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05/06/2020 11:27 PM 

The Devils Arm
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Sitting in front of a fireplace in his favorite leather chair, the Demon had his right ankle resting on his left knee while taking a sip of whiskey. Crimson hues glowed slightly in the dim light that came from the fire that was burning softly and left a relaxing mood that filled the entire room, the half of his face covered in the shadows leaving a rather strange impression on the Demon as he spoke in a gentle tone.

“I know, I know. I’ve promised many of you a story that would be rather interesting. And since I kept teasing about it whenever someone asked about it, I figured it would be a rather interesting one to tell in this rather strange period of time, involving that virus that so many mortals seem to go so crazy about. So here’s that story that I’ve teased for so long already, involving this lovely and very strange looking arm of mine.” 

With a smile, the Demon raised his right arm and removed the black and red leather bracelet from his wrist. Revealing the true form of Payne’s arm, which looked very different from the rest of his body. A red, dragon scale like casing covered what seemed to be a slightly translucent dark gray skin. Spreading his fingers, showing off the talons that covered his fingertips as he folded every finger back to his palm and form it into a fist. 

“You might say that this, would be the biggest scar on my entire body. Because it’s not actually mine. For this we’ll have to go back quite a few years. About 400 or so, so way before the most of you were born. This happened back in Hell, and of course. I’ll tell you all about it.”

While the Demon spoke, the gray started to glow in a soft blue tone, and with a simple wave. Everything seemed to have been blinded into a flash of white until fire covered the scene. As if watching a scene from a movie, a camera seemed to slowly descend downwards, slowly spiralling around its axis. A large arena was revealed in strange red, yellow and brown tinted colors, which only amplified the nature of the area being dead, barren, and very hot in temperature. 

“Welcome to my home, or at least. The place that I’ve gotten to call home for a very, very long time. This is where all the magic happens in Hell. We’re in the very center of it all, from here on out, the 9 Circles are expanded into their own lands, and no. They’re not actual circles before anyone decides to ask that question. And no, I don’t know why they’re called the 9 Circles of Hell either, it’s just some stupid name that some Catholic came up with."

"Anyway... This place is known as the centerpoint. The exact origin of where Hell had started, the landing point of the Morningstar. Give or take 50 feet. But allow me to switch all of this lovely commentary off, and move to the actual story, shall we? You’ve got the image, now you’ll also see the people. And most of all, you’ll see me! As for my age? Say for human years.. I’d be around 15 at this point. But sit back, relax. And enjoy this lovely little flashback of mine.”
The Devil’s Arm
attn: None this time | mention: Abaddon.
“That will teach my little nephew not to be so cocky next time. It'll work as a reminder of the day that he had lost more than that he had won.”
The sound of metal clanging against each other was loudly heard, followed by a grunt and a scream of pain afterwards. A monster fell down to its knees, holding onto its chest and seemingly growling for mercy. It had been defeated and it knew, but Payne was relentless. 

“They won’t show mercy in the upper world either, kill or be killed. See you in another life.” 

And with a wicked grin, Payne raised his broadsword and decapitated the other Demon as if he was slicing through butter. The head of the decapitated soldier of Hell rolled towards Payne’s feet, and with a soft grunt of disapproval, he kicked the head across the arena.

“Bring it to the Dollmaker! Make sure it will remember its lesson too!”

Twisting to turn his back towards the fallen sparring partner, Payne looked around, rolling his head and popping his neck in the meantime to loosen up some more. Releasing the tension that had been building up during this particular fight.

As the body of the fallen soldier got dragged away along with its head, other Demons either cowered in fear or rattled the cages of the arena that they had been sitting in. Cheering, booing and making all kinds of noise that could only heard as a mix of happiness and anger.

Another body for the Dollmaker to repair, another tortured soul inhabiting the body of a Demon, and once more proof that Payne was The Ultimate Weapon. Undefeated, untouched and hated by many of his own kind. The Blood Son of Lucifer and Lilith. Born in a different way than the others were. A Demon with Celestial Blood. The Blood of the Fallen Angel that created Hell. A creature so different from any other that Payne had become the outcast of Hell. Even his own father wouldn’t look at him, and thanks to Liliths influences, Payne had come to believe that Lucifer had distanced himself from his own flesh and blood.

