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07/27/2019 01:03 PM 

#14 Match
Current mood:  adventurous

AUF Championship Match
Chris Frenzy vs. Roman Reigns (C)

Greg Hamilton:
"This next following contest is schedule for one fall.... And it is for the AUF championship."

Mike Rome:
"Another championship on the line and it is the AUF championship who do you think is going to walk out victories tonight?"

Tom Phillips:
"Looks to be a tough choice, but he to find out who is going to walk out victories and leave with the AUF championship tonight."

Referee for this match sports a mask covering his face as his eyes are visible.

A generic theme plays across the arena lights flashing across the arena bringing out Chris Frenzy who poses on the ramp as he starts heading toward the ring now continued his path toward the ring.

Greg Hamilton:
"Introducing the challenger first... Chris Frenzy!"

Byron Saxton:
"He is cocky and arrogant.."

Corey Graves:
"Shut up Saxton, nobody cares what you think! Chris Frenzy is a star and you are not!"

"Special Op" plays across the arena lights beaming blue flashing across the arena bringing out the big dog Roman Reigns who poses on the stage as he starts heading toward the ring now as he is all business tonight.

Greg Hamilton:
"And introducing next from Pensacola, Florida weigh in 265 pounds he is the AUF champion... Roman Reigns!"

Mike Rome:
"Here comes the big dog as he is all business tonight."

Reigns wasted no time as he slides under sliding inside the ring and tackles down Frenzy getting his hands all over him and continues the assault the mysterious referee motions for the bell to ring Reigns gets off Frenzy and picks up from the canvas now and then starts punching him right on the chest continued to attack in a brutal way as he continues the attack, Frenzy feels those punches as he then sucker punches right on the jaw Frenzy feels the effect of that one as he turned away favoring his jaw as he dropped to his knees now starts to support himself back to his feet now, Reigns grabs a hold of Frenzy starts setting up for a Samoan drop has him set for it then follows up with it making Frenzy feel that one the big dog covers his opponent now the mysterious referee picked his hand up in the air is about to slam on the canvas now but stops as he then gets to his feet staring at Reigns who got to his feet looks both ways and looks at the referee, Frenzy crawling behind Reigns rolled up for a schoolboy brings down to the canvas has a hand full of the tights the mysterious referee slides down as he picked his hand in the air is about to slam on the canvas now "1....2....3!..." the mysterious referee motions for the bell to ring Frenzy very happy rolls out of the ring taking the AUF championship holds up high as he makes his way up the ramp holding the title.

Greg Hamilton:
"The winner of the match and new AUF champion... Chris Frenzy!"

Mike Rome:
"We got a new champion!"

Corey Graves:
"All is good in this world."

The mysterious referee starts attacking Reigns and continued the brutal attack till he is joined by Roode and Ziggler who start attacking Reigns in a brutal way.

"Stand Tall" starts playing now bringing out Nick and Shane who ran toward the ring evening the odds as they go after them but they manage to dominate them the mysterious referee reveals himself as Baron Corbin as he spits on the face of Reigns chuckled confidently, "Special Op" plays across the arena big crowd reaction from the fans Ambrose and Rollins run toward the ring Corbin retreats Ambrose and Rollins go after Roode and Ziggler an then toss them out of the ring as they then approach Nick and Shane and help them up as they then help up their shield brother Reigns who was not happy about this as he stared at Corbin who chuckled as himself, Ziggler and Roode make their way up the ramp.

Tom Phillips:
"By the look on Roman face he don't look too happy about this, Baron Corbin is a dead man walking messing with the big dog."

Byron Saxton:
"That's one thing you do not wanna be on the big dog's bad side."

Corey Graves:
"That shows that Corbin has guts, so let's move onto the show we still got two more matches left on the card."


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