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05/01/2020 09:41 PM 

The Secret Circle

Basic Information:


Timeline: Senior Year
Character Changes: Faye is happily married, Diana is with an OC.
Recent Story Developments: Diana Meade was recently kidnapped, and her boyfriend is trying to save her. The circle is on a trip to California, where they're going to get caught in a demon battle.
Overall Connection

Faye Chamberlain is with a non member, but an original character, so obviously there is that cross over. Diana Meade is exes with Niklaus Mikaelson's oldest, before he was murdered, so they are connected to The Originals area, and Diana's original character Jayden, is friends with Teen Wolf original character Layla Whittmore, as well as Allison Argent. He is also the brother of Archie Andrews, as well as being Ally Andrews brother, so this links him with not only Riverdale but The Silence, though the link to Ally is a bit more complicated. And of course, Diana and Jayden have found themselves trapped within Hell on Earth, so there is that connection, and finally... Jayden Andrews is a member of Peter Hale's pack, so yet anotehr link, wrapped right around, to Teen Wolf.


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