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To digest, is something it can rest to matter by a decipher the orientations of it's own and surrounding material. I don't do functional matters, those acts are followed by rules and choices.

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05/22/2020 02:34 PM 

it is well with time

I think not!
Replied to myself, however, it's right to repeat what to say at the given time, and more desirable than the life of a shoemaker or to those making pots its to act as servants of invention and attendants in all duties to war.
And what about the agriculturists? 
If they take my advice, why not remark what they already got if life has assigned to them without my abide. 
The carriage seemed pretty far slower this roads going up the mountains of Gallendrell before the summer engaged in the view for how it drew to near the castle at a first far distance appearing at first sight, by the curvature of the path could predict It was now the time to start getting the picture on this precise spot, presumably, paused to hand up the binoculars. I see, and architecture the middle ages of craftsmen have manufactured the stone into the brick of more power that they showed, the less necessary to fight against other kingdoms. Impressive! Magnificent! 

(At this point Rene Descartes has no idea where he is getting himself into, he is in his own mind on the quest of pursuing the belief a Kingdom or Empire will invest in some of his many theories and facts as far industrial machinery concepts instituting a function)


Twirling the pit of my mustache, pointed up to see it was built from stone, a very tight compression, it holds a great deal in height and weight, it needs very little maintenance and lasts a long time, its however cold, damp and dark, pleasant too. I see many towers are added to improve the castle a residence, it must be a great family. For some reason why would they be so far away from the cities and towns on their own? If there was anything wanting in time, guess to ever feel welcome be part of their legendary pages in their history, but for whom in all the lands one like me has the surprising privilege to have more renown tributes to their realm. 

It is true.

Do you wonder, from which idea from all shall I start? The rocks bellow thin and sandy as the wheels of invention continued marching by the pull of the horses. Why not, I can be modern. Then beg to arrive soon and confirm the words of mine have been rehearsal enough during all these travels in this long journey, save me to be presented at the right time. I will confirm the curves go up and down through this many hills and valleys before reaching. 

At least the day of departure came and I'm going in the way, I can't wait to display my parchments and tools, shall not go as a spectator but consume the admiration of the highness to their regards, pay fine attention to their needs at first hands. Crossed my leg with an open angle placing my hand and binocular to rest, and not violating the natural relation which ought to govern among the mutual members and their sexes. If I'm leaving the potpourri of Paris is to find tranquility and peace of mind to keep noting the experiments onto these pages, this book will chase me like a dog till its complete. 

Yes, if you say so rightly, indeed.

It is well with time, time will give us a conclusion. 

(It's read that genious talk to themselves, I don't know since they do it when they are alone) 


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