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01/15/2020 05:07 PM 

What if its you. Drabble PT2

God, this didn't need to be more complicated than it should be it was clear her feelings towards Addison  were the same as they had always been. but, Reba there was something about the way mature woman rocked her world and loved her very deeply rooted soul. something about that woman her heart tugged at her heart, something about her wouldn't leave her alone she was 19-20 when she felling love with the red head.

"it doesn't need to be this complicated, Lyss this choice is up to you" Reba's words were so sincere and softly spoken Alyssa knew she meant no harm by this confession they shared the most deepest memories. god. Reba was good at it, good at making her feel one way and now she needed to  figure out what was next was it to pack up the life she built with Addison? or, to start it with the woman whom now said everything she'd been feeling  since they'd walked away to let Alyssa live life with Adley. Why was this even harder with the words sitting on that piece of paper? and an engagement ring that sat in the box in front of her.

what if it's you, what if our hearts were meant to be one?

That kiss meant something resting her forehead against hers Reba wasn't stopping her to go back to Addison, she wasn't going to make this as harder as it had seemed. "god..don't do this to me..but, what if it's you?" Alyssa couldn't control her emotions her little boy needed Addison even if her choice was to go back to the red head and start life. "don't rush, sweetheart i'll be here when you make up your mind" The soft touch Alyssa's gaze  fell into the ocean blue eyes of the read head.

What if it's you.


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