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04/12/2020 07:22 PM 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Basic Information:


Timeline: Start of Series
Character Changes: Sabrina is not Lucifer's daughter.
Recent Story Developments: Lucifer's daughter has learned about Sabrina having her magic. Ambrose is trying to help save Sabrina from Nicolas while Nicolas is trying to win over Sabrina.
Overall Connection

Obviously primary place for this verse is Greendale, New York. Crossovers do include Riverdale, Legacy, and Teen Wolf characters. Characters that Sabrina has met through group trips. One being Blair Witch Camp, where Ambrose was introduced to his boyfriend, Kevin Keller. Also with the Lucifer angle, there are connections to Supernatural, Salem, and a multitude of others. Including a secondary link to Teen Wolf via the original character Jasmine, who is part of that verse, but the true daughter of Lucifer.


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