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The Awakening

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August 11th, 2020

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December 27, 2017


05/08/2019 06:16 PM 


  1. What shows/verses are accepted into this group? We accept Teen Wolf, Shadowhunters, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Legacies, Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, The Secret Circle and True Blood. We also accept creatures and characters from mythology. Along with these verses we sometimes accept characters from small verses, Bitten being an example.
  2. How do we know who is open or closed? We have a blog that says the open characcters. People are taken off the list as they are filled and added back on when it opens. Also on our page we show pictures of all our taken characters. These pictures also link to these members.
  3. What point are you at for each show? In our blogs, we have a timeline. Most shows that are off the air take place post series finales. If the show is still on the air please look at the blog.
  4. Where do we send our audition to? We would like for all auditions to be sent to us in messages. 
  5. Do you require us to use discord? Discord is not required. It is just a way to get to know other members as well as roleplay with them. We have sections in the server where you are able to do different storylines. Some of our members do enjoy doing this.
  6. Can I use playbys that are used by other characters?: We do not allow people to use the same playby as a taken character unless it is done in the show. Example being Katherine and Elena. However we will not accept more with that face claim if they are not in the show.
  7. Can I have Love interests outside the group? No. Our group only allows in group LIs. It keeps things from getting to complicated. We allow one to roleplay with other characters but dating is a no go. This also includes any type of romantic/flirting in character interactions as being a no go with people out of the group.
  8. Can Gods be killed within this group? All gods can be killed and have a string through the fates. The Fates have the ability to kill even the major three Gods.
  9. Can I preconnect my character with other canons in my audition? If you plan to connect your character with someone prior to joining, please send that a character in our group a message to ask their permission. If that character is not in our group yet then no because we do not want one to feel forced into a storyline when they audition.
  10. I have a specific L.I that I want for my character and have worked it into my storyline. Is that okay? Sorry but that audition will not be considered as it is not okay without the agreement of the other person. We do not force ships/L.Is in this group. If you are L.I focused then this might not be the best place for you.
  11. Can you help me brainstorm a character? No. While we will help you with details, we will not help you create a full character. If you need a template to help you get started please ask. This will basically ask you questions to help get you started. 
More will be added as things come up.


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