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06/07/2019 10:02 PM 

[CIA: Drabble]

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Perched next to one of the hundreds of snarling stone guardians that stood watch over the city, wind gusts caught between the buildings whipping the blonde hair and cape around her frame.
The patrol had been quiet tonight, which, for once, she was ok with, because she wasn't exactly in the mood to do her job with this suit tailing her.
He thought he was slick, but she noticed him hours ago. Slowly straightening up, she knew she could easily lose the suit. Slip his tracking easily. But she wanted to know what he wanted.
Moving up on top of the building, she easily disguised herself in the shadows, slipping around to ground, and behind the Suit, and his car, squinting through some night vision binoculars.
With a knuckle, Stephanie rapped on the window next to his head, leaning down to look in at him, grinning broadly, causing him to jump a mile.

"Can I help you, sir?"

After taking a minute to recover, he rolled the window down, and looked at her.

"Uh… Batgirl? I'm uh, Agent Williams, with the CIA."

"You must be new. You're not very good at tailing or surveillance, Agent. I had you clocked about five minutes after I started patrol."

"Well, I usually handle recruitment, not surveillance."

Frowning slightly, the Batgirl raises a brow skeptically.

"Recruitment. For the CIA. Me? You don't even know who I am."

"Actually. You're the only Bat we do know. Get in and we'll have this talk."

Reflexively, she responded.

"My father always said to never get in cars with strangers. Show me some ID first, buddy."

Letting out an exasperated sigh, he shifted to the side, reaching for his ID, then handing it to her. Scrutinising it, and handing it back when satisfied, the blonde moved around to the passenger side door, checked the child look wasn't on, then got in.

"Arthur Brown would have never said that to you, Stephanie…"

Agent Williams says, as his window rolls back up, Stephanie blinking once.


"Don't play dumb. Spoiler, then there's a blonde Robin. Then the blonde Robin or Spoiler, whatever was going on at the time 'dies', the exclusive story with Aaron Black about Stephanie Brown, the Spoiler, Robin, airs, talking about it. Then a year later. Spoiler is back in Gotham? And a blonde Batgirl with purple on her suit pops up not long after? And Stephanie Brown is miraculously back from the dead and in college?"

Steph, wondering why it had taken someone this long to actually connect the dots, tilts her head.

"Even if that was the case, why would you want to recruit a nineteen year old girl?"

The silence in the car was palpable for the beat it hung in the air.

"Why wouldn't we?! You're trained by Batman! You have so much to teach us."

Tilting her head and squinting slightly, she frowned, before shaking her head.

"You know what. Sure. Screw it. Why not. I’ll play this game. You’ll want me to jump through some hoops, right?”

“There’s physicals, and some basic exams, which I’m sure you’ll ace.”

Snorting dismissively, she shook her head and leant back in the seat, before speaking into her comms.

“Apparently I’m heading on a road trip. No need to panic, or to send in Hunk Wonder or Broody-boots or whatever, everythings cool. Not a Roman situation.”

Looking to the driver, she folded her arms and nodded, before grinning slyly.

“For your wellbeing more than mine. It wouldn’t be my bones getting broken in the misunderstanding, after all.”


"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
It wasn’t that much of a drive.
Did you know Gotham had an field office for the CIA? Because Stephanie sure didn’t. Being lead inside by Williams, as he went through the metal detector, she laughed bitterly.

“Oh, fellas. If you think I’m taking off, or handing over any of my belts to any of you, you’re in for a bad time. This thing is gonna go off. And I’m not stopping.”

The stationed security looked from the Batgirl, to the Agent with her, back to her, then waved her through, wincing at the shrill beeping.
It was still sounding as they moved down the hall, to the elevators. Pressing the call button for down, Steph carefully assessed her exits, just in case.

“So… Tests huh? I really don’t like written exams, so I hope it’s multiple choice.”

She says absently, causing Williams to crack a smile.

“They’re actually all physical based. The higher ups from Washington don’t believe that one of the Robins would be an asset to us.”

Stepping into the elevator as it arrived, Steph folded her arms across her chest again.

“I guess that makes sense. And I’m the one that can be found… Hate to burst your bubble there, chief, but uh, I’m considered one of the failed Robins around the cave. So let’s hope this goes your way. This was your idea after all, wasn’t it? Since you were sent out to get me…”

“....For a ‘failed Robin’ you're still better than half the recruits we have by the time they graduate. And you’re nineteen.”

She pulls a face, something between discomfort, and disgust.

“It’s nothing special. Hang around the World’s Greatest Detective long enough, you pick up a thing or two.”

“There might be one test you could have a problem with though, speaking of Batman. Firearms…”

The corner of her lips twitch upwards for a split second, and she says nothing, and the elevator doors slide open, to a sublevel, to a room full of men and women of various shapes and sizes in fighting stances.
Steph tilts her head.

“Lemme guess. Test one. How fast can this lot be neutralized?”

A murmur of confirmation from Williams, as they both step from the elevator.
She almost felt bad for them. She was sure they didn’t know it was a Bat coming for them. She didn’t change her tune just because there were suits watching. Her chaotic dance was still in play. The taunting, the quipping, the playing with them. She could have dealt with them all much sooner. She knew it. They knew it. The Suits knew it. It changed nothing.
Stepping away unscathed, she smoothed her cape dramatically.


A roller shutter rose, revealing a set of targets at different intervals. Grinning slowly, she walked to the mark, as Williams moved to her side, with a handgun case.

“We don’t know if-”

“Buddy. Have you seen what we use to get around the city?”

“A grapple gu-oh. Right. Yes.”

“The rule is don’t use guns, not can’t use guns.”

Fitting the clip into the grip, making sure the slide was clear, Steph fired three shots, before dismantling the gun, faster than Williams even opened the case and gave it to her.

“That should answer that one, right?”

With the targets reeled in, the shots proved true, dead center of the forehead.
Three men, and a woman in a sharp pantsuit made themselves known to Batgirl and Williams. The woman was the one to speak.

“It would seem Agent Williams isn’t a crazy cape fanboy after all. That was quite something, Batgirl.”

Frowning, Steph folded her arms across her chest.

“That was it? That was the tests? I expected running miles, and torture.”

“We understand that you can already handle those things, or else we would all know who the Batman is by now.”

With a noncommittal grunt in response, Steph let out a sigh.

“Well. This was… Something. I might consider this as an option if the Bat ever fires me again. But I don’t do real well with taking orders. And you look like you're about to start trying to give me orders. I’m gonna have to pass.”

“Oh, you can’t just walk out of here, Miss Brown.”

“Sure I can. Me just walking in here in my suit gave Oracle remote access to all the systems. Oracle has everything now. Can’t blackmail me. I’ll blackmail you. Later, Gators.”

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie


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