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05/22/2020 10:57 PM 

Prompt for Unforgiven 'I don't know how many times I can say sorry'

"I don't know how many times I can say sorry." Frank and Karen

Frank Castle and Karen Page where like two magnets that always seemed to recognize each other; being drawn to each other by their comparative darkness and their visible light.

Frank would never admit it, but he undoubtedly had a vibrant light inside of him that was slowly being swallowed whole by his alter ego; the Punisher. Karen had perceived his brilliant light firsthand, how gentle and caring he was with her, how much he had loved his wife and children and how broken their deaths had left him and even though it might not make sense to others; to Karen it naturally did...the Punisher was typically born from this fierce light. The Punisher was begotten in answer to the loss of his family and his life with them; convoluted to some, but Karen understood it.

That is why she would have gone anywhere with him, done anything to be with him. Karen would help allay his nightmare fueled fears, would clean his wounds, would go to hell and back for him. He knew it.

Even, if at first, all he kept coming back to her for was to get information or use her for bait to get to someone else...there was something else that drew him to *her* each time. There could be others he could have gone to for any of those things; yet he always has chosen her.

It was weird, yin and yang symbols usually meant that the woman was darker and more dangerous and the male was the light and more calming. Maybe, for them they were each both yin and yang to the other. Up until those symbols bled into one another and all encompassed them both.

So, when Frank told Karen to go; even though she was willing to give up her life for him, it hurt her to her core. How could she go on without the other half to her whole? She took it somewhat graciously; at first, but with time she got to think about him and dream about the life they could have had. True, it would have been filled with lots of feeling unsure of what the next moment would bring, lots of danger and craziness. Together, though, the light could have grown inside of that bubble. A rare breed of a tree that can only grow in the most hostile of ecosystems but grow it would do, nevertheless.

Time had passed, months even, and all too soon; there he was once more. Coming to her to offer protection from her own consequences from when, she went up against Fisk. Here he was, offering to help protect her because he didn't think Matt would be enough in this time of need. He might be accurate in that assessment; Fisk remained an intelligent animal that was rabid and once he undoubtedly got a profound sense of something that could endanger him and his private life; he would perform anything to apprehend that danger out of the equation.

Now, here was Frank, standing in her living room and offering to represent as a spare set of eyes. All it achieved was to rub her the wrong way and that was because she was upset over other things between them. People endured a hell of a time really pinpointing their exact feelings of anger or pain and addressing them properly. Karen was no exception.

"Why bother, Frank? You intentionally left. I willingly let you. Why do you feel the need to indeed remain here?" She bit out venomously to him and crossed her shapely arms before she headed off to the kitchen to brew coffee just to be doing something else than to be standing there just looking at him. Karen desperately wanted to grab his jacket lapels and yell at him to promptly get the hell out and do not come back. Eagerly tell him she didn't need him nor pine for him to be around.

Frank, gently running a deft hand over his determined face then before looking to the side for a moment before he spoke to her once more. "Look, you require some protection!" He stated angrily.

"Oh, so now it's all right to be here...As long as you can execute someone? I correctly see through you, Frank. You merely want an excuse to kill Fisk. This isn't about me at all. Just..." She intentionally turned from him, so he couldn't see the passionate tears in her brilliant eyes as she carefully poured distilled water into the coffee pot.

"Damnit, Karen...yes, I want to kill Fisk. Agreed, yes. That's not..."he stopped talking and set his bag down onto the ground by the coffee table. He sighed heavily and instantly ran his thumb over the side of his distinctive nose. "That's not why I am here," he said more in a low voice.

Karen scoffed and shook her head. "Bullsh*t, Frank. Bullsh*t!" She yelled back vehemently. "You are just here to use me once again, as per usual. For bait, for info, to get what you want," she slammed the sugar container onto the counter and it spilled out from the top as the lid bounced off of it. As it settled the granules began covering the counter and her hands in fine white powder.

Frank took a step toward her, his expression and the tension in his shoulders getting more intense. "No! Look, I can't...I came back to keep you safe," he ground out the last few familiar words.

"I can properly take care of myself, Frank! I can and have for a long time now, I don't seek your protection," she said gruffly as her cheeks began turning red and her pulse began getting faster the more angry she got with him. Almost yelling it out to him, "I am not yours to fiercely protect!"

Frank, about to explode at her about how Fisk represented an scared animal that wouldn't stop coming for her and how Matt was not the type to do the right thing and kill to keep Fisk and his minions at bay suddenly softened at her last words. His hands had been balled up in fists at his side, and his nostrils had flared a bit as he was about to ream her out about poking a vicious animal with a stick when it all deflated from him. "Karen," he stated her name very softly as he stepped forward to place a hand on her shoulder. Wanting to persuade her to turn and look at him.

Karen instantly felt his gentle hand on her shapely shoulder, and she spun on him, fierce pain and heartbreak brilliantly colored her notable features as the copious tears were now flowing down her cheeks. "What?" She spit out in understandable anger and pain.

Frank put both of his hands on her shoulders and jerked her toward him. Karen didn't go willingly at first; she was obstinate, and it showed in everything she routinely undertook. As a result, she resisted him, but Frank was adamant about gathering her closer to him. Once he influenced her to the point that he could wrap his arms around her in a hug; he hauled her into one. "I'm sorry, okay. I was afraid of you getting hurt because of me. I don't know how many times I can say that, I am sorry," he properly said close to her eager ear. It was soft enough for only her to overhear him speak which made Karen's anger gradually dissipate as her entire body slumped against him. Both of her shapely arms wrapped around him possessively and grasped him against her so that she could feel the steady beating of his heart in his chest beating in response to the more elevated beating of her own.



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