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August 6th, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 35
Country: United States

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November 04, 2019



12/05/2019 06:31 PM 


001. Respect me & I'll treat you the same back. It goes both ways.

002. Do not rush me for responses. I will reply at my own pace. I am clinically depressed so I'll take short time away from my profiles for my own mental stake. If you're not looking for this in a partner then I'm not the right one for you.

003. This profile is single ship. If my muse is romantically involved with another character, they will be dedicated to that person only.

004. Due to themes of violence, drug & alcohol use & other portrayals of dark themes, this profile will be rated 18+. For the sake of preserving my content from the banhammer however erotica is not permitted in any shape or form.

005. I will write in both inbox, comments & streams. I keep regular & up to date copies of our threads on my drive so you don't have to worry about losing a thing. I expect basic literacy from my partners & tend to avoid conversations where it feels like I'm communicating with a brick wall.

006. Please do not ask me for my social media unless we're close. I don't want to add anyone if I'm sure we're never going to speak again.

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Posted on Dec 6th 2019 - 5:17 PM

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