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September 25th, 2020

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 30
Country: United States

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January 20, 2019


01/10/2020 03:26 PM 

Planning for the eloquent future.
Category: Stories

Construction for the new Escort Service did not merely come with office space.  Rebecca foresaw a vision that would revolutionize it for the customer and escort girls.  She did not wish the woman to wait around twiddling their thumbs – there had to be other options.   Frankly, Mr. Pierce, these endeavors fell upon her from top orders.  He trusted Rebecca’s judgment to provide suitable provisions for pleasure, only the best, to those who he does business with, and god forbid she wanted to send Mr. Pierce guest to a shady escort place.


Settling down at her desk, she sought to find the best plan possible.  The first thing first was to establish a primary location where the finest woman could be station day-to-day, in their perfectly arranged chambers, ready and willing to entertain. 


“Mmm, let me see – “She mull out the words in a breath.   A breath meant to endure the patience needed to find the results she wanted before the week ended.   


Occasionally she would be distracted by Gabriella, her sister, who yearn to implement her ideas about the Escort company.  Repetitively Rebecca would remind Gabriella it isn’t that easy, and her sister wasn’t trustworthy.  The building had to be in a location that seems reasonable; also, the district had to be in an area the police station in Mr. Pierce district that would support it and not dismantle it lawfully, then redesigning the interior, and interviewing the girls – so forth, and so on.  Should any legal disgruntle come over the purchase of a considered property, then Lynn’s partner law firm would counter-attack. 


Rebecca's mind got distracted by her current work ethics.  There on her mahogany desk lingered a portrait of Rebecca’s father standing near Patrick Pierce and his deceased father.  Lynn's family had always been a trusted value to the Pierce family.  Never violating their oath, an oath signed in blood, and even took her own mother to the grave.   One might call them the gatekeepers – for no one honestly know’s the pierce unless – they open the gates.  Rebecca, would not dare anyone to exploite a bloodline noblest to aristocratic lineage?


Abandoning the picture she reached between her computer and the image to obtain the cell phone lingering there.  Thumb unlock the device before it repositions to scroll over the interface; her eyes identified the number she required.  A quick thumb press started to elaborate its dialing tone.


“Yes – hello father “ She began when he answered immediately.  “I apologize for calling this late.  I fancy you’ve already had your nightcap,” leaning back in her oversized black leather desk chair.  She laughs a little hearing father describe the brandy.  “mhm, all is well with Patrick busy as always.   Yes, yes, daddy, I will give him your love.  However, I do have a small favor over a specific legality of a building.  Do you have time to indulge me?


For now, Rebecca would spend the week organizing the pro’s and con’s, and when all the research is done, a full report would eventually settle on Patrick’s desk for review.  Not that she felt incompetent on her job, quite frankly, she felt confident at the task at hand, but respect to your boss's opinion should never be overlooked. 


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