He was “The Boy” for so many years, so many centuries that it had left a bitter taste on The Demon’s tongue. Not having learned how to speak for just as long, The Boy only ever fought if he wasn’t being tortured or taught how to inflict pain and suffering in different ways. His rage and hatred creating unlimited strength and power of will from a very young age. From the age of a toddler to his early teens, The Boy never spoke a word. Up until that very day that he finally did. His first word became his name. The Boy had died and Payne was born.

Lilith had influenced The Boy for a very long time. Molded him in ways that would grow to be difficult in his later life. Creating doubts and questions that The Boy would live with forever. If she hated the name that his father had given him, then why didn't she change it? Was he truly just a monster and nothing more? 

Though while these questions were always there, they wouldn't surface until Payne had become more humanized in the near future. As of now, The Self Named Demon was a warrior, and a damn good one at that. 

Back in the arena, Payne looked around for his new opponent. Another one to add to the pile of bodies that The Dollmaker could fix up thanks to the slaughter that Payne was so very known for. 

A dramatic record scratch was heard out of nowhere. And the scene seemed to be standing still as if paused. 
"Hey there, sorry for this break of immersion. I know, it's good isn't it? I'm proud too. Anyway, hi, Payne from the Present here! You've seen me mention someone called The Dollmaker quite often already. To make things a bit easier, see him as the mortician of Hell. Preparing and fixing bodies to be re-inhabited again. Sounds weird right? I know. But that's pretty much what happens here in Hell. The Lesser Demons aren't immortal like the ones from the Upper Class." 


"Oh! Right…… Yeah, there is a huge hierarchy here in Hell, I'll get back to that at some point if you're interested. Anyway! The Lesser Demons can be killed quite easily, as you've just so lovingly witnessed. The Dollmaker puts the severed bodies back together or creates new ones using several bodies if they're beyond repair, bringing the Lesser Demons back to life, may it be in a different form. Either with the same 'host' or a different one if the soul isn't strong enough to survive. If you've ever heard of a Forge Master (Castlevania shoutout), then imagine that. Because it is very similar. It's a rather strange way for The Lesser to reincarnate back to life. Anyway, sorry for the interruption. Back to the show!"

And as if someone pressed play on a remote. The scenery started to move once again. 

Payne's right index finger traveled through the many cages that housed between the foundations of the arena. Arms extending from many a Demon who wanted a piece of the Blood Son, which formed a devious smirk on his lips in response. He knew that many wanted him dead, or at least try. But standing at over a million victories, and none lost whatsoever. It was easy to understand that Payne had grown quite a bit cocky, thinking that he couldn’t be defeated.

As the Demon’s eyes wandered around, looking for his next victim, they rested finally on a creature that Payne had not seen before. It looked different, almost elemental. Meaning it would be higher in class than the Lessers that Payne had been fighting constantly. Without a word, Payne pointed towards the Demon and then turned his palm inward, using his index and middle finger to coax his new opponent to enter, a sh*t eating grin painted on Payne’s facial features as he did so.

It took a good 15 minutes of Payne taunting the Demon before it finally decided to join in on the match. A flash of lightning appeared, and there he stood. Right in front of Payne, faces almost touching each other.

Payne’s eyes widened as he took a step back. This wasn’t something that was possible, not to Payne’s knowledge at the least. He knew that he could teleport. And that many Demon from the upper class had other abilities. But lightning like this? That was entirely new. Gripping his sword tightly in his hand, Payne teleported away from the Demon. A soft chuckle echoed through the arena, taunting the Lightning Demon to attack. And it did with a swift swing of its right arm. Lightning hitting Payne’s sword, shocking him as he fell down to the ground. His body tensed up entirely due to the high voltage that coursed through his body. While the Prince had known of pain before. And experienced it in plenty of ways. This was new, and fear quickly kicked in. Clutching at his chest, Payne slowly got back up, and took his sword back in his hand once again. Only to be met by the Lightning Demon firing off another strike. Hitting Payne’s sword once more, shocking him once again. But this time the Demon rushed towards Payne as he was stunned by electricity. Smashing into Payne with full force, sending him flying into the wall surrounding the Arena.

