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01/25/2020 06:24 PM 

Shout Out To My Ex.

"Shout out to my Ex, you're really quite the man. You made my heartbreak and that made me who I am." Emma sang out loud with the song as she felt the sudden wave of relaxation start to watch over her. Her ex had been the worst person she had ever encountered in her life. She spent so much of her life trying to please him that she made her own self miserable. It was like she was watching her life unfold and there was nothing she could do to change it. All she did was try to please him all the time and every time she listened to this song all of those memories of what she had done just to please her ex really came flooding back. In all honesty, she was relieved and happy that he was finally gone. She finally felt like she could breathe again and she knew that she deserved to be happy. She could finally find someone that could make her happy in ways that he could not.

He wasn’t the best person in the world for her and Emma always knew that. She just had a thing for hiding it because she wanted him to be the one for her. He hurt her in more ways than she could ever imagine and now she was finally free. It didn’t feel like she was free but she decided that letting go of him was the best thing for her. As she sat there listening to that song she felt empowered to move on and to give herself a better life. Sometimes all it took was one song to realize that you deserve something way better. He hurt her in more ways than she could count but she was stronger and better because of it. “I deserve to be loved and wanted by someone. I don’t need to give all of myself to someone and them only give half to me.” Emma told herself with so much confidence in her voice.

She knew that she needed to get out there and start looking for someone else who could make her just as happy as she made them. She needed to stop being all about herself and grieving and move on. She had spent enough time grieving about her ex and she was tired of feeling like it was her fault. She wasn’t ever going to be able to find someone else that was good for her if she continued to grieve about the one that hurt her. He did not deserve that much grief from her and she did not want to give it to him any longer. “I just need to go out and have a good time. I need to stop letting the stress and the depression get to me and just be happy.” Emma told herself as she got up from her bed and decided to get changed to go out. This was something that she really needed.

This was going to be the day that she decided to say no more. She was going to live her life the best way she knew how and she was not going to let some stupid guy get in the way of it. All of her friends told her that she needed to move on and they were right. This song had randomly come on the radio that she was listening to and it was a message to her. It was telling her that it was time to let go and she could be mad at her ex but she shouldn’t let it get to her. “You made my heart break and that made me who I am. Those are the strongest words I’ve ever heard before.” Emma told herself as she grabbed everything that she was going to need to start her day. She had a different take on things now and she was going to live her life the best she could.

Emma felt like a brand new person after hearing this song. She had been thinking hard about what she was going to do now that she had her heartbroken and this song helped her with that. It was a few simple lyrics but it told her so much more than she could’ve imagined. She was ready to move on and start a new life, a better life. One that did not involve her ex and letting him hurt her anymore. She was going to be happy and she was going to meet new people. She was going to open her heart again and that was something she thought she would never do. “For the first time I’m ready to go out and greet the day with a new attitude and a new look on life. Now that’s some deep stuff right there.” Emma told herself as she walked out of her house and into the sunlight to start a new day.


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