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08/22/2019 06:46 PM 

[Sunrise: Drabble]

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The rain was relentless, it was cold and biting against her lower face, her only exposed skin.
It wasn't the first time Steph was grateful for the fact her suit was insulated, and with Gothams weather, she knew it wouldn't be the last.
Saturated blonde strands sticking to her shoulders, she sighed softly to herself, subtle aches and pains setting in, as she sank down on the edge of a rooftop.
The night had been as unyielding as the downpour. The beginnings of what could have been another gang war between a branch of the Triad [Neon Dragon Triad] and the Odessa Mob [branch of the Ukrainian Mafia.]
It could have been a mess.
A bigger mess.
"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
But she handled it.
With copious amounts of gooparangs.
There wasn't gonna be another gang war. Not on her watch.
Now she was just hoping for the next few minutes to stay quiet, while she just… sat.
The rain began to let up, clouds parting, revealing the predawn, hyper polluted skyline that reigned over Gotham.
Of a night, its sky was a blood red. During the day? A faint blue. But pre dawn? Just as the sun rose?
Well, let's just say Little Miss Lavender Lover didn't mind her days of sleep deprivation to see the sun rises.
Pulling a knee to her chest, wincing slightly, a faint smile on her face, Stephanie watched as the sun rose, and the skyline matched her suit.
Whatever happened today, it was going to be a good day.
"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie


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