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December 4th, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 27
Country: United States

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February 06, 2019


03/01/2020 12:17 PM 


Christopher Edwards The Mayor. Bowie works closely with the Mayor to keep the town looking presentable and aesthetically pleasing. She is contracted to help out with the flower gardens, and help to decorate his reception with flowers. Along with creating floral arrangements for dinner parties etc.
Dr. Michael Ryan The Cultist: Bowie began seeing Dr. Michael Ryan right after her parents died in a tragic accident. Her mental health was in a terrible way and she was finding it hard to cope. He was her first point of call and he had some great ideas, although she always felt awkward in his presence, kind of unnerved. After four sessions with him she went travelling and when she returned she checked in with him. When he began talking about humanity and redemption Bowie felt even more awkward than she had before and stopped seeing him. When she then heard the news about what he'd done, she felt terrible. Maybe if she had said something to someone all those people wouldn't have been hurt, but then again what would she have said? She feels like she's had a lucky escape.

Zoe Ortiz The Thief: Bowie met Zoe Ortiz when she came into her shop looking for a small bouquet of flowers that she claimed to be for her mother. The particular flowers she wanted weren't in the front of the shop so Bowie went and checked the back. When she came back the charity jar on the counter was empty and she was gone. Of course Bowie couldn't prove it was her, but she had her suspicions. But it could have been anyone in the shop, maybe it was even a dumb prank for her friends. She didn't know.

Timothy Davidson The Serial Killer: Timothy knew Bowie's father which is how the two became familiar with each other. Her father and Timothy didn't have a good relationship and he always warned Bowie to stay away from him. She always thought him to be rather sinister, and he had a dark sense of humour. The kind of humour that seemed to reveal the soul of the person... and he most definitely had a dark soul. So growing up she always did her best to stay away from him, but as an adult it's much harder. Timothy also had some involvement in her parents death, but she doesn't know this. Bowie see's through his outward 'good citizen' appearance, but she will never truly know the person Timothy is.

Lara Donovan The Preachers Daughter: Bowie and Lara were best friends. Their families were close, and the two would spend a lot of time at each other's homes, and they'd have sleepovers. The two would hang out at Sunday school, and sit next to each other during church services. They were practically sisters. They remained friends into adulthood until Lara left town. Bowie was shocked to learn that her body had been found nailed to the church, she was appalled. She knew Lara to be a loving person, and couldn't imagine why anyone would wan't to kill her. It was a traumatic time for her.

Samantha Davidson The Runaway: Samantha Davidson came to Darling Buds looking for a part-time job, at the time Bowie wasn't hiring so turned her away. She didn't even give the girl a chance to beg for the job, or hand over her CV for her to look at. She just simply said no, then ignored her and carried on with her job. Bowie was familiar with her father, and wanted nothing to do with the family, as she wanted to keep her distance, due to her father's instructions. When rumours began spreading around town about her disappearance Bowie felt bad. She couldn't help but wonder if Samantha would still be in town if she'd given her the job.

Vincent Santero The Drug Lord: Bowie began trying drugs in order to relax her mind and forget about her depression and anxiety, and all the troubles she's been through. She often gets them from his dealers, but there are occasions where she will go to him at his Body Shop in order to get drugs directly from him. She doesn't get anything too strong, usually just weed. But she has been thinking about trying something a little stronger.


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