The crowd went wild, cheering the Lightning Demon on as it seemed to loosen up some more. Payne groaned in agony. His entire body hurt in a way that he had never experienced. He was drained from all of his energy, and his body felt sore. Still buried inside the wall, Payne slowly crawled out of the debris. Leaving his sword on the ground now. Figuring out that touching it would make him a bigger target. The electricity that this Demon fired seemed to be connecting to the metal that Payne’s sword was made out of. Quickly Payne got rid of the hidden blades that were stuck in his boots, as well as anything else that was made out of metal. Ever the quick learner, Payne kept his eyes close to the Lightning Demon. He was fast, probably as fast as Payne’s ability to teleport. Which was instantaneous. Creating distance wasn’t going to work. Neither were his weapons. So Payne had to rely on his raw strength on this one. Showing that he was still standing, and not going to lose this battle. Payne wiped his lips with the back of his hand, looking at the blood that had formed. A quick spit to the ground, getting rid of the excess blood in his mouth, Payne teleported. Appearing right in front of the Lightning Demon, landing an uppercut against the Demon’s chin. Quickly followed with a knee in the Demon’s stomach, and an elbow against the Demon’s chest. Three hits that sent the Demon back and Payne forward. His eyes glowed red as Payne’s face started to turn back into a devious smirk. He was enjoying it, finally a challenge but one that he had to be cautious of. 

The Lightning Demon recovered rather fast from Payne’s blows, and teleported in his own way. A flash of lightning appeared and with it, Payne followed, teleporting by himself. The arena was quickly filled with flashes of lightning, as Payne and his opponent chased after one another across the entire field. Hits were given and taken, a punch to the face, a kick to the stomach. Each Demon was fighting with their raw strength and talent before they both landed back onto the sand. Dust quickly started to settle and the crowd cheered the both of them on. Payne was panting slightly, looking towards his enemy while it looked right back at Payne. A soft huff escaped Payne’s lips. Wiping more blood off of his face while he inspected the amount of damage that he had done to the Lightning Demon himself, smiling in approval once he noticed the blood dripping from his opponent.

Drops of black landed on the sandy ground as both Payne and the Lightning Demon kept giving each other blow after blow. And the moment that one seemed to get the upper hand, the tide changed quickly into the favor of the other. This wasn't a fight that Payne would be winning easily. Finally one that met his match, and the Prince loved every moment in the arena. Laughing as he got punched in the face once again. He knew that he would win eventually. He always did and this time wouldn't be any different from the rest. Spitting blood from his mouth, Payne smirked towards his opponent and then disappeared. Teleporting once again, and reappearing behind his opponent. Payne grabbed the Lightning Demon by his neck and folded his right arm around it. Holding the Demon in a choke hold while forcing him to get to the ground. The Lightning Demon growled, some words escaped the Demons lips but they were in a dialect that Payne did not understand. Infernal was the native tongue. Every Demon knew it, if they knew how to speak, that is. But this wasn't like any of the dialects that Payne has heard of before.

"Get down and yield. We can use a soldier like you!"

Payne muttered. And those words turned into regret very quickly after. 

The Lightning Demon broke free, and grabbed Payne by the throat. Stunning the Prince with electricity and making it impossible for him to teleport. The Demon smirked deviously and threw Payne off of him, before disappearing with a flash of lightning and following suit. Quickly catching Payne again like he was plucking a ball from mid-air. 

Payne tried to respond with a punch to the Demon, but it caught Payne's fist and let electricity run through his body. Payne screamed in agony and the Lightning Demon smiled more. He finally had the upper hand and he knew it. With a show of raw strength. The Lightning Demon grabbed Payne's wrist firmly and ripped his right arm clean off of Payne's body. Another scream, as Payne's right arm dropped to the ground. Payne raged quickly as the Lightning Demon dropped Payne onto the ground as well. His left arm covering what was left of his right arm. He could still feel his elbow, or what was left of it. And Payne winced. He could feel his blood leaving his body quickly. As the Lightning Demon raised both his arms in victory, and claiming Payne's severed arm as a trophy, before burning the dead arm into ashes using his electricity and tossing the ash into Payne's face. Red eyes glowed brightly as Payne watched his opponent humiliating him. A soft growl and slowly he stood up, disappearing and reappearing on the other side of the arena. The place where his sword laid in the sand, covered by sand and debris from the ongoing fight. Left hand wrapped tightly around the hilt and Payne watched the Lightning Demon cheer in victory. The Prince disappeared, and quickly after. His blade had impaled his opponent from behind, straight through the Lightning Demon's neck. Decapitating the one that had just humiliated him. As the Lightning Demon dropped dead on the ground. His head rolling off of its torso afterwards. Payne dropped onto his knees and fainted. Bleeding out quickly. 

