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02/12/2020 11:28 PM 

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"I thought that the bottle was empty but there was one glass left," Emma replied to herself in a low tone. She didn't want people to hear what she was saying. She thought she could drink it all but it was impossible. There was no way to do that. She didn't want people to judge her for ordering it and not drinking it. People were crazy these days and they judged you for everything. Emma didn't want to go through that. She didn't want to finish it either. The last thing she needed was to go home drunk. She didn't want her family to know she stayed away to drink. Her friends understood that she was a mom now. So, hopefully, they would help her finish it off. They had asked her to come out and of course, she did. She needed time with her friends lately. 

Emma was trying to figure out what she was going to do. She knew she could ask her friends but then they would question her. Why did she have to get two? Emma didn't even realize that she had gotten another glass. Maybe she had blanked out? Things like that had been happening with her lately. Things happened that she could not explain. Emma felt like she had had already had too much to drink as it was. There was no way she was going to be able to drink this other glass. "Hey guys, can you do me a favor? So, I have no idea when I got this other drink. I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me finish it? I don't want to be too drunk when I go home to my kids." Emma told her friends hoping that they would help her out. 

The one thing Emma needed now was a break from all of this. She needed to relax and get her mind off of drinking for the night. She had to be completely sober and have no hangovers when she saw her kids the next morning. "How about I take it off your hands? You can go dance with Steph and I'll down it for you." Alexander told her with a smile as Emma nodded her head and got up from her chair. Emma walked over to the dance floor and started dancing with her friend. She was lucky to have friends who didn't judge her. Ones who wanted to help her more than anything else. They didn't care that she bought a drink she couldn't finish. They did it for her and they let her have fun. That was even more than she could have asked for from them.

Emma couldn't believe how lucky she was. She had friends who really cared about her and understood her. Those types of friends were hard to come by nowadays. So she was lucky she had made those types of friends in her life. "Thank you so much for all you guys do for me. Thank you for being so understanding. You guys really are the best. I thought people were going to judge me for not being able to drink the other glass. I am just so used to people judging me, but you didn't. Thank you for being the most amazing friends that you are. I have no idea what I would do without you guys." Emma told them as she hugged them and then made her way to the dance floor. It was one of the most amazing nights she had ever had.

She was so thankful for all the friends she had made over the years. They all cared about her and she could now see that. She felt very lucky to be their friend. She continued to have a good time until it was finally time to go home. Now she could go home without worrying about her kids seeing her. She wouldn't have a hangover the next morning when she saw them. She was so thankful and grateful for that. Emma finally got everything she needed and made her way out of the club. She was ready for the rest of the night. She knew she would go home understanding she could have a good time without getting drunk. "You guys really are the best friends ever," Emma told them as she hugged all of them and left for the night. 


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