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09/25/2019 10:33 PM 

[Mail Time: Drabble]

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Shuffling downstairs, hair matted to her head, cheek swollen, lip split, bruised, sore, in good spirits, Stephanie Brown stifled a yawn, dragging her weary body to the kitchen. Sitting at the table, sipping from her mug, attention focused on the newspaper, Crystal glanced up at the zombie like figure of her daughter, reflexively flinching at the sight of her face.

"Big night then?"

The not so battered side of her face tweaked upwards into a half grin, as the blonde moved about making herself the all important first meal of the day; coffee.

"Aren't you glad you know about my night job now, and I don't have to try to make up some sort of lie about this?"

With an all too familiar less than amused murmuring in response, a response everyone around her had developed over the years, Stephanie moved to study the fruit bowl, as Crystal lowered the newspaper.

"Oh, a letter came for you.-"

Before Stephanie could even joke about old timers and snail mail, or wonder about who would even bother sending her mail, Crystal continued, as if seeing the thoughts forming in her daughter's head.

"It looks like a child's handwriting."

Abandoning all jokes, search for fruit and her coffee, Steph beelined to the end table kept next to the front door, a stack of mail sitting on it. Flipping through it almost frantically until she found the one addressed to her she threw the others back down, and just stared at it for a moment.
It could be anything. It could be Efia, from Africa, maybe. That's it. Leslie gave Efia a way to contact her.
So why was the return address in Metropolis?
With hands beginning to tremble, she turned the envelope over, taking in the sunflower sticker acting as a seal. A reflexive chuckle left her, slowly sliding her finger under the lip, unsealing it.
Slowly taking out the carefully folded letter, on lined paper, she began to read.
The further down the page she read, the harder the paper trembled in her grasp. A choked sob escaping her throat, as she sank down to the floor. By the time she had reached the last line, tears ran unhindered down her cheeks.
Crystal slowly made her way over to Stephanie, kneeling next to her, who handed her the letter, sobbing, and laughing into her mother's lap.

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
To Miss Brown,
That's how my mom says you should write letters. I've never written a letter before, but this one is special.
My name is Lea Jacobs. I'm going to be six soon. But mom says you only need to know my name, because you'll know how old I am.
I see on tv and movies that people get scared about being adopted, that mom and dad aren't really mom and dad, but they're the only mom and dad I've ever had, so don't be scared that I know, ok! Mom told me when I was being bullied, and I wanted to write to you, so we got a, mom called him a pie? and now I'm writing to you!
I started a fight with the bullies. I don't think standing up for yourself is wrong, but the teachers say fighting is wrong. It's confusing.
I like puppies, kittens, and horses, but birds are the best. With all the bright colors.
We see Superman all the time, and Supergirl. But since you live in Gotham, I want to tell you about the time we saw Batman, Robin and Batgirl helping Superman and Supergirl! They're so cool! Do you see them a lot? I like Robin. Is it true there's been a lot of Robins? Even a girl one? Is there a school for Robins? Is there more than one Batman? There's more than one Batgirl, right?
I know all about Superman. If you write me back, you can ask me anything about him.
My favorite color is purple, but I really like green and blue too.
And I think I'm running out of stuff to write.
Mom is going to put a picture of me in my Halloween costume that I made. My very own Robin suit. But it had to have purple. There's too much red on the real ones.
Did you know there's a black and purple robin? That's so cool! They're really cute.
I hope you can write back. But if you can't that's ok too!
From Lea
"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie


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