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01/23/2020 07:42 PM 

Call it a Code {Guidelines}
Category: Guidelines



Please read all the information given here to give you an insight into the running of this account.
You do not have to sign in the comments.
I will endeavor to keep this as short as possible for convenience but this isn't always possible.
I do not claim to own the character of Bobbi Morse, own or be any part of the Marvel franchise, or own any of the original images used in gifs and pics posted on this blog. Currently, this is under construction so all original edits are credited to Hight Times. My profile image/share out banner and doorknocker are all of my own design.
First things first I will be slow. This is not my only rp account as I am also the writer behind the harley Quinn account /quiinnsane. I will always try my best to carve out time to make sure everyone gets a reply eventually and this could take a while. If it's been a week you are more than welcome to shoot me a message/comment asking about it but please understand that there is a life outside rp.
Where appropriate I have split Bobbi's backstory to reflect the story arcs her character experiences. This also allows for roleplays to explore all of her backstory as well as current content. Currently the writer is most familiar with Bobbi's early stories but this is set to be expanded upon to include more recent comics and her mcu portrayal as the writer rereads her material.
Writing Style
Here I will write anything from banter, to a couple lines,to a full blown multi para/novella like response. This will depend on muse but for the most part I will match your response length. If it's a comment I may occasionally stylize some of the writing to make it more aesthetically pleasing but that is just me as a writer and you are never obligated to do the same. If you choose a certain style of formatting I will likely edit my style so that our replies match more. If we click as writers as you wish to become one of my connections, feel free to send this as an ask or comment, or throw it at my Discord and if I accept then you will be added to my blog page. There will be a link a multi para sample here as soon as possible.
One thing to note is that feminism is a big topic on this account. This is just to clarify that this writer's definition of feminism is based up Google's definition, "the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes". It's based upon the idea that Bobbi was brought up in a male dominated world and that she believes anyone can make it if they put their mind in the right place. That this respect is earned in your field and should be earned based on your actions, not your gender. She's an advocate for right's for everyone including trans women and other minorities.
Far From Finished
As you can probably see, this blog is far from complete and I will try to update these rules as often as I can to reflect the page's status. It does mention on my layout that I am under construction and I hope for this to be finished as soon as it's convenient for me to complete. I appreciate the patience required whilst the blog is in this state but I hope for it to be at a standard I am happy with soon.


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