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10/04/2019 04:09 PM 

[An Invitation: Drabble]

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A second letter.
An invitation to meet with Lea and her mother in Metropolis.
Steph and screamed, and cried, and jumped up and down on the furniture when she read the letter.
She didn't even react like that when she got her college acceptance letter, and that was still pinned to her wall.
She was going to see her.
See Lea, her little baby girl, for the first time. EVER. She hadn't seen the baby during, or after the emergency cesarean delivery, elected not to after it, when she came back to consciousness, believing, rightly, it would be much too difficult to go through with giving her up for adoption.
Stephanie didn't even know the baby was a girl until a little later, when Tim accidentally told her.
Tim, who had been there for her, almost the entire time, when he really didn't have to be.

'Oh my god, Tim. I haven't even told him any of this.'

Lowering the third blouse she was holding up to herself, absently staring into her own reflected face, thoughts all over the place as she had been trying to pick something to wear for the meet up, she threw to onto the mountain of clothing on her bed, and dug her phone from the back pocket of her jeans.
Flicking through the contacts, her thumb hovered over 'Alvin', stalling.
All these years, and she still hadn't bothered changing his name in her contacts. Even after several phone changes.
At this point, it was a security measure. Couldn't walk around with every member of the Wayne family in your contacts, after all. Right? Right.

'Sure, you keep telling yourself that, Stephanie.'

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
Locking the phone again, she paced back and forth across the carpeted floor of her bedroom, scowling heavily at herself.
What was the problem here?
Was it the history?
It's always the history. But. This just felt. Necessary.
She could text him? But then he'd go into overdrive, because it wouldn't have enough information.
She was gonna have to call. And not dork it up.
Well. Any more than usual.
Exhaling heavily, unlocking the phone, and taking a seat on her window sill, she pulled up 'Alvin', called, and waited for him to pick up.
And waited;
And waited;
And waited



"Ohthankgod, Tim, hi. Hey. Hello."

"Uh. Hey? What's up? Everything ok?"

'Good job. You've already failed in not dorking.' "Uh, yeah, everything's fine, I just wanted to talk to you about some stuff, and maybe ask you something, if that's ok. You know, if you had time."


Realizing how she was sounding, she spoke quickly, waving her hand at herself, in the air.

"No no, not that stuff. It's about my daughter, Tim."

A pause.

"Is she ok?"

Breaking into a watery grin, her eyes filling with happy tears, not for the first time, talking about Lea, she picked up the letter again, and the flood gates opened.

"She's great, Timmy. She wrote me a letter. Two letters, actually, and sent me a picture. Her name is Lea. She's so big. She likes Superman, and Robin, and purple, and horses, and she wants me to come see her. I was wondering if you'd come with me. Since, y'know. You came with me to birthing classes, and you were basically more involved in her birth than I was, I mean, you held her, I didn't. It makes sense. To me, I mean."

Another pause, a longer pause, in which Stephanie sniffles softly.

"Of course, Stephie. When is it?"

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie


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