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Lady or the Tiger 03

The Lady or the Tiger
Damon cringed when Bonnie yelled at him. She was likely right. The annoying little turd burglar and his smug attitude was the reason why Damon had snapped his neck in the first place. “Well we have a little bit before wakes up right?” His magnetic hues started to twinkle with the ideas that were percolating in his wicked mind. He had the perfect solution. He flashed his grin to Bonnie. “This is a prison world right?”

Damon picked up the limp body of Kai Parker and tossed it over his shoulder. He started down to the lower levels of the boarding house. “The good thing about this whole mess is that this is my house. I know where things are because this place's been Salvatore property since 1912. My half brother’s spawn kept this place going right up til the 2000s. You remember Zack doncha? Well the basement has been there for a while. We just drop Kai in one and call it a day. Simple as that BonBon. I’ll be right back. Let me tuck the little twerp somewhere safe and we can plan on getting the hell out of here.” He didn’t wait for Bonnie to tell him anything else. Damon was just going to do it anyway.

Damon kept descending lower into the cellar of the boarding house. It was just as he remembered it from the 1990s. He knew they were stuck in 1994. There was just something about all of it that made a chill race down his spine or more likely it was guilt for what he’d done. There was no need to tell Bonnie what he’d done all those years ago. They had more pressing issues on their minds at this moment. It didn’t help that he passed a picture of Zach and his girlfriend. Damon tried to show little emotion about it, but he failed. Stuck in this prison world had an odd effect on him. What Stefan would say was that Damon was having an attack of conscious.

The stairs were off by themselves. Damon reached for the door with one hand. Pushing it open, he felt all the smells come back to him that he’d tried to put aside in all the years of running from who he was. He put on this big front that he was this uncaring monster who was selfish and self aggrandizing. It was so far from the truth, Damon started to believe his own propaganda. It was just him and Bonnie at first. It was just simpler to have her hate him. Truth was if something happened to Bonnie, Damon was going to hate himself more than he already did. It didn’t take long for him to get down to where the cellar was with all it’s locked doors. It wasn’t until he came back home in 2009 until he realized all that Zach was doing down here. He was counting on the cellar being somewhere between his memories of 1950s and 2009. It relieved him to find out he was right.

Reaching the first cell, Damon opened the door with a nudge of his shoulder. He dropped Kai’s body on the cot inside the cell without any regard for the fact that he was the one for whom this prison world was created. “There we go you little toad.” He walked out of the cell shutting it behind him. Damon’s own guilt temporarily assuaged he felt his shoulders lower. Kai wasn’t a vampire. He should stay here good enough on his own while Bonnie and Damon formulated their escape plan. He moved up the steps to return to Bonnie.

Damon closed the cellar door behind him. He was home. This was great for the most part. They’d had their plan to stop the Traveler’s. Damon and the others died in the plan, but instead of being returned to the land of the living it was taking a bit longer for him and Bonnie to get back. When he got back upstairs, Bonnie wasn’t in the kitchen anymore. He started to walk until he heard another noise from one of the rooms in the Boarding House. It wasn’t until now that he realized just how damn big the whole place was. He was relieved when he found her reading something in the library. “Twerp has been tucked away nice and neat like.”

He was proud of himself for thinking about the cells down below. He laid the key to Kai’s guest room on the table between him and the witch. He made his way toward his liquor cabinet to pull out his emergency bourbon. He started to pour some in a glass but decided against it. He just drank it straight from the bottle. “Please tell me that you found something in all your witchy goodness that'll get us the hell out of here. I don’t plan on making any deals with our little friend to get out of here. I’ll snap his damn neck again if I have to.” Damon muttered something else before taking a huge gulp or three of the bourbon in his hand. Damon's temper was short and his façade crumbling. Last thing he wanted to do was admit that he was growing fond of Bonnie Bennett of all people. What would people want of him next? Dressing up in a monkey suit and handling out Easter Baskets was definitely out of the question.
“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet


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