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07/27/2019 01:07 PM 

#10 Match
Current mood:  adventurous

Divas Championship Triple Threat Match
Charlotte (C) vs. Carmella vs. Madison James

Mike Rome:
"Ladies and gentlemen is time for another championship match this time is for the divas championship defended by Charlotte who will face two women in a triple threat match. Carmella and Madison James will challenge Charlotte for the divas championship title."

Tom Phillips:
"Three women who have held gold in the past who is going to walk out victories tonight? Carmella a former HCW women's champion, Madison James a former divas champion and you got the queen Charlotte who is a former 9 time women's champion can she retain her title tonight?"

Byron Saxton:
"We are going to find out tonight."

-Greg Hamilton in the ring already-

Greg Hamilton:
"The following contest is triple threat match and is set for one fall and it is for the divas championship!"

"Recognition" plays across the arena lights flash fast across the arena turned blue flashing all over the arena now brings out the queen Charlotte current divas champion who emerged from behind the curtains as she has a big smile on her face starts walking toward the ring as she has a microphone in hand now smirked as she gazes both ways.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your queen has arrived! The greatest female superstar of all time! The queen of AUF is here.... Charlotte Flair..."
-chuckled confidently as she continued her path toward the ring-
"I am a nine time women's champion, i myself...the queen the alpha female of this women's division that i made... If it wasn't for me their won't be no knockouts division.. their would not be no divas division... Our a women's revolution... You can all thank for making Evolution possible thanks to me their will be another evolution... Everyone can thank me the greatest female top ever step inside this ring... I am this close in surpassing Mickie James record of who has held the most title reigns in AUF history... It will be me... Guess who is making history it's me... "
-smiled in a confident way-
"Quoting the famous Sable, but more differently i am the woman that all men want, and all the women still wanna be me... Especially like Stephanie McMahon who is she again? Just cause she won at WrestleMania... Wow that was like months ago already it's over, and then we got Rose Storm who is she again? Oh a complete after thought who nobody will remember... She is not in my league neither is that other lady Victoria... from the spice girls? Any who all that matters is me... The most dominant female in AUF history...."
-Charlotte made her way up the steel steps sporting a long black robe as she stepped through the second rope stepping inside the ring now.-
"The queen! Is talking and you should all be silent when i am speaking! Okay show me some respect okay... Cause i am the most important woman in this room i am like the perfection of Athena, my great wisdom.. Artemis... great leadership... And Aphrodite... beauty and grace something some women lack at these days... I am the total package... I am perfect, it's the way i was born..."
-smiled as she looks both ways-
"The greatest woman to ever live ladies and gentlemen... Me! I plan on breaking that record and you can all watch me become the greatest female wrestler on AUF! You watch me! And tonight i am going to retain my divas championship, you are all welcome!" Charlotte made her way toward the ropes handing the microphone to someone on the outside

"Fabulous" starts playing across the arena out comes Carmella who poses on the stage as she does her moonwalk as she sports a matching red attire and looks both ways has her hair tied back in ponytail as she look at Charlotte lights beaming yellow and purple across the arena Carmella nods her head as she holding a microphone.

"Seriously Charlotte?"
-rolled her eyes-
"You the greatest of all time? You talk too much, okay honey... You should thank the women that paved the way for you... You sound like a spoiled brat... talking so much... Let the trash talking to me the Staten Island princess... If anyone should be making history it should be me... Lover and a fighter like the famous Aphrodite... How you doing!" 
-starts walking toward the ring-
"And you shouldn't be using Sable quote... sounds more like this this is for all the men who to see me and for all the women who still wanna be me!"
-Carmella winks at Charlotte-
"That was way much better, daddy's little girl..."
-Carmella starts heading toward the ring as she made her way up the steel steps now.-

"Obsession" hits across the arena lights beaming orange then pink next as they flashed across the arena bringing out Madison James who jumps up and down then skips toward the ring now.

Greg Hamilton:
"Making her way to the ring from Richmond, Virginia... Madison James!"

Byron Saxton:
"Here comes the psycho.. Madison James looking more crazier than ever."

Corey Graves:
"Saxton how dare you call Madison James a psycho, this woman is talented she dethroned Lilith Drake at WrestleMania maybe she can beat you up."

Referee Scott Armstrong looks both ways as he holds up the divas championship up high as he then holds it before the three women in the ring who have a good look at the divas championship as he then hands it over to someone on the outside.