Demons quickly entered the arena. Surrounding the two as they looked it the Prince was still alive. He needed to be repaired. He needed to see the Dollmaker. The Prince has fallen! 


A female voice rose high from the crowd, and a pair of wings popped out. The Angel of Death had been watching her nephew all along in the crowd of the arena, mocking his abilities and shaking her head in sheer disappointment. He may have won. But she did not approve of it at all. 

"To the Dollmaker? Are you serious? So our little Prince can have a nice arm back? No"

"Bring him to the Maker, but take that one with as well. Use its arm. And that is an order! That will teach my little nephew not to be so cocky next time. It'll work as a reminder of the day that he had lost more than that he had won."

The words of Abaddon weren't ones that were going to be denied. So a pair of Demons grabbed Payne and carried his unconscious body towards the Dollmaker, along with Payne's dead opponent. 

The Dollmaker wasn't happy with Abaddon's order. But he obeyed nonetheless. Repairing Payne's arm, using the arm of the Lightning Demon. But also fixing up Payne's left eye to the best of his capabilities. It seemed to have been cut open to a point that it would still leave a scar across his face. But the Prince would survive, and have 2 arms once more to be able to fight. 

A flash of white light appeared and the scenery slowly faded, as Payne came back into sight with a smile on his face. Showing off his right arm once more, leaning back into the leather chair and looking at his right hand. 
"Told you that it would have been interesting. And my aunt was right, honestly. It taught me that despite how strong I am. There will always be someone who is stronger than I will ever be. My arm is a reminder of that. And it adds a little bit of bad-assery to my body as well. I suppose. People dig the scar across my eye a lot, that one's for sure. But this.. Well I've been told to hide it using this glamor charm. Simply to be able to blend in a little bit more with the people. I don't mind it. But my arm will always remain my arm. It got some getting used to at the very beginning. Of course. Because let's face it, it's kind of like a prosthetic. One made out of flesh and bones, but still. It's a bit of a prosthetic nonetheless."

With a grin, Payne folded his hand outward, spreading his digits and extending his palm outward. Before slowly pulling his arm back and resting it on the side of his chair. Looking at the people who were willing to listen, smiling his charming smile before nodding ever so slightly. 

"So there you all have it. A short story, involving a piece of my body."

He chuckled slighty, a playful wink given afterwards. 

"I hope things are a bit easier to understand now. Or at least opens your eyes a little bit about me. Being Lucifer's son hasn't always been fun and games. And I didn't always have such a nice life as what I have now. Things haven't always been easy, and to be honest this is actually a pretty light hearted story as well. So who knows. Maybe I'll show you all some of the darker moments of my past. But of course that'll be for another time, and not for the faint of heart. As for now, I wish you all a good night." 

And with his good night. Payne disappeared out of nowhere. A soft chuckle heard as an echo while the room now seemed empty. The fire slowly dying out in the fireplace. Only a few smoldering lights left behind. 


credit: james kriet




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Let me start off my saying this was a great read. I appreciate the style that you wrote it in. I've always been a fan of that from you. This whole thing was well put together, the imagery was on point and that fight scene! Felt like I was there.

Anticipating the moment we can begin writing together.

Posted on Dec 1st 2020 - 1:28 PM



This was fucking phenomenal. I love the style alone, the presentation of it, and the writing reads very well. As for the content? I could see the arena, smell the blood. I like that idea of him being one hell of a warrior but getting just a little upstaged and almost defeated completely by the lightning demon. That prosthetic arm bit? That's cool as fuck.

Favorite line: "Up until that very day that he finally did. His first word became his name. The Boy had died and Payne was born."


Posted on Oct 20th 2020 - 9:18 PM



Okay wow. I just... can't even get into words --- just wow.
I can't believe your arm isn't your arm like I would have never guessed if you never told me? But hearing this makes a lot of sense and now I also know what happened with your scar.

// every single word, I hung onto. It was drawn in with suspense. the fighting scene, you explained it perfectly, visually I could see every detail that you wrote. from the Arena to the doll maker and the damn lightning demon.

I felt your characters agony and your pain when the arm was ripped from his body. The blood,  all of it. I am very impressed with your writing and I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve... oh poor choice of words xD

Posted on Sep 8th 2020 - 9:33 PM



This makes me yearn to bring back my beloved biblical character. 
Wonderfully written. ~

Posted on May 25th 2020 - 1:50 PM

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