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August 18, 2013


07/27/2019 01:05 PM 

#12 Match
Current mood:  adventurous

Cruiserweight Championship Match
Drew Gulak vs. William Frenzy 

Mike Rome:
"Ladies and gentlemen it is time for the crusierweight championship match, William Frenzy will defend his championship against the one and only Drew Gulak looks to be an intense match here."

Tom Phillips:
"Sure is you got two of a kind superstars competing tonight for the cruiserweight championship title."

Byron Saxton:
"Big question who is going to walk out victories tonight."

A hip hop theme plays across the arena with अली holding a microphone on hand as he looks both ways

अली :
"Ladies and gentlemen this next contest is for the cruiserweight championship... Introducing first from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania weigh in 203 pounds.. the challenger... Drew Gulak..."

Drew Gulak theme plays across the arena lights beaming red and blue across the arena as he sports his black trunks with some red and blue on it as he starts heading toward the ring now continued his path toward the ring as he high fives some of the fans on his way toward the ring.

Lights go dark for a moment then come back on bringing out the current cruiserweight champion who emerged from behind the curtains as he poses on the stage as he looks both ways as he got booed by the fans tonight as he is joined by his wife Marie Frenzy who follows him toward the ring as they walk side by side toward the ring.

Corey Graves:
"Here they come, the greatest cruiserweight champion alive today the one and only William Frenzy MR. DVD"

Gulak watching Frenzy walking toward the ring as he came closer made his way up the steel steps as he then looks both ways and stepped through the second rope stepping inside the ring now as he looks both ways and holds up the cruiserweight championship up high as he chuckled confidently. his wife Marie claps on as she stands at ringside

अली exits the ring now as he made his way toward the commentary table takes a seat close to the commentators.

In the ring referee Aksana former two time divas champion holds up the cruiserweight championship up high as she then motions for the bell to ring now both Gulak and Frenzy move from side to side both superstars lock up for a collar elbow tie up getting the action started right away now with Gulak manages to break it up Frenzy stared at him as he slaps him on the face, Gulak responds with a slap of his own slapping hard Frenzy across the face as he could then strikes with an elbow strike right on the kisser Frenzy feels the effect of it Gulak pushed him toward the ropes now attempts to Irish whip across the ring now does so Frenzy runs across the ring now running toward the opposite side of the ring runs toward the direction of Gulak who jumps over him leap frogging over Frenzy who runs toward the other side of the ring back toward Gulak who ran toward him surprising with a running crossbody takes down Frenzy with that one gets off him quickly Gulak runs toward the ropes as he ran toward Frenzy goes for a jumping leg drop right to the neck Frenzy manages to move out of the way on time avoiding it Gulak lands flat seated on the canvas missing on his attempt grunts in pain Frenzy jumps to his feet now as he ran toward the ropes back toward the direction of Gulak surprising with a low dropkick successfully took down his challenger with that one, Marie watched on from ringside Frenzy covers his opponent now hooking the leg hooked Gulak manages to kick out of this one Frenzy begins to pound Gulak with his right fist continues the brutal attack in a crucial way making his opponent feel that one, Frenzy grabs a hold of Gulak starts setting up for a bodyscissors has well applied on his challenger now Gulak feels the effect of it as he found himself in trouble Frenzy adding pressure to the hold making the situation difficult for his challenger who attempting to escape the hold, Frenzy chuckled confidently adding more pressure to the hold, Gulak attempting to escape the hold as he fights to escape the hold as he struggling to escape the submission hold Gulak continued attempting to escape the hold as he strikes his elbow into the mid section of Frenzy who keeps adding more pressure who releases Gulak from the hold as he supported himself back up using the ropes for leverage support, Gulak crawls back up to his feet watching his opponent turning toward him walking toward him, Gulak strikes with a elbow strike right to the kisser making Frenzy feel that one right on the kisser, Gulak follows up with a European uppercut connecting as he made Frenzy feel that one, all fired up tonight Gulak then follows with a low dropkick right to the knees of Frenzy who dropped down to his knees Gulak proceeds with a low dropkick successfully took down Frenzy with that one Gulak jumped to his feet as he looks both ways now and stares at Frenzy who is attempting to get back to his feet now Gulak looks both ways runs toward him surprising with a clothesline as he took down Frenzy successfully down with that one as he got up again Gulak surprises with a dropkick takes down Frenzy with that one as he got up again Gulak runs toward him surprising with a big boot takes down with that one as he looks both ways and points to the sky Marie gets on the apron and yells at Gulak who looks at her "Come on step down!" Gulak yelling, Carmella runs toward the ring and pulls down Marie after that then super kicks her knocking down with that one, Frenzy with the distraction sneaks behind Gulak rolled up for a O'Connor roll up as he has pinned down grabs a hand full of tights now referee Aksana slides down picks hand in the air slams on the canvas "1...2...!" two counts made close to the final count now "3...!" final count is made after the match was over Frenzy begins to attack Gulak in a brutal way now punching his challenger with his full fist, अली slides in the ring as he gets Frenzy off Gulak pushed him down as he lands flat seated as he was appalled by this and rolls out of the ring joined by Carmella they help up Gulak up Frenzy was not too happy as he helps up Marie as they make their way up the ramp.

अली pats Gulak on the shoulder then raises his hand in the air Carmella raises their hand in the air smirked at Marie who did not look too happy as she raises the hand of Frenzy as they make their way backstage together.

Tom Phillips:
"William Frenzy retains the cruiserweight championship, well fought battle but who is that? Who is he? that's who we wonder who it is."

Byron Saxton:
"Not a clue but let's hope we find out who this superstar is."


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