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Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge
1x1 with Selfless
lunatic fringe /1586603
It was a rather diabolical plan really. Once he had arrived through the Malivore Pit, Kai Parker was introduced to a being of great power. That being called himself The Necromancer with an elongated emphasis on the first word. Kai found him overly ridiculous but one thing was certain. This sick freak oozed power. Even though he was a vampire, Kai still had his siphoning magic. He could tell how much he actually radiated this magic. It almost made him drunk being this close to him. Still a bargain had to be struck. Kai was coldly efficient and ruthless to a fault. There was no way he was going to same mistake again.

He knew a spell that was of higher level Necromancy. Kai couldn’t do it on his own. He needed help. It called for the creation of a magical duplicate. “Childs play M'BOY!” The Necromancer made a flippant gesture with the waving of a hand. “If this is your only stipulation to allying with me, consider it done! CHAD!” The bellowing voice for his proselyte was met with his immediate appearance. “Prepare to be amazed Mr. Parker. You will be amazed and astounded!”

“I’ll be astounded if you pull this off, because I kinda need to know this duplicate is feasible before I even get close to the Salvatore Boarding School.” Kai shivered as he remembered when Damon had taken his head from his shoulders. It was a lot like when Duncan MacCleod took somebody’s head off in that old TV show, but a lot less sexy. It didn’t really hurt because it had happened so quick but it really pissed him off when he got sucked into Hell. Just wasn’t FAIR man! He had so much more to do! Now here he was ready to go up to the school and face a TRIBRID. He had to have his ace in the hole.

Kai didn’t even flinch when Chad took the tissue from him to do the spell. Basically this duplicate was born to die. He had to have insurance in case anything went South. Last two times he didn’t. The first time he wound up dead. The second time he was sent to the prison world. Third time was going to be different. Kai was going to rewrite this narrative.

He stood in amazement as this magical duplicate was born right before his eyes. He tried not to let his jaw hang open too wide as he was absolutely astounded just as Sparky had insisted. “I’ll be damned!” Kai whispered as he watched himself go from a child to an adult in a matter of minutes. This was actually going to work!


Here he was. The Tribrid and her little friends were like the Scooby Gang on steroids. His own nieces were nifty little witches with his own siphoning power. Your granddad would have just loooved you girls Kai’s cynicism and rapier wit was always getting him into trouble. It was about to do so again. Where in the BLUE HELL was The Necromancer? Hope had left him alone. He knew what this meant. Since Bonnie wasn’t around, that meant another prison world wasn’t happening. He wasn’t about to head back to Hell any time soon.

It happened in a flash before Kai even knew it. His duplicate was tied up in the barn and he was free. The Necromancer was as good as his word. When Alaric separated the head of Kai’s double from his body, it was like that old 90s show again. Only this time, Kai had not been sucked into Hell. He was free.

Freedom meant he was free from anyone knowing he was alive. It was time to lay low. Sure he could have walked away from his revenge on Alaric, Josie and even Hope Mikaelson. What was the fun in that?

Alaric and all the munchkins at the school would never suspect that the headless corpse they buried on the grounds really wasn’t Kai. He’d let them feel safe for a while. They will let their guard down. He knew them far too well.

His niece Josie was obviously the one who would defeat her sister should they have the merge now. He saw how conniving and sneaky that Josie was and it made him beam with pride. If he could just get her away from Alaric then maybe…just maybe he could get the ultimate revenge. It wouldn’t just be against Alaric, but Jo and all the still dead Gemini Coven members who said that he was an abomination. He was going to win. He would be the last one standing and Josie would be right by his side.

He was staying in a hotel just outside Mystic Falls. Having the power of compulsion worked brilliantly for a sociopath like Kai Parker. He compelled himself a rather quiet and out of the way room. No one would hear the screams coming from his room. No one knew how he’d powered up with an occasional hotel staff member that would go missing. People that had no one that would miss if they vanished soon became his meal of choice. Complete vampiric mask in place and a smear of crimson on his lips, Kai Parker dropped the exsanguinated corpse. It had been a maid coming in to give him fresh towels. He dropped her body to the ground. “Sorry sweetheart, but it’s time to go. It’s time for a family reunion.” He didn’t even bother to dab any of the blood from his lips. His fangs bared still, Kai's predatory grin filled his features. The Salvatore Boarding School was waiting.

Who names their kid Malachai? It’s like they expected me to be evil.
credit: james kriet


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