyond the grave.

2. What frightens your character? The death of anyone in her family. Molly has always feared losing those she loves, and her fears became reality when her brothers (Gideon and Fabian) gave their lives toward the end of the FWW.

Many wonder why Molly can be so hard on her children (and even easily fired up toward Arthur) and if you take note of her anger, you’ll understand why. She’s scared when they do something that makes her internal fears of losing them come alive.

Now.  . .she is a red-head, and her stubborn, hot-headed nature can arise at any moment, but one of the main reasons why this kind and loving woman can turn in an instant is when one of the members of her family are hurt or in danger.

3. How does your character communicate? Molly is very straight forward - she’s not one to kiss arse, so be prepared for her to be brutally honest with how she feels when she’s angry. (There were several canon moments when this happened: my personal favorite DH and her moment with Bellatrix or CoS and her moment with the boys when they stole the car.)

HOWEVER, that being said, Molly does have a passive aggressive side to her, and it normally comes out with those who are dating her children - save for Harry because he is one of her children - but with Fleur (very much with her) and even Hermione.

Molly is often known to be incredibly passive aggressive when she doesn’t like the ones her children choose to date, or when their spouses have done something to upset her (i.e. Molly did not take well to Fleur at first, but in order to please her son and not to push Bill away, she pretended - was ‘pleasant’ - with his fiancé. Even Hermione managed to hurt Molly when Rita Skeeters article came out about Hermione ‘distracting’ Harry during the Tri-Wizard Tournaments, and due to her devotion to both Ron and Ginny - because a mother always knows when her child has a crush - and her belief that it was Hermione’s fault Harry wasn’t fully (mentally) in the game, she was unpleasant with her.)

At the end of it all, I believe Molly truly is a communicator for the most part, but she has her negative qualities. . . however, she is a very kind, loving and encouraging woman who mothers everyone.

4. What was your characters childhood like? Growing up in the Prewett household was interesting to say the least. Mainly because Molly’s father was very much like Arthur – incredibly interested in Muggles, very easy going and laid back, and had a fascination and curiosity for any and everything really. Her father (Charles Prewett) could have a conversation with a wall, and it wouldn’t even be required to talk back to him.  Molly loved him.

She found her father to be the one who made life fun and exciting whilst her mother was a different story entirely.

Her mother (Persephone Prewett) was a harsh and cold woman. It wasn’t easy to speak to her about anything, and she was always very critical of Molly because she had expectations for her daughter that Molly never seemed to meet. Persephone adored her eldest two children, and often claimed in front of both Molly and her younger brother (Bilius) that if it were up to her she would’ve only had two children and never conceived the pair of them.

The more children you have, the more responsibility you bear to ensure they make something of themselves and don’t make you look like a fool!” her mother would always say. “My dear Gideon and Fabian are both my pride and joy, but you two- ” Her mother would look toward Molly and a very young Bilius (who Molly was basically forced to raise during her Winter and Summer holidays along with her father due to her mother’s disinterest and Molly being ten years older than him and apparently old enough to raise a child ) with narrowed eyes when she spoke. “-are mistakes I wish I never made.

Molly avoided her mother at all cost (which meant she avoided home as much as possible), and she did her best to keep Bilius out of Persephone’s way as well. Going to Hogwarts was the best thing that ever happened to Molly because she was away from her mother and her constant scrutiny toward her life choices.

During the holidays she dreamed of staying at school, but in order to protect her brother from their mother, she would return home  – seeing as she didn’t get to see him during the school year and make sure he was okay. 

Needless to say, being home was something Molly very much loathed. I truly believe this is why she chose to have a big family and make her home a humble abode - a safe haven - for when her children came home. She never wanted any of her children to feel the way she had felt. One should never, ever dread coming home.

5. What is your character’s favorite way to treat themselves? (Decided not to go with the sweets aspect and more so 'what activity') I would say a treat for Molly would be her morning cuppa before she begins her day. She’s not one to treat herself often with fancy things neither is she one to really sit for long periods of time because she’s constantly on the move. . . so I think for Molly her way of having something nice for herself is getting up early in the morning, sitting before the fire in the living room of the Burrow and enjoying her tea.

I also believe her other pleasure for herself is sitting down and knitting Christmas jumpers for her family. It’s something she enjoys doing. . . and it acts as a reward for herself when the chores are done.

6. How does your character handle stress? She cleans. . . and she cleans. . .and she cleans and she cooks and she cooks and she cooks some more. Molly is a very nervous doer. Notice how even canon in the books anytime there was something going on, Molly would always heighten her cleaning and cooking/baking when something was going down within the family or with Harry. She doesn’t do well sitting in silence and waiting. She’s always got to be moving, and that need to move only increases when stress is involved.

I definitely think this is a quirk of hers that could very much annoy her children, and I believe Arthur is so calm and collected that he’s learned her ways over the years and knows to leave her be when she’s manic but also knows how to calm her down when need be. (I am also not stating Molly is bi-polar. She is not. She’s just a very, very anxious woman)

7. Describe something about your character they are reluctant for others to know? Molly believes in a lot of ways she’s failed as an adult. There is a part of her that – though she loves her life – feels she should’ve done more for herself, so her children didn’t have to suffer living like they did. They never had enough money to afford each of them everything brand new, and though she’s very adamant about love being above ‘things’, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel guilty about not being able to afford new – or at least nice– things for her children. I think she regrets, in some ways, leaving her career as a Healer and opting to stay at home with her children instead.

Also. . .Molly is very self-conscious about herself. Though Arthur loves her dearly and has never made her feel anything more than loved, her self esteem is not the greatest, and she’s held onto a lot of hurtful words her mother said to her over the years that has been carried on with her into adulthood.

She hides behind her role and title as wife and mother and makes that her mission in life as to not dwell on how often she manages to feel down about herself. . . but there are times when the house is quiet and she takes even a breath for a break that the thoughts creep in. I would say that’s another reason why she cleans. . . it calms her mind and helps her to remain somewhat at ease.

8. Describe something your character is passionate about? There are not many ‘things’ Molly Weasley is passionate about, but one thing is for certain. . . Family, above all else, is the most important.

The passion and drive Molly holds for her family is beyond most can even begin to comprehend.

She’s spent a lot of her life sacrificing her own needs in order to take care of them – though, she wouldn’t have it any other way because family to her is the only thing in this life worth fighting and giving ones life for.

9. What does your character find comfort in? Family. I think for Molly being home with her family – when they are all there (or at least all of them who can be) . . . there is a sense of comfort in that for her.

Also. . .Arthur. Being with Arthur (in his arms / presence) is another place she finds comforting and safe.

Her husband and children are everything.


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