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05/22/2020 04:42 PM 

Erin to tony

y Erin smiles softly as Tony lends her a helping hand with Hannah whom still has her smart mouth even after everything she just suffered.."Thanks Tony for helping me." She laughs at Mrs. Miya a day ago 0 Erin(T&L) Tony Erin(T&L) Tony Miyagi. "She's not to subtle is she? she smiles at him.."Yes I see Hannah will be just fine Tony if she listens but, I think we will have our hands full with Hannah.."As Tony maneuver a day ago 0 Erin(T&L) Tony Erin(T&L) Tony his hand for Erin to walk a bit ahead of him she smiles and nods her head.."Yes I did thank you .. How long you been here. I don't remember you from when I trained under the Miyagi's.. " about 24 hours ago 0 Erin(T&L) Tony Erin(T&L) Tony As they walk through the beautiful garden outside that The Miyagi's started years ago..


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