The three women stare at each other looking on who will make the first move Charlotte strikes at Carmella first then strikes at Madison both challengers strike at Charlotte at the same time as they follow up with a dropkick as they take down the queen who down goes feeling that one as she got up again, both Madison and Carmella run toward Charlotte surprising with a double clothesline take down successfully they pick up Charlotte at the same time drag toward the ropes and toss her out of the ring the queen taking a hard fall to the outside supported herself to the side of the ring both challengers run toward the ropes and back toward the direction of Charlotte take down with a double baseball slide and knock down the queen to the outside Carmella sneaks behind Madison rolls up for a schoolgirl roll up brings down on the canvas Madison manages to kick out of this one, Carmella gets to her feet slaps Madison across the face who responds with a slap of her own to the face of Carmella who feels that slap Madison strikes with  spinning kick right to the mid section of Carmella making her feel that kick to the mid section, Madison taking the fight to the Staten Island princess then follows up with a hair pull mat slam taking down Carmella down with that one, Madison smirked so pleased as she starts picking up Carmella from the canvas now and holds onto her by the hair strikes at Carmella, Madison made her feel that one Charlotte slides back inside the ring now surprises both her challengers with a double clothesline successfully took down both women down to the canvas starts picking up Carmella first Charlotte holds onto her sets up for a swinging neckbreaker has set for it and follows up with her plan as she made Carmella feel that one as she rolled away toward the ropes and falls off to the outside Charlotte takes some time to glow now as she smirked confidently now in the ring now and turned her attention toward Madison and starts picking up from the canvas Madison surprises her with a jawbreaker right to the jaw making the queen feel the effect of that one then follows with a spinning kick right to the mid section stomach of Charlotte who felt that one Madison strikes a few times right to the face of Charlotte who felt the effect of those the queen manages to strike back at Madison right on the kisser the queen then managed to fight back with a few backhand chops right to the chest of Madison who felt those then follows with a knife edge chop right to the chest of Madison who feels that one, Charlotte then follows with a clothesline successfully taking down Madison with that one, Carmella slides back inside the ring watching both women as she charges toward Charlotte surprising with a super kick knocking down the queen with that one Carmella turned her attention toward Madison now picked up from the canvas kicks right on the stomach first then follows with a sitout facebuster face slams Madison face burst direct on the canvas as she rolled away falling off to the outside, Charlotte was on the side of the ring catching her breath as she holds onto the side of the ring, Carmella in the ring looks both ways starts as she then shouts "dance break!"
"Super Loud" plays across the arena Carmella dancing on the center of the ring doing the floss at ringside someone dressed in a mariachi costume does the floss very familiar face Truth..  Carmella points toward the crowd, Madison was in the ring again waiting for Carmella to turn around as she did Madison surprises with a roundhouse kick successfully took down Carmella with that one down she went, Madison looks both ways with a wicked way as she then turned around Charlotte surprised with a spear successful on her attempt, Charlotte then looks both ways grabs a hold of both Madison legs now starts setting up for a bridging figure four leg lock (Figure Eight) has well applied over one of her challengers now Madison screams in pain as she holds her right hand in the air then slams on the canvas now admitting defeat as she submitted now.

"Recognition" plays across the arena, referee Armstrong helps Charlotte get back up 

Greg Hamilton:
"Here is your winner and still the divas champion... Charlotte Flair!"

Charlotte smiled proud of herself as she then holds the divas championship so close to herself then holds it up high, Madison slowly rolls away rolling to the outside with help from referee Armstrong exits the ring Carmella rolls out to the outside as she starts making her way backstage now, Becky leading the way followed by Sasha and Bayley joined Charlotte the four horse women celebrated in the ring as they do their four horsewomen pose in the ring big smile on the face of Charlotte who proudly holds up the divas championship on her side stands Becky holding up the Raw women's championship up high.

Corey Graves:
"The queen stands tall in the ring still the divas champion, i told you Saxton she can do it, you did no wanted to believe me did you... Shut and don't say anything the queen is the best and she did take care business tonight."

Tom Phillips:
"The big question are we looking at the four most dominant females in AUF in that ring you got Bayley, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair these women together are unstoppable and a big threat to the women's division, can anyone step up and challenge them? As the action continues on ladies and gentlemen we got more title matches up ahead." 


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