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05/22/2020 02:45 PM 


Date: 17 minutes ago
Subject: */drabble
I'm not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts. Some superhero, some fairy-tale bliss. Just something I can turn to. Somebody I can kiss.
A stream of light peered through a crack in the drapes which created a glowing patch of skin across Gia's back while she slept in the unbelievably comfortable bed. Her current residence, an expensive suite in a top of the line hotel chain. The view beyond the veil would draw acrophobics out onto the lush terrace to drink it all in.

Hydrangeas and peonies everywhere at the special request from the slumbering brunette. They were her favorite flowers, and until now, she had only ever held cheap rayon versions of these beauties. They didn't sell flowers like these where she came from.

Lila, Angelica, and Dirty Diana wouldn't believe their girl was in a place like this. Not without waking up to cash on the night stand, enough for the night and cab fare. She'd have to remember to call them sometime and let them know about her "Pretty Woman glow up."

Another reminder would be to let her boss know that she Quit with a capital Q. Taron didn't like her line of work, and though she'd been offended at first, she saw it from his point of view now. He had been the first man she'd been around who talked to her fully clothed, and treated her like a human, rather than some piece of ass to lust over.

A feline like stretch moved her body until she finally rolled onto her back and opened her eyes to the mid morning light. This place was the Garden of Eden compared to the den of iniquity that she'd spent the last year or so working in. A long slow breath as her body came to life in the light. She had no plans, but she'd have to see what Taron had in mind.



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