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December 04, 2019


12/04/2019 06:31 PM 


What is your writing style? Where do you prefer to write? How do you write? Etc. 

I am a literate, multi-para roleplayer. However, this is not something I'm strict on; sometimes my muse gets away from me and suddenly I've written over a thousand words, sometimes I'm lazy and do a semi-para (or upon request for the latter), I quite enjoy IM or status banter. If we are doing a bigger roleplay, I honestly don't care whether it's messages or comments. I usually go to comments, because I like the use of HTML, but if my partner prefers messages, it's fine with me. 

What is your opinion on OCs? Will you write with them?
I have absolutely no issues with original characters, as long as they make sense. I'm not keen on OCs that are directly related to main characters (a sibling to Harry, Hermione's long lost sister or brother, a third Black sibling, etc) but I'm willing to give pretty much anyone a chance. 
If you have it pre-written that your character has a relationship with mine (platonic or romantic), please be flexible. You can do what you want with your character and Regulus in other storylines, but as for writing with me, it may need to be tweaked or re-worked to fit in with how I portray Regulus. I reserve the right to deny any kind of line with a pre-written relationship. If you're not willing to make tweaks, we may not be able to write together. 

Do you have mains? // I see you have someone else who writes the same character as me linked on your page, will you still write with me?
I don't have mains. I just have connections. There may be people I frequently write with, the most common person I write with, but I don't consider anyone mains
Yes, even if there's someone already on my profile/photos with a certain player doesn't mean I won't write with others. I can have fifty Siriuses, and I'll still choose to write with more. 
Do you require anything of your partners? 
I only require two things of my partners: 
1.) Don't be an a**hole OOC. Be an a**hole all you want IC, especially if it's the type of relationship our characters have, but if you're a d*ck OOC, I'm not going to want anything to do with you. (Note: I'm usually pretty good at telling the difference between "I'm being an a**hole to be funny" and "I'm actually just an a**hole.") 
2.) Please try to write to the best of your ability, and if you struggle with it, try to make use of the grammar and spell checkers. I need to be able to understand what you're saying, and some sort of separation between speech and action/internal thought. 
Have you made any changes to your character/how do you play Regulus? 
I play Regulus as close to canon as I possibly can, given our limited information. I see him as similar to Draco in some ways, however, they definitely have their differences. He's certainly spoiled and has a bit of a superiority complex when it comes to his blood status and family, but he's not outwardly arrogant, loud, or in people's faces about it. If it was up to him, he'd keep to himself, and most of the crowd he hangs around with is because it's what expected of him/them. 
How I see his relationship with The Dark Lord/Death Eaters: Like Draco, he grew up in a house where he was taught that he was better than the people around him because of his blood status and family name. In his youth, he didn't question this, even though Sirius did. He idolized Voldemort and his ideas. He probably wouldn't have joined the Death Eaters on his own accord, but his parents saw his admiration and believed it'd look good for them, so they encouraged him to join. It wasn't long after he got the Mark that he realized what Voldemort was truly like, and what being a Death Eater actually meant. He spent a bit of time in the background, trying to get by without drawing too much attention to himself, either positive or negative. This is why Voldemort let a hint about him having Horcruxes slipped, and he turned his focus into being a double agent, though he didn't report to anyone. He still wasn't brave enough to join the Order, talk to his brother, or anything, just keeping to himself. Kreacher was the only person he confided it in, and it was mostly because of information he needed (he genuinely cared about Kreacher but wouldn't have confided anything about opposing Voldemort without him having information he needed.) 
How I see his realtionship with Sirius: Regulus loves Sirius, more than he should, and he knows that. They were closer when they were young, and it hurt Regulus deeply as he felt his brother starting to slip away. He hates that he loves him, and spent a lot of time wishing he could have the courage to be honest with his family, and join his brother on Dumbledore's side. That doesn't mean there isn't a lot of resentment, especially after Sirius left. He feels like he's blamed for not being a rebel or having a different moral compass than his brother. There's a feeling of living in his shadow, while also having to make up for Sirius' betrayal. It puts a lot of weight on his shoulders. In a word, his relationship with Sirius is complicated.
How I see his relationship with his family: Regulus doesn't want to disappoint his family. He always had a weight and pressure on him, and after Sirius began to rebel and ultimately getting disowned, the weight got heavier, and he experienced so much pressure anyone else may have cracked under it. He's seen what his brother went through, and decides he can't go through that too; he doesn't think he'd survive it. Especially since he's only really been surrounded by other Slytherins and doesn't have the support system Sirius had. His boggart would probably be his name blasted off the wall, like the other "disappointments." 
He respects and likes his father a little more, being the less neuroic of his parents. He treats them both with respect, though some may have a hard time believing he's a son and not someone who works for the Blacks or something. Even in death, he was afraid of their disapproval, telling Kreacher to inform the family of a false story, rather than the truth.

