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07/27/2019 01:02 PM 

#15 Match
Current mood:  adventurous

Thunder SmackDown Women's Championship Match
Rose Belfrey vs. Victoria Belfrey vs. Stephanie McMahon

Tom Phillips:
"Time for the triple threat match.. Battle for the Thunder SmackDown women's championship tonight. What a match is going to be we got three talented women competing for the Thunder SmackDown women's championship tonight."

Mike Rome:
"You mentioned three of the best women in the business today.. Fighting for the Thunder SmackDown women's championship that's going to be tough to decide who is going to win tonight? It's very difficult to decided who is going to win."

Byron Saxton:
"It is a tough choice, earlier today we saw the AUF women's championship be defend, the Divas championship was defended what a match that was."

Corey Graves:
"Three great women but not close to Charlotte Flair who is the queen just stating the facts."

Lights turned off for a moment as they come back on flashing purple bringing out Victoria Belfrey who poses on the ramp as she looks both ways and then starts heading toward the ring as she continued her path toward the ring.

Mike Rome:
"What a great history Victoria Belfrey has in the wrestling business a multiple time women's champion, we could be seeing a new Thunder SmackDown women's champion crowned tonight."

Victoria made her way up the steel steps and walked up as she stepped through the second rope stepping inside the ring as she looks both ways very confident tonight.

The entrance music of Stephanie McMahon hits across the arena lights beaming purple flashing across the arena as she emerged from behind the curtains sporting a very nice biker chick attire as she starts heading toward the ring now.

Byron Saxton:
"Here comes the undeniable queen former three time women's champion wonder if she will win it tonight?"

Corey Graves:
"Shut up Saxton, people like you are always jealous of Stephanie! Watch her leave victories tonight!"

Stephanie looks both ways smirk on her face as she reaches the ring now sliding to the side of the ring and helps herself up and stepped through the second rope stepping inside the ring and stares at Victoria now.

A very hyped theme starts playing lights flashed red and white flashing across the arena bringing out Rose Storm who poses on the ramp as she looks both ways and starts heading toward the ring sporting all black ring attire tonight as she has that confident look in her eyes heading toward the ring.

Referee for this match is Jessica Drew who sports white and stripes small top and a short skirt with heels as she then is handed the SmackDown women's championship, ring announcer for this match is Christy Hemme who smiled as she holds the microphone 

Christy Hemme:
"Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a triple threat match and it is for the Thunder SmackDown women's championship...!"

"Introducing the challengers first Victoria Belfrey! Stephanie McMahon!.... And she is the SmackDown women's champion.... Rose Belfrey!"

Jessica Drew holds up the SmackDown women's championship up high then walks over to the outside handing it to some one on the outside then looks at the women in the ring and points to the three women as she is about to motion for the bell to ring now.

"Recognition" plays across the arena bringing out the queen Charlotte who emerged from the back big smile on her face as she looks both ways.

"Wow, wow... What a great moment it has been... I mean i am talking about myself, but oops i am sorry for stopping this match ladies... Which we all know is going to be tainted.. by terrible performances... Victoria, Becks said it best shouldn't you be at the retirement home right now? Stephanie aren't you getting a little bit ... I don't know what's that i am looking for a little bit rusty in the ring... And last but not least Rose Storm? Or is it Belfrey? I don't care who you are.. But quite honestly nobody knows who you are... But everyone knows who i am... Charlotte.. Flair... WOO!" smirked confident "The only woman that matters.. Actually one of the three that does matter..." chuckled confidently stepping aside.

"Sky's the Limit" hits across the arena lights flashed pink and yellow bringing out the boss Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks:
"Hold up a second.. You are going to have a match without the legit boss? Just remember ladies i am a four time women's champion... If it wasn't for women like us their wouldn't be a women's revolution up in here! We are not divas! Okay maybe you Stephanie but i am way above from being a diva!" snaps her fingers.

Charlotte Flair:
"Anyways ladies you are new up in here but we would like to welcome you to AUF!" smiled

"Celtic Invasion" hits across the arena lights flashing light blue flashed across the arena, Stephanie, Rose and Victoria look around as nobody came from stage.

Becky and Bayley run from the crowd to the ring with steel chairs sliding in the ring as they start attacking Stephanie, Victoria and Rose with them in a brutal way, brought a big smile to the face of Charlotte and Sasha who joined them as they also attack Stephanie, Rose and Victoria big smile on the face of the AUF four horsewomen who continued to attack Rose, Victoria and Stephanie, Sasha and Bayley grab a hold of Rose setting up for a DDT 

"Bad Reputation" hits across the arena lights beaming red and yellow flashed across the arena bringing out the baddest woman on the planet Ronda Rousey who holds a sledge hammer as she makes a run for it to the ring as she runs toward the ring sliding inside holding the sledge hammer, Bayley and Sasha drop Rose as they exit the ring Charlotte and Becky do the same as they all make their way up the ramp and chuckled as they stare at Ronda who invited them inside the ring "What you four bitches wanna do something!" Ronda shouting at them inviting them inside the ring as she then tends to Rose, Victoria and Stephanie.

Tom Phillips:
"Wow what a chaotic moment, what can we say now? We are all speechless here, Ronda helping out her long time rival Stephanie? We are all shocked and have to wait to see what happens next we are so confused in what just transpired now."

Mike Rome:
"We have to wait and see what happens next."


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