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03/17/2020 07:43 PM 

Drabble Using Three Words.

Emma couldn’t believe what she was seeing right now. “Mommy! What’s that in the sky?” Gracelynn asked her mother as Emma smiled. “Well honey, that’s a rainbow. They usually only come out while it’s raining and sunny. You are looking at the aftermath of the two. It’s really beautiful isn’t it?” Emma asked her daughter with a smile as Gracelynn smiled and nodded her head in excitement. She had never seen anything so beautiful than a rainbow. Her daughter hadn’t really got to see a rainbow before or never recognized it until now. With just the look on her daughter’s face, it made Emma really happy that she was able to share this moment with her daughter. It was one of those memories that Emma was always going to keep with her.

“Mommy, can you tell me a story about rainbows? I know how they form now but I want to hear about what happens when you get to the end of a rainbow.” Gracelynn asked her mother as Emma smiled thinking of the story that her mother used to tell her before she turned into the horrible woman that she was. “Of course I can sweetheart. I can tell you while we drive to get something to eat. I think you’re going to love the story because it’s pretty darn magical. So I want you to sit back, relax, and enjoy while I tell you an enchanting story about folklore I was told long ago.” Emma told her daughter with a smile as she continued to drive to the nearest drive-through. She wanted to make sure that they made it home in time before it got dark. 

“Now, once upon a time, there was a leprechaun who left a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Leprechauns are little people that like to dress in green with a top hat. Some say if you see one of them that all of your wishes will come true. I don’t know if leprechauns exist but if they do it would be pretty darn cool to see one. Now if you get to the end of the rainbow you just might see a pot of gold and a leprechaun with it. Leprechauns are very cautious with their gold and only give it to people who tend to get to the end of the rainbow. I haven’t met anyone who’s been to the end of the rainbow yet so who knows if that’s true.” Emma told her daughter with a smile as she looked back at the excitement on her daughter’s face while she continued to tell the story.

“You know, they say if you are lucky enough to get to the end of the rainbow you can even make a wish. Of course, you still get the pot of gold too but it doesn’t hurt to be able to make a wish. Although, I’m not sure whether or not that part is true or not. After all, this is just folklore that my mom told me when I was little like I’m telling you now with you being a little. We will never know unless someone actually gets to the end of the rainbow.” Emma told her daughter with a smile. She knew there was actually no gold at the end of the rainbow but her daughter was only five and she wanted her to believe in things as long as she could until Emma had to tell her the truth. She wasn’t looking forward to that time because she didn’t know how her daughter would react.

When they finally arrived Emma looked back to see a big smile on her daughter’s face. That was all she would ever ask of her daughter was just to see her smile every day. “Thank you for telling me that story mommy. I really hope that maybe one day I can get to the end of the rainbow. It would be awesome if I was the first girl ever to get to the end of the rainbow. Plus, I would get a lot of gold too and I would get to see a leprechaun. This was the best story ever. Thank you for making my day mommy.” Gracelynn told her mother with a smile as Emma drove through the drive-through to get their food. It was things like this that her daughter said that Emma always looked forward to hearing when she was with her. She really was a perfect princess in Emma’s eyes.


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