Was his death a suicide? In a way. I definitely don't think he was bothered by the fact the mission would lead to his death. He couldn't stay a Death Eater; leaving and/or running away wasn't an option, and he wasn't naive enough to think that what he was doing would be enough to end Voldemort's reign--  just damage it. He did what he thought would eventually have a positive change on the world, and would hopefully stop Voldemort. I don't think he went to the water with the intention of death, or did the mission because it would kill him, but it was a bonus and something that didn't bother him. I woudn't be surprised if he truly did off himself, had he survived the mission, though. 
My character is from after Regulus died. Can we still do a story? Can we do something that doesn't involve Time-Turners? 
Absolutely. We can either come up with a storyline-specific AU that's just for you and me, or we can toy around with other ideas that I already have/may be using in other SLs. A popular AU I've seen throughout fanfic is a swap of storylines with Regulus and Severus, where Severus either dies or goes to Azkaban, and Regulus is the one who becomes Potions teacher at Hogwarts. We could do something where Regulus fakes his death, or just disappears and goes into hiding. There are a lot of ideas that can be played with, especially with how little we know about him. I'm pretty flexible and willing to listen to ideas you may have as well. 
What is your opinion on romance storylines? A love interest? What sexuality is Regulus? 
I'm all for romance storylines/love interests, though I also like stuff outside it. I don't have one specific thing I ship for Regulus, I just ship chemistry. If our characters have chemistry, cool. As long as they're not super closely related (Sirius, Bella, Andi, Cissa, Tonks, Harry, etc.) then I'm all for it. I'm probably not going to have just one specific love interest, though. I like the freedom to explore a variety of storylines, which may include romance with more than one writer; if this bothers you, then our characters can remain platonic. Don't jump into something with me, and then get mad if you find out I'm writing a romance line with someone else too - this is your warning. 
As for sexuality, I see Regulus as mostly straight, but I think he'd be open to experimenting if he either believed it was short term, or if it's in a storyline where he isn't trying to please his parents. Same-sex relationships are frowned upon with purebloods because of the lack of ability to produce an heir (they'd just as much disapprove of a relationship with someone infertile.)  For canon times, he knows he likely won't marry someone because of love, but because they're another respectable pureblood who can give the Black family an heir. He doesn't even know what his own sexuality is.
Who made your photos? Who made your layout? Will you make me something? 
My photos are made by myself, unless the caption states otherwise, and I always link back to the person who made it if I know (otherwise it's just captioned as "notmyedit.") My layout is made by Damndest Creation, a premade site owned by a dear friend of mine that I kind of help co-run. The layout is made by Lestat, slightly edited by me. He makes custom layouts as well (on top of the beautiful premade ones), you just have to go to the site for instructions on how to request one. Both of us will make custom edits, from time to time, you just have to watch out for a status about it. If you need help, I'm willing to try. If we're friends, I'll probably make you an edit without you even asking if I get inspired. It's a hobby though, so unless you want to pay me, be prepared for the possibility of me saying no/not right now. 
Can I send you a random starter? 
No. I need to be on the same page as my partner. If you want to send me an IC greeting for banter, that's fine. But don't go sending me a semi-para+ starter, expecting it to kick off our roleplay. I'll delete it, and message you to discuss a storyline. It doesn't need to be a long discussion, but some kinks always need to be worked out. 
When should I expect a starter/reply from you? 
Your guess is honestly as good as mine. I am the worlds most annoying roleplay partner, and I apologize in advance for it. If I'm awake/inspired/and my ADD isn't being a d*ck, you may have a starter/reply within the hour. It may be a month. I try to keep everyone updated through my stream. If you have concerns that I didn't like your reply or something, you're free to ask, but usually, if I have an actual issue with a starter or reply, I'll think on it for a few days and then message my partner. Most of the time, it's just something IRL that has kept me from doing it. I'm always open to banter and chatter outside of roleplays while you wait, and I'm also always patient with my partner. 
Is there anything else I need to know about you as a writer?
I'm a laid back person. Please, just keep in mind that I have health issues IRL, and some of them may show in my writing (especially my dyslexia and ADD.) I have absolutely no issues befriending my partners on a personal level, as some of my best friends have come from rp, but I also have no issues with never having an ooc discussion outside of roleplay discussing. I'm an easy person to get along with. 
And also, never, ever be afraid to write your character as you want with me. Don't hold your muse back. I've been roleplaying for over ten years, and know not to take anything said IC personally; please do the same. Regulus and I are very different. 


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