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11/19/2019 07:32 PM 

[Very Bad Day: Drabble]

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Stephanie Brown was having an outright no good, awful, very bad day.
To start with, she hadn't slept for going on three days, on top of her already atrocious sleep schedule.
Some Uptown yuppie in their fancy new Lexus that Mommy or Daddy bought them cut her off pulling into the college parking lot, causing her to slam on her breaks so hard both her undone bags (the book bag, and her suit bag) got scattered to the four winds around the interior of the Compact, which took a good twenty minutes to try to recover (couldn't leave half a batsuit just laying in the backseat, after all), making her late to class.
She ended up wearing not one, but two jumbo lattes from the campus diner after two repeat max level dork performances, leaving her not only mildly damp but uncomfortable, and smelling like the bullpen of the GCPD, however grateful to be unharmed, and thankful she wore so many layers, however highly under caffeinated.
Steph also dropped her sandwich the very second she unwrapped it.
She emailed her essays to the wrong professors, which was easily fixed, but embarrassing enough to make her want to curl up under her desk and die. Again.

"Hey, Freakazoid. Your phone. It's been ringing for the last five minutes…"

Jordanna lightly taps Steph on her shoulder, jolting her from her semi dozing state, glazed eyes fixed on a point out the library windows. Straightening up, rubbing the bridge of her nose with two fingers under the glasses she didn't actually need but occasionally wore to focus, or on jobs as Constance, she lazily reached for the face down, buzzing, perma-silent phone.
Gazing at the screen, and seeing [Calling: Eye in the Sky] she sighed slowly, got up, and answered the phone, wandering a little bit away, waving a 'one minute' motion to Jordanna.

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
"About time you picked up."

As soon as the phone was to her ear. Sighing, Steph pulled her sticky shirts away from herself for the umpteeth time.

"I'm at school, Babs, what is it?"

"Aaron Black escaped Blackgate half an hour ago."


Stephanie was already moving back to pack up her stuff, Jordanna looking on in confusion.

"B didn't want me to tell you, but-"

"Yeah, of course he didn't. I’ll be out in ten. You think A.P Gordon can cover for me?"

"Go, I got you."

Steph hung up, moving out of the library at speed, leaving Jordanna behind, confused.

True to her word, Batgirl was out and on the prowl for Cluemaster, hitting his old haunts, old buddies, old everything, she paused, hit with a realisation. Heading home, as quickly as she could, she climbed through her bedroom window, to see Cluemaster already restrained on the floor, unconscious, she noted, with the Bat standing over him.

"You took your time."

"I didn't think he'd be stupid enough to try the house…"

"He wants to hurt you, of course he'd be here, to get you, either through your mother, or directly."

"Yeah, well, lucky he didn't know the schedules, I guess. Moms on days this quarter."

Steph was too tired to even be angry at her father. Flopping to sit on her bed, pulling the cowl from her head, she sighed slowly, the unmoving gaze of the Bat on her.

"You're off patrol tonight. You're in no shape for anything."

"Yeah, ok Boomer..."

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie


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