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November 28th, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 115
Country: United Kingdom

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February 12, 2020


04/03/2020 10:26 PM 

Drabble List

Character Drabbles:
*These are in order of events in Percy's life, not as written*
August 1984: Ministry of Magic 
July 1987: Scabbers
1 September 1987: Sorting Ceremony
29 May 1993: Message in blood
Late 1993: Manipulation
25 August 1994: Dark Mark 
30 October 1994: Next right thing
25 May / 27 May 1995: Death of Crouch Sn
June 1995: Trial and End
20 August 1995: Fudge's Offer
20 August 1995: Leaving the Burrow
21 August 1995: Lost
21 August 1995: Friendly Advice
22 August 1995: 19th Birthday
December 1995: The Greater Good
25 December 1996 Collateral damage
31 July 1997, 1996 Before the fall
1 August 1997, 1996 Leading up 
1 August 1997, 1996 The Coup
2 May 1998: Battle of Hogwarts [pt 1]
23 May 1999: Slipping
23 May 1999: Boggart
23 May 1999: Shell Cottage
24 May 1999: The Daily Prophet
October 1999: Rock bottom
07 February 2006: Molly Weasley II

*These are in the order in which they were written [** can also be found above]
**Why Can't you Listen... [Percy/Ginny]
**Just because you care...[Percy/Zoshia]
I let you down [Percy/Ginny]
**Please, just let me go [Percy/Giles]
Home [Percy/Molly]
Fire [Percy/Zosh]
Talk to me [Percy/Rose]
Stop pretending [Percy/George]
You said you'd be there [Percy/Rose]
We're not the same [Percy/Ginny]
Atonement [Percy/Lavender]
**In the Sky [Percy/Ginny]
Whose side are you on [Percy/George]
**I can't do this anymore [Percy/Zoshia]
**Our little Secret [Percy/Crouch Jr]
**You're not okay [Percy/Molly]
**Collateral damage [Percy/Scrim]
I love you [Percy/Penelope/Zoshia]
Guilt and Grief [Percy/Molly]
You've hurt me enough [Percy/Penelope]
Mirror of Erised [Megalomanic]
I'd prefer you go [Percy/Zoshia]

Character Study:
 Percy Q&A
What If
Relationship Study
Ask and Tell
Small Character HC's
Hatstall Musings
Muse Q